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  1. thanks for the tip Brett it's much appreciated, I'll try there too!
  2. Hi all, this may be a long shot but I'll try! I have a Resin 1/35th scale kit of a Vanship (it's a sort of diesel punk styled flying car) from the Japanese anime series 'Last Exile'. I cannot for the life of me remember who the kit maker is and it was bought off eBay some time ago. When I come to look at it with a view to putting it together I find the instruction are photo-copied so badly as to be unreadable. So is there is anyone who has this kit and has a set of readable instructions they could scan and email me (not sure if we are allowed to share emails on the forum, if not I'd have to figure out a different way!) I'd be very grateful. I have attached a picture of the kit as it was on eBay, it's about the only useful instruction I have! Thanks in advance, Pete
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