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  1. I have an incredibly rare 1/48th Aeroclub Vulcan that I would like to trade for a Fisher F4D Skyray. Best
  2. Have brand new Fisher Panther and Cougar together for a trade for the Fisher 1/32nd Skyray. Best
  3. Great explanation - thank you for taking the time to respond.
  4. ...and as it should have stated does anyone know if these are flat metal colour or gray?
  5. I am currently building the 1/32nd Trumpeter SU-27 and I am at the point of painting the Zactoman intakes before fitting. I have these photos from walk around from a Flanker Photo DVD I bought 15 years ago. Any clarification would be very useful.
  6. There is 1/24th Hispano 20mm cannon shells in brass - they are part of an upgrade kit by Mk1 for the Airfix Typhoon.
  7. Hi, I am no expert but when I put the front fuselage of the Hasegawa and Finemolds together they are exactly the same depth?
  8. The website has been updated to cover; 1) 60th Anniversary http://www.thebuccaneeraviationgroup.com/event-60th-anniversary-xx894-xw544-and-xx900-1.html 2) Cold War Jets August 2018 with a very personal story http://www.thebuccaneeraviationgroup.com/event-cwj-aug-2018--xx894-xw544-and-xx900.html 3) Events for 2019 http://www.thebuccaneeraviationgroup.com/event-25th-out-of-service-event.html Best,
  9. 1/48th Limited Edition Wingman Super Kit Kfir C2/C7 Asking Price £40 1/72nd VC-10 K2 Anigrand & Magna Models C1K PLEASE READ - NO transparencies for either model. Asking Price £100 for both 1/72nd Montex Vickers Viking IV Asking Price £20 1/72nd CMR Westland Wyvern TF.1 http://www.cmrmodels.co.uk/cmr72-140/westland-wyvern-tf-mk1.html Asking Price £15
  10. 1/48th Classic Airframes Meteor NF 11/13 - Box is very much worse for wear - please see photographs Asking Price £40 1/48th Flightpath Resin/PE & white Metal Firefly 5 now OOP Asking Price £45 1/48th FM Handley Page Hampden +Warpaint book Asking Price £85 1/48th Airfix Sea Vixen x 2 Asking Price £45 each
  11. 1/24th Airfix Typhoon with correct replacement canopy Asking Price £55 (or swap for Car Door Typhoon) 1/32nd Montex Boomerang - £135 new. Asking Price £70 1/32nd Montex HS 123A Asking Price £70 1/32nd Cutting Edge BF 109A conversion Asking Price £25 1/32nd Cutting Edge BF 109B-1 conversion - Box and instructions have some water damage marks. Please see photographs Asking Price £20 1/35 Accurate Armour Lynx Helicopter Asking Price £40
  12. Airfix 1/72nd Nimrod x 4- boxed showing signs of storage. Asking Price £25 Airfix 1/72nd Shackleton MR 2 - including 2 sets of Shackleton decals plus Eduard internal set. (Decals £7.99 each and Eduard £15.99 set are £31 alone) Asking Price £35 Silverwings 1/72d Supermarine Southampton - going for in excess of £110 on Ebay. Asking Prince - £40 Montex 1/72nd Fairey Fawn Asking Price £20
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