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  1. Just to add - if building Hasegawa 1011, the engine exhausts are the earlier long type, so either have to make mods yourself, or see if there are still some Braz resin ones around. I see widget livery available in that scale frequently, the best IMO being from Liveries Unlimited. Their 727 kit is great, out of the box...pretty sure it was Flightpath decals I used
  2. Be nice if this happens...I was just looking at my F-5Es(Italeri) on the shelf, and noticing how "out-of-date that mould is. My "A"s(Esci) look better...
  3. Looks great! Why so long for a kit like this for such an important aircraft?
  4. Wow! Hopefully we will see the Kinetic kit soon, and that it will be superior to the Anigrand; however I doubt the result will compare to this!
  5. I've always wanted a model of the Nautilus...just never pursue it. The first shot I can imagine that high pitch sound as it's at ramming speed... Beautiful job!
  6. The fit of the fuselage, regarding the pegs put inside - you may want to eliminate front ones as they dont allow tight closure if the halves near front. If in V/STOL mode, you will have to angle horizontal rails. The colours you'll have to play with too...in order to match the decals. I'll add that the exhaust is possible to be made to swivel, but care is involved when actually doing so. It's a plastic washer attaching it, so take off, swivel, then reattach. Overall though, it's a great kit. Put it beside an A version, and the differences pop out. Of note, the Academy kit of the A version allows all doors to be open, and comes with wing pylons and stores.
  7. New kit... If you're building, suggest reading the review above from Britmodeller site. I came across all the same things that builder did....
  8. Finally...didn't they first mention this years ago?
  9. Hmm...got the Roden 1/144 C-141B for Cdn$38 and the fantastic Revell 1/72 A400 for Cdn$81...'nuff said
  10. Very tempting...but where to put finished model...
  11. Joined the club. My bone has been sitting, waiting for something like this to come along...
  12. Wow!! A detailed interior is planned for this kit? Won't see much for crew positions/members, but bomb and gear bays are welcomed.
  13. Fantastic!! Plenty of MD-80s and another 747-400!!
  14. They're simple to put together. Basic kits, early F-16s. Enough nice detail for 1/72. No problem using them if building a fleet. Can always get at cheap price!! I've tried some of the other manufacturers, but stick to Hasegawa. Only recently have been impressed with new Tamiya. BUT, the Hasegawas come with tanks and pylons/weapons(older, mind you)
  15. Since we're rolling things out here: One thing about Veteran in Canada I don't understand is why the line is drawn for an NDI75("Record of Service" card) at 10 years. I qualify, but my wife served just over 7(as an officer) and does not! So, federally her service doesn't count? Provincial plates(Ontario) is three years, which she does have.
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