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  1. Cutting Edge empennage & tail, Red Roos slatted wing, scratch built V Screen. John
  2. True but FS 36076 weathers rapidly, like FS 36118. RAL 7015/FS 36076 may be the starting shade but it seems to weather to the purple hue after time. I have seen FS 36118 weather to a Gull Gray on jets in for PDM. Just have to look at the photo and period in time it is being modeled. John
  3. Looks like the “Eggplant” color has been applied to the F-35!🤩
  4. Picked these up the other day, looks very nice in the box and should add lots of interest to Russian AC vignettes & Dioramas. Surprised there is not a lot of excitement with all Russian AC builders on ARC. John
  5. Farts can fly too, they are lighter than air and float around, sometimes lingering for quite sometime. As an experiment, let one fly in your car with the windows up before you get out. Hours maybe the next morning it will still be flying in a racetrack pattern waiting for clearance until you open the window to let it fly out. 😚
  6. Yes, both were at Soonercon. Many quality models were on display. Our club Metro-OKC & AMPS thanks everyone who came to the show.👍🏻 John
  7. Damn it Gordon, you turned me into a Model hoarder to the nth degree! John
  8. Thank You, Alclad II Lacquers over gray primer. Never had an issue with this process. John
  9. Monogram 1/48 F-80, 43 year old mold and still Champion! Little help from CE Cockpit Set & Aeromaster Decals. John
  10. Not Ghost Gray but SEA scheme on USAFE F-111E & F. If you look at different tail numbers, the shadow green & dark green are almost indistinguishable. I believe these were overhauled in BAe Bristol England. The Cannon & MoHome colors are distinct and were overhauled at Sacramento ALC. John
  11. Never had an issue with Alclad since it came out, decals never silvered and I like to use MM Metallizer Sealer over decals sometimes with some flat lacquer mixed in depending on desired finish. John
  12. I am in for 2, love your decals. Thank you for the Varks! John
  13. This has been stated many times about aftermarket decals, resin, etc. If you see it today and think you want it, you better get it, because it will soon be gone. I have both Afterburner Sheets The Heath & Heyford, both outstanding and thankful Scott produced them, UH is my Alma Mata. Funny thing is after Afterburner stopped the brand Sprue Brothers had these sheets in stock for months, maybe even a year before they sold out. Maybe Caracal will produce a sheet as they have produced excellent SAC FB-111A & F-111A Vietnam era sheets. Many of us are waiting on a decent 1/48 F-111 kit.
  14. Is this old news, first I heard of this. https://youtu.be/SCVi5pbM-tQ John
  15. Although I am not am 1/32 WWI builder, this not good news. They are some of the best molded plastic kits out there. This would be an opportunity for maybe a Czech company to pick up the molds and maybe the in development projects to keep the line going. Zvezda & ICM have made great strides in injection molding too. I have a feeling they will be back sooner than later. John
  16. Major conversion surgery to Hasegawa F-86F-30, using CE tail, Red Roos wing, Verlinden Cockpit, scratch built V- wind screen, CE Decals. Just have to finish the drop tanks. Tired of waiting for an early A model Sabre. John
  17. Here are a few collected over the years, still have a few more. Most were purchased pre-owned at various shows. Should be up scaled to 1/48. John
  18. It is the same kit, USAF designated the FB’s as G Models in 90-91. Some went to Cannon AFB (yuk) before the boneyard and Oz bought some to augment their C Models. If you want one better get it Hasegawa only re-pops a F-111 kit about every 5-8 years. You just need decals for a SAC FB. John
  19. The Red Roos Wing was a much easier route. I believe it is the Bill Scobie mastered wing. The V-windscreen is a tougher problem but I like mine better than the alternatives. I wish Tamiya would do an F-86 series in 32nd & 48th obviously an A -5 is high on my list. John
  20. I used the empennage & horizontal tail from the Cutting Edge F-86A conversion set, Red Roos Models narrow chord F-86 slatted wing, Verlinden cockpit set, & scratched the V-windscreen from an acrylic fingernail set with clear plastic & some Evergreen strips. Decals will be from Cutting Edge F-86A. It will be Eagleston’s Sabre before it was shot up by Nicolai Sutyatgin (Casey Jones). So the legend goes. John
  21. Markings and fiddly bits left on a soon to finish “First for 2020”. John
  22. I cut up a Tamiya F-16C and did WIPs for the whole build on ARC & Z5 years ago. Used the Hasegawa Sufa parts & scratchbuild some stuff. PhotoBucket ruins the pix, but they are still in the WIP archives. John
  23. Rattle can automotive lacquer primer surfacer. Find it for the lowest price wherever, usually I can prime 2 1/2 1/48 scale models from 1 can. About $4.00 a can. John
  24. Last one off the bench for 2019. John
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