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  1. I’m trying to get Mr. Masking Sol sent to me as I work over seas, the forwarding company from the US won’t ship it until I get the Safety Data Sheet for the item. I’ve contacted Gunze and no response after a month. I’m wondering if anyone can send me a pic of the back label (hi def) for translation. Or an SDS for it, Or does anyone know what is the composition is? The non-ammonia version of Masking Sol also
  2. That would make sense, as it was over 24-48 hours but not much more. It was only select areas that were affected, and all pieces were prepped the same way. I’ll give them a week to dry and see if that helps. Thanks!
  3. I was using Aqueous for this one
  4. The top coat was from the can, and no visible difference when it was sprayed. Probably too “hot” for the underlying paint. My problem is I can’t predict what will be affected.
  5. The funny thing is the majority of the pieces that were top coated didn’t have any issues, just select pieces. I can’t find a pattern
  6. So I used Mr. Hobby - Mr. Super Clear over Gunze colours for a Macross model and this happens: https://ibb.co/hxUYs7 https://ibb.co/j0BeX7 Any Idea?
  7. Hey all, kinda in a predicament, opened up my 1/32 F-16I Sufa, and sometime somewhere it must have gotten some heat on it. The fuselage sprue (still in the sealed bag) has warped the lower fuselage piece probably beyond being usable. Couldn't find any parts online. Does anyone have a fuselage lower half available, will pay! Mark
  8. I'm with you on that, SCI-FI has many levels of realistic depending on the show or movie series. If you want more "realistic" watch Star Trek and Geordie Laforge may teach you some points on warp field theory. Star Wars is a bit on the other side as in more unrealistic. It's kinda known before you watch the movies, from giant battle stations to giant star destroyers with our present day scientific understanding it won't happen, the point isn't for it to be realistic it is for the story as set in the environment. The Force Awakens as advertised is for the new generation, they produced for n
  9. Good find! And people always say they don't want music added to the footage, and now you know why people add music. Vacuum screach the entire time, not cool. cheers
  10. I know this is the Mustang thread but here is the Camaro Z-28, 505 HP non-supercharged, with larger diffuser, brakes and multimatic suspension, they will sell between 2000 to 3000 this year: Compared to Camaro ZL-1 Supercharged 580 hp, magnetride suspension, they'll sell about 3 - 5000 this year. Both cars are essentially track ready (incorporating non-fade Brembo brakes, all the oil coolers, etc), hopefully with this generation of Mustang Ford can compete!
  11. I guess you haven't been keeping up on developments lately, one of the Trio takes track performance pretty seriously. Lighter is better, up until a point, because a car still has to have 4 tires and engine, depending on 2 seat or 4 seats the car will be of certain dimensions. There is a reason most great performing 2 seaters (sports car, not super cars) are about the same weight. Same goes for 4 seaters. One of the most used ways to gauge a car's performance is to take a spin on the Nurburgring track. This is because the track which is 20 miles in length has all types of corners, elevati
  12. Here is Elon Musk, talking about the Tesla fires: Essentially he is saying gasoline cars have a fire every 1300 cars. The S which has sold 25,000 has had 3 fires, so 1 in 8000, so four times safer than a regular car. Tesla S fires explained On the topic of fires and gas powered car I can't believe no one posted about the recent one which claimed a certain furious movie star. Porsche GT I think it was......2 dead in that crash and fire, how many in the Tesla fires? .........0 cheers
  13. I think you want to say US manufacturers incorporate styling cues to showcase a car's heritage. It's also called good business, as American muscle cars, have that option of appealing to the older crowd as well as the newer generation as evidenced by the numerous posted items in this thread. I like the one about the US teens liking the Mustang as their #1 car. Didn't see FRS on that list. Again heritage, a thing US car manufacturers can use as they have interesting cars, - who the F* would want to buy a Corolla with heritage styling. Can you say appliance-on-wheels appeal??? New and
  14. Maybe the rear sloping roof line but thats it imho, more like a slight evolution of the existing model: another of the newer Mustang
  15. Really, it reminds of a 2013 Mustang - again not much of a change, kinda disappointed. 2015 Mustang video
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