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  1. i will be not so optimistic, Zvezda not started work by model Mi-26 yet. :D There is russian idiom words: "Ob'eshannogo tri goda jdut" - Promisses works wiil be awaiting at least three years
  2. I'm agree, if linear size that cocpit and canopy x 72 - too small size will be, only kids can seat in this helicopter B)
  3. Zvezda planning do Mi-28N in this year in baze Ital/Dragon model, will see what is this model been. B) Italeri & Revell make not absolutly perfeckt model, both have some mistakes, but Italeri look more good than Revell. :(
  4. i'm too, been fourth. B)
  5. Asked Heliborne (E. Borissov) - his planned resin cocpit for this model. But i dont know when he planned going productoins this kits. Begemot (i did'n like Begemoth transcriptions) decal maybe redesigned, there are planning separate Ka-50/52 and Mi-28/28N - old variants + new variant for both helicopters, whose didn't know three yeaars ago.
  6. Yes, i'm confirm, Prop & Jet wanna make Mi-14PS (resque version) conversion for Zvezda Mi-8 model. But in now time this is only planning. To Ken - MiG-21PFM conversion from PJ will —Āontains: resin pilots cocpit with ejection seat, nose radar cone and vacuformed canopy.
  7. How we can see at photo there is not Military Brown and Dark Green. I sink it is standart colour sheme for Mi-24 - Pale Grey FS 36595 and Dark Grey/Green FS 34095. I'm taken that information from Begemot decal, they including Berkuty BuNo 08 helicopter.
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