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  1. Yeah...just have to want...like that's enough 😉 You have created a huge problem for anybody who's planning to build this Shuttle from now on (in fact I mean me...) I really like the level of detail you apply to your model, but I know I'm not going to the lengths you have. Although it's 'simpler' for others because you've done all the research and we 'just' have to copy it (like that's an easy job ). What you did and are going to do to the external tank is, to my knowledge, unique in the modeler's world. I've looked at every respectable build I could find to see how others did it and to see what's possible to get a good end result. But your 'flower method' and now the rings are making it so outstanding, I don't think I can build the thing without at least try to apply the rings too. If I don't, I'm afraid I'll always look at the model, thinking "If I only applied those rings like Manfred did". I know, because when I see another Shuttle builds where the tanks is 'just' painted brownish-orange, I think that it doesn't look as good as with the rings and the flower. That's not to say that they may be great builds, but you've just raised the bar to low earth orbit so to say. So, you've inadvertenly made our live harder...thanks for that! Now I'm afraid what you're going to do with all the tiles on the orbiter...very afraid
  2. In Dutch, we have this expression 'monnikenwerk', which translates to monastic work (Klosterarbeit). It refers to the tedious work the monks did in copying books by hand. This qualifies as monastic work at Olympic level...
  3. Again, your attention to detail is beyond belief... The 'barberpole' pattern is a very precise job, but I fear that putting on the strips on the front/bottom of the tank will be even harder bacause it's not a straight surface. How are you going to approach that? Cutting out strips for one 'revolution' at a time or do you apply that barberpole pattern there too? I'm anxious to see the results.
  4. Murphy's law dictates that when you've finished your model, you'll find a picture that contradicts this... 😉 Ok, I'm kidding. What you're doing is above and beyond what anyone has done. And it's brilliant, this topic is such a treasure chest for others who are building a Shuttle. Or other models. The techniques you apply and the ways you look for information are inspirational! You're a teacher, no, a professor. Keep going and we keep watching this topic with open mouth... 😮
  5. To make it worse...we look at photographs for reference. The photographer can influence the color by playing with the exposure settings (and maybe even a wrong whitebalance setting), and post-processing (either in-camera or with photoshop). When you fiddle around with saturation, contrast etc, you get a slightly different shade. Weather conditions too can make the color look different. So...don't try to get it 100% right. My guess is that if you make it orangie-brownish you're ok. You can vary it from top to bottom and add some off color areas (slightly darker/lighter), as it seems that way in photo's. Most important in my opinion is to try to give it some texture. That really makes it 'real'.
  6. You do make backups, don't you? Just an external HD to which you copy your data from time to time is the least. Doesn't cost much and is easy to do. Better is a NAS like a Synology, but that's a bit more expensive and (depending on your computer skills) a bit harder to work with. Mind you: even external HD's don't have an eternal life...so take care of your valuable data.
  7. You can also take some time to read through Manfred's (Spaceman) Shuttle build. He's working on it for some years now and he's working at an insane level of detail. He also has found a good way to make the external tank like it is in real life with the foam coating. Look at page 84 for the trials and results. His attention to detail is awesome. I'm going to build the same Shuttle stack, so I'm watching and learning.
  8. Not yet. The last boxes are removed from my office/hobbyroom, so I can start soon(ish). Still some things to do first, but the time is coming. I might just jump the gun and start priming some of the parts, just so I can say I started... 😆
  9. Incredible! It is starting to come together now. But you're going to have to take it all apart again to treat the ET with the flour for the structure? I'm looking forward to the report on that, since I'd like to use the same method. It looks super realistic. For the rest I'm not going to apply the same level of detail on my Shuttle Stack, but I'm sure following this and try to learn a lot and borrow some of the things I see you do. Hopefully I can achieve a decent level of realism with the skills and means I have to make a respectable tribute to the STS 51L mission (using the things I learn here and elsewhere).
  10. So, it's the chair or the Vostok that's not accurate scale? Which one? I'm not familiar with Reheat, so I'm not sure to what model you're referring to.
  11. Oh, ok...no problem. There are a lot of pictures of the build and the intermediate results, but I wanted to see how it turned out in the end. It's no problem, I'll just start and try it on some left over piece of plastic to see how it works. I'll post progress pictures of my build. My new hobbyroom should be finished in a month or two, then I can start.
  12. Pete, brilliant work! Love what you did with the thermal blankets. It really looks realistic! I'm planning on building a Challenger too (a STS-51-L tribute) and I want to make the blankets like you did and I want to see how it turned out in the end. Would you mind posting a few detail photos of the nose and OMS pods for me? I hope I can come close to what you have achieved. You have inspired me, as has Spaceman with his detailed (and ongoing) work on his Challenger.
  13. Just go and ask them on Facebook. They have a presence there, and they might like the idea. It's a great idea, and I'd love to find out so I can give it a go myself. But if both are at the correct scale and dimensions, it should fit basically. You may have to make some room inside the capsule. Go for it, be our ginea pig! 😉
  14. So...one year later...still at it? This is a nice coincidence: I'm planning a Challenger 51L build too. Already have the kit (Revell did a reissue of the full stack kit with launch tower) and the New Ware detail set and Warbird decal sets. Now I just have to wait untill I've moved house and my hobby room is ready. This build is a nice one to follow and to learn from your progress.
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