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  1. I couldn't have guessed. It's a long term project, a bit like that airport they've built near Berlin... 😂 But actually, I've a build that's taking longer. Something like 15 years ago (I'm guessing, but it should be around that), I started building a Formula 1 car (Williams FW14B) from Tamiya 1/12 big scale series...and I never finished it. I'm picking work up now, so that should count towards a long term build too, doesn't it? 😉 Reason why I'm picking this one up is that I stumbled across a video of somebody building exactly that model and I remember that it was still in my storage
  2. You'd need a few Raspberry Pi's for that, together with a bunch of Arduino's. Remember that the Shuttle was designed in the 60's/70's, so the computer power is not that extreme. The processor in 1 of the computers was rated at 480.000 instructions per second. The computing power of the Pi 3 goes beyond 2400 MIPS (Million instructions per second). But those comparisons are useless I guess. Just take it as a fun fact 🙂
  3. If you at one point think about sound effects, you might want to store this somewhere for future reference. I'd like to include some sound effects in my Challenger display, and an Arduino mini computer/controller (ít's more controller, not a computer like Raspberry Pi) is suited for that. They're super cheap and there's so much reference on the internet that you don't really need programming skills (just copy/paste skills and some common sense). I found this Youtube video about a simple MP3 player. This one features a simple play/pause button and next/previous track buttons. This c
  4. I hope I'll live to see the end of your project... 😂 Do you keep count of the days or even hours you work in this? I mean, it's not like you worked 8 years full time, you had some 'time off'. If you're going to build that diorama around it, it's going to be even more epic than I thought. When you finish, make sure to send NASA pictures of your work. I'm sure they'll like it a lot.
  5. Manfred, sorry for this slightly off-topic question. As you know, I'm planning to build a Challenger too. Mine will be a tribute to the fatal flight ST51L. I may start this winter 😉 But I want to do it right, and although I'm not blessed with you patience and certainly not your skills, I want to make a good attempt. So I'm trying to gather as much reference material as I can. I have the external markings guide from AXM and the Shuttle Stacks graphics guid, SIM3 and some documents about the tiles and thermal blankets. So that's the general painting guide covered. But we need detail... 🧐
  6. For modeling, you'd need a resin (SLA) printer. That has superior resolution and much more detail than filament printers. I've just seen a 'budget' SLA printer that has a resolution of 62micron. Should be enough for most applications 🙂 I'm interested in 3D printing as it can really help building models, making parts to make it more realistic. Currently, I don't really have the space for a 3D printer. Also, resin printers are a health hazard...the resin is poison, so you need gloves, face mask (ohwait...) and good ventilation. You have to clean the result in alcohol and all the stuff you
  7. That was my idea too. All those pesky parts are 'easier' to make, and (most important) at the required size and shape. Modeling in 3D might be a bit tricky, but in the end it's just another trick that requires some training and experience. but like I said, you may get more satisfaction out of the creation process with your own hands instead of 'just draw it and push a button'. It's a simplification, but in the end, that's what it boils down to.
  8. This is where 3D printers would come in handy... 😁 On the other hand, that would shift the craftsmanship from inventing ways to make the part with your hands and (improvised) tools to drawing it in a 3D drawing app and 'just' print it. As always, Manfred, it is Olympic Level Skills. Every time, I'm amazed at the level of detail you put in the model and the skills you have to create the pieces you need. Amazing!
  9. I miss the little €0,05 piece for scale with the sqirl 😂😂😂
  10. Mafred, take good care of your body. You're working on this project since 2012, so 8 weeks are nothing compared to that. Even more so if it affects your health and quality of life. You'll get a good opportunity to study some more material and maybe discover more ways of improving the model even more (is that even possible?). Take care and speedy recovery!
  11. Ohmyyyy! Sounds like you busted a rib or two. That can be quite painfull. Let's hope you have a speedy recovery. I won't give any advice, since your body will tell you what you do and most certainly what you cannot... Take care!
  12. I have the Hotdog tile set too. But there's AFRSI blankets on the APS pods, so there'd some fidgeting with surgical tape. But way less than with individual tiles. That would be torture...
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