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  1. Hallo Im building a Super Hornet and wanted finish it as a WildWeasel aircraft. Can it carry the HARM on four wing pylons? Thanks for any help Best regards
  2. Thank You. I will propably go with two GBU24. Best regards
  3. Kit is corrected in most points. Awesome decal sheet and a great range of weapons. some good build reviews on the net.
  4. Hi all Which modern heavy quided stand off weapons are in the Saudi arsenal. Thanks for any help. Best regards Peter
  5. Hi all Knows someone a source for such decals? Thanks for any help. Regards
  6. IT will be sharp when you sanded it wet. We are talking about 0.2mm sprayed in some layers.
  7. Hi all What is the black/white Pod under the right wing pylon? Best regards Peter http://sistemasdearmas.com.br/ca/pdlpavetackf4.jpg
  8. Hi all Im looking for these for my 105D Build. Any help? Best regards Peter
  9. ROCAF....sorry 😊 Thank you. Im planing instead to make a whiffy. .. A ROCAF F-8J from ca. 1990. I added already two F111 fuel tanks to the main pylons and scratched two other with an AGM -84 on each of them. The refueling installation is remowed and a simple one alà IAF F-4 will be added. My question is now...from which timeperiod on used the ROCAF this weapon? Best regards
  10. Hallo I wanted build an F-104 from this time. Was it the same camo like on the F- 104 in the seventhies? Thanks for any help Best regards
  11. This is a good attitude guys! We are so many in this or other communities. According to my opinion we are the power. I think one-year long previously announced boycott of every producer/publisher, would help them to get back to their senses. We are their customers and would like to be treated as such. If someone like the the car industry could learn this, than I'm sure these small companies can learn this as well. This is not an appeal to bring down a government, so it should be legal.
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