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  1. Russian enamels not siuted (or wery rare) by FS or RAL, and especially don't coincide to model enamels. As for Su-33 - its upgrade of repaint is not so frequent event - its enamel is non-standard even for RuAF colours.
  2. Sorry, but in Russia we never saw at least half of enamels, which are you looking for in colour charts.
  3. You can made one from Su-34's which known at nowdays with any type of weapon from this decal. Instruction consist only 28 markings, but its show only all main and typical aircrafts, but you can made model any of 119 Su-34s, which produced at today. There is T-10B-119, untill end of 2018 there will be about 125-130 Su-34s
  4. At first look Su-34 decal 1\48 will be something like this:
  5. Today i'm start design decal for Su-34 in 1-48 scale - and find some mistakes - KH used for board numbers in decal "Su-35 style" digits, but for Su-34 use other style digits, and NO STEP zone is enlarged - i'm not recieve KH Su-34 model yet, but after this i'll check this elements. This zones placed presise over main gear wheels cover casing panele.
  6. I'm buy not Neomrga, but Helicast Resin setrs for Mi-17V5 and Mi-8AMTSh http://www.helicast.pro/heli
  7. 1-72 i hope in the end of this summer, 1-48 - during autumn 2018.
  8. Yes, Chris, russians did all for confuse western modellers and producers. I would say in this case - учебное пособие - land (non flying) testbed for retraining future technicans and engeneers. I can say you more - even RF-XXXXX register can be moved from one aircraft to another in same regiment and even transfert to other type of aircraft. As example - same T-10B-21 Su-34 - code RF-95803 in different time used on Mi-8 helicopter, Su-34 with board number 03 and only after this to Su-34 with board number 04. https://russianplanes.net/regs/RF-95803 To d
  9. Yes, i'm fully finished Su-34 1-72 decal design, now i'm "polished" instruction - if you will wake up me in 2 o'clock of night and ask "what differences between T-10B-21 and T-10B-87" - i'm even can ask you, if you are not Western spy. Now i'm wait Kittyhawk sprues for fit some decal elements to this model too, not only to HobbyBoss - after this i can finished 1-48 decal design.
  10. Chris, this is another one Su-34 with board number 04, on my photo - T-10B-21 with grey RWRs, on you photo - T10B-87 - with white RWRs,
  11. Initial Su-34s hadn't this fences, here is last Su-34s in first edition of camouflage (i'm call its camouflage type before 2011) - T-10B- 21 red 04, RF-95801, later RF-95803 - it were last Su-34s with Grey RWRs, without APU and without fences. Since next Su-34 - T-10B-22, red 05, RF-95806 - first aircraft in Dark Grey painting, white RWRs, first aircraft with APU and first aircraft with fences: Probably since this Su-34 were added "mistery hole after Zactoman" too - as were add air scrops on bottom surfaces under fin - i suppose in same time add
  12. BTW - not only Su-34s with Knibiny pods have this fences - as example - one of latest , but with launch unit - with fence
  13. It is Su-34 (T-10B-21), red 04 and Su-34 (T-10B-17), red 09, both were produced in 2011, photo made in the end of 2016. Probably later during upgrade and install APU will added fence. Which mistery hole are you mean?
  14. This fences mounted starting one of Drak Eggplant Grey painting Su-34s, so not all Su-34s had it.
  15. In Europe part of VVS RKKA divisions P-63s used since summer 1945, when war in Europe is over, in war against Japan this aircraft used, but in last days, when were no aerial fights. Main role of P-63s in VVS RKKA - retaraining to aircraft, which used nose mounted fromt gear - as all early jet fighters in USSR (MiG-9, La-15, MiG-15) used same landing gear schemes. In USSR about 50 P-63s were upgraded to two seat version for this retraining missions see marking scheme 46, 47, 48 at our instruction.
  16. Begemot release decal for P-63 in 1-48 scale: Decal with opportunity make 51 marking variations of P-63 Kingcobra aircraft from next AF's: USAF, RAF, VVS RKKA, French and Honduras Air Forces. Including three big size decals and 10-pages big size instruction. http://www.begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=175
  17. Su-27P, serial no 36411, were produced at 1992, initial had red board number 07, in 2001 number changed to blue 38, in 2012 were upgraded to Su-27SM3, now have red board number 64 nowdays:
  18. Yes, RWR tips can be demounted and changed to another one, one time i saw Su-27 with two different colours tips - one were green one id white. But all other Su-27s had same tips - both white or both green.
  19. If you use Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/andrei.zinchuk
  20. For modellers. whos prefer big size models and form - today we release 32-015 "USSR Air Force insignia, type 1955". Seven sizes of insignia, different modification. Same decals in 1-72 and 1-48 were released earlier. http://begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=174
  21. Today, as we announced few days ago, we released decal 72-071 Yak-130 Mitten. Decal for all known at nowdays Yak-130s from Russian, Belarusian, Algerian, Myanmar and Bangladesh Air Force. Full stencil set for one aircraft (in any marking scheme), all possibile external armament, also included pyrotechnic cords for canopy of aircraft. http://www.begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=173
  22. Of course during upscale used only initial 3D of surfaces, all details will made in 1\48 scale at new level. But "no comments" about what exactly subjects it will be.
  23. Not exactly, but anyway its all Russians did it... Design few 1\48 models is on work now. BTW who said that will jet aircraft? I know about 4-5 models. which prepared to 1/48 scale design. Which of its will add to 2019 catalogue - whos know?
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