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  1. far and away the best video (hi quality) only one i have seen that shows construction! flight,taxi shots - just watch! http://video.yandex.ru/users/russianarms/v...ms&cid=2#hq
  2. WACO FYI - IF you want to know (its your model) but the 23 on the inner tails of the RAAF "18" is actually the decal for the nose wheel doors. the 23 on the inside of the tails on 75 sqn jets is slanted 23 pic below http://cdn-www.airliners.net/aviation-phot...2/5/1057522.jpg copyright Darren Mottram
  3. come up/turn up trumps (British & Australian) to complete an activity successfully or to produce a good result, especially when you were not expected to Usage notes: In card games, trumps are a set of cards which have been chosen to have the highest value during the game.
  4. Dave whatever scanner your using is coming up trumps! :wub:
  5. Zmey super pics question - was the Su-33 present either static or flying?
  6. thats 1ST Place ,GOLD in my book please post many more pics or could you email them?.......simply love this i just noticed how you have toned down the Ruskie star on the wing to make it appear worn and weather beaten A++++++++++++++++++ FANTASTIC ..outstanding B)
  7. VFA-97 are also now assigned to CVW-11 :)
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