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  1. Yeah Ron, it's hard to believe we were young once
  2. UH-1A, short mast is give away No National Insigna on fuseledge but trainer orange on dog house, that is me leaning against the Huey, photo taken late summer, 1968 at Ft. Rucker
  3. Best service I've ever had with an on-line store, fast service, fast delivery, usually have the kit in 3 days
  4. He changed the world for the better, not to many people can claim that, rest in peace Steve
  5. She had a good time, liked her presents, thanks again
  6. Happy Birthday to my youngest granddaugther who turns 8 today
  7. This one is being flown by the AZ DPS (state police)
  8. Don't forget those who served during the "Cold War". At times we were only a step or two away from a war
  9. Photo I took of a CH-21 in use by the US Army, Korea spring 1969
  10. Ad-Aware is not much of a virus program, but is good for spyware and it is free. You can also pick up Windows defender from microsoft, it's free. it's good fpr spyware and melware, etc
  11. The base color is gloss olive drab, all Army A/C were painted that colr at the time
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