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  1. Hi All If any of you have or are planning on getting the new Kittyhawk Mig-25 RB kit with the resin parts I would like to buy your exhaust covers off of you if you don't plan to use them. Seems a bit odd that they would include covers and resin exhausts but I guess they are just giving options. PM me if interested in selling your covers. Thanks Jim Clark
  2. Hey guys Title says it all. I am after this sheet or a partial sheet. Specifically the black tail, yellow rudder tiger striped markings. If you are not going to use it I'll buy it off you ;-) Thanks for looking Jim
  3. I'll take it.. Thanks! one down 2 to go, or at least one of the two, LOL. Jim
  4. Hey Guys I am after these long OOP items. The Impact decal sheet is of the USMC Playboys, a RF-4 an A-6 and 3 Prowlers. The Cutting Edge set is a conversion for the IAF F-4E(S) Peace Jack as is the Air Doc set. Long shots I know but if any of you have one of these and want to make some money provided it's not to astronomical then lets chat.. Thanks for looking Jim Clark
  5. I'll second that question... Jim
  6. Well We had it last in 2010. Omaha was the next year so they have had it since we have had it. All of the members who can vote that are from Phoenix will recuse them selves from the vote. Both are proven venues, I'm sure it will come down to what the best deal is for the society. Jim
  7. Agreed, Why Can't Canada get it's act together and host one of these? I would go. And I bet a fair amount of us State side peeps would make the trek also! Jim
  8. Well as part of the Phoenix team I am bias for our bid LOL. That and I don't really feel like going to Omaha twice in August (2017), once fore the convention and then the Eclipse two week later... Jim
  9. Ok I have this one up for sale. Academy F-16I All parts sealed in inner bags. (BE ADVISED!!!!!) You will have your pick of the smoked or clear canopy but I need to keep one of them. Asking $110 shipped in the US and I can take paypal. Thanks for looking Jim
  10. Another suggestion. A 32nd conversion for the SU- 30 MKK to a MKI.... Jim
  11. Title says it all. These are new as the day I bought them and un-started. Asking $75 plus actual shipping of the buyers choice. Would prefer to keep it in the US, BUT! I will ship international "AT THE BUYERS RISK" You can PM me here if interested and I do take paypal. Thanks for looking Jim
  12. This one is over the top! Congrats to you and Pig. Love the photo section and base building section. Like I said in my FB message you need to finish the "Teen" series now LOL and feel free to start the second half of the teen's with the Tomcat ;-) Thanks again! Jim
  13. Not a frequent poster here like I used to be but I did hold the test shot in my hands at the IPMS Nationals back in August. It looked very nice and Paul said that he expected a release in November. But like all model related things Chinese it will be ready when it's ready.. Jim
  14. I have the Tamiya kit (1994) edition that has sealed inner bags and some slight wear to one of the box sides. Extras incluse Contact Resine wheels and a sealed Wolfpack Gulf War update set. Asking $80 plus shipping. Thanks for looking Jim
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