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  1. 4 hours ago, Berkut said:

    Maybe it is just me, and i am by no means an Su-25 expert; But does it look off somehow to anyone else? Cant really but my finger on it but it feels like the whole nose section is off? Probably just me though, as Zvezda tends to be overall accurate in the overall shape. (ignoring T-50, as that was literally actively sabotaged by Sukhoi/FSB)

    Actually this model made by 3D scans of real aircrafts, so you feels is wrong. 

  2. We have some Russian-style tradition - as usual in last days of many last years Begemot release new decal - and here it is in 2020 - 48-053 48-053 Curtiss P-40 in USSR, 41 schemes for all modications P-40s, which deliveries to the USSR under the Lend-Lease program, in decal include full stencil for aircraft. 




    http://begemotdecals.ru/files/48-053 P-40 in USSR.jpg


    Actually we have plans about production this decal in the middle of year, but Q virus but the pandemic has mixed our plans. And BTW - similar decal in 1-72 will release in 2021. 

  3. What was promised some times ago - were done today - Begemot decals 48-052 Yakovlev Yak-130 1-48 decal.


    http://begemotdecals.ru/files/48-052 Yak-130.jpg



    All know to nowdays Yak-130s from Russian Air and Space Force, from the Belarus, Algeria, Myanmar, Laos and Bangladesh Air Force. Full stencil set for one aircraft and full complect of external armament.



  4. Today we release new decal - 72-080 - Board numbers and writing ВКС России, type 2018 - five sheets, board numbers of three main colours, white and black outlines, ВКС России and МА ВМФ России, registration numbers, different sizes, all this type 2018.


    Same in 1-48 scale will be relaese a little later.





  5. Today is day of fashion pink colour - we released 72-083 "MiG pink supersonic selalant" decal. Three different thikness of lines, two shades of pink colour.




    Modellres, who prefer 1-48 scale - we remember about you wishes too - same decal in 1-48 scale release is not so far.


    http://begemotdecals.ru/files/72-083 MiG pink sealant.jpg

  6. For unknown reason i can't post anything at ARC yesterday (all stayed at home in Russia now and internet work sometimes not good), so yes, as i have a lot of time - i start rescale our 1-72 decal to 1-48, one marking scheme were changed - as Chzech version include in Zvezda inbox decals - i'm change it Hungarian overall dark grey marking.


    And i'm rework painting and marking instruction - in 1-72 it was grayscale, in 1-48 it will be colour


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