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  1. Thanks for the input. Unfortunately I already finished that option finished it in RLM 75/83, which seemed more likely than 74/75. I should do my research more carefully next time.
  2. Hi Ken, I've already used all the other decals on 3 other kits. Besides, trimming the bars doesn't give the right insignia as the stars and bars insignia didn't simply add bars to the disk, it also added a thin blue circle. You might notice that in the star-in-disk insignia the stars touch the edge of the disk, while they don't in the stars-and-bars. But meanwhile, it seems the problem is solved. Karaya got back the other day, offering replacements. Cheers Rob
  3. Hi guys, just finishing one more captured Fw190 in 1/72 using Karaya's excellent decals, only to discover when I am ready to put the decals on that there are only 4 of the 6 roundels present for the blue aircaft. Either I lost the two that apparently are supposed to come on a additional small sheet, or they weren't present in mine. See here (link showing 1/48 decals, but they are the same) I am hoping that Karaya might help me out (if and when they answer my mail), but I am already looking for a plan B. E.g. someone who has this sheet but doesn't want t
  4. ROTFLMAO. So you are saying it cannot be a Hurricane because it has German insignia ? LOL !!!
  5. Thanks, Don. This makes it all more confusing. Most of my references tell me that it was used by II/JG51 on Marquise airfield in France, 1940. To be honest, it doesn't look like North Africa to me, but it might be a MkII. Cheers Rob
  6. I was not referring to the bigger, armored radiator, but to the (slight) difference in size between Mk I and Mk II accordig to some sources. (From https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/64364-hurricane-noses-and-the-hasegawa-172-kits/)
  7. Interesting :-) But... was the Mk II ever fitted with an armored radiator? I thought it was only introduced on the Mk IV.
  8. Hi Rick, I was afraid that that was another possibility. I always try to spot the difference by looking at the fillet where the leading edge of the wing meets the fuselage, but in this case, somebody is standing in front of it. But the nose does indeed seem a bit long for a MkI, now that you mention it. Wasn't the oil cooler not a bit deeper on the MkII as well, whcih this plane seems to have ? TIA Rob
  9. Hi guys, can anyone confirm that this is a metal wing Hurricane MkI ? http://www.vintagewings.ca/Portals/0/Vintage_Stories/News%20Stories%20G/Aviation%27s%20Cross%20Dressers/WTF-79.jpg (I tend to believe it is based on the position of the landing light.) TIA Rob
  10. Hi guys, Help appreciated, because it seems that my references are contradictory. My question relates to the Fw190A-5/6/7/8, i.e. the ones with the MG151 in the outer wings. 1. I have always been taught in school that the upper wings were smooth, until the A-8/R2 came around which required the typical rectangular blisters. To ease production, all wings were equipped with the blisters soon after A-8 production started, whether they were fitted with MG151 or MK108. This would mean that all A-6/7 would have smooth upper wings. The Bentley files (
  11. That might be true, Gary, but this is the plane I got the decals for and it clearly has the hardpoints Rob
  12. Hi guys, I am trying to build an Fw190A-4/U8 in 1/72. I already have the FW190A-4, but I have a lot of trouble finding the underwing pylons. Can anybody point in me the directions of a source for the underwing pylons (VTr-Ju 87 ) ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Focke-Wulf_Fw_190#/media/File:German_Military_Aircraft_1939-1945_CH16121.jpg Thanks in advance, Rob
  13. Hi Ikar, I have considered them, but their canopy isn't designed for the Airfix kit (unless they reworked it recently). I think their canopy is either meant for the Hasegawa or Academy kit, which are both rather different than the Airfix in the cockpit area, so I am afraid that it won't fit. Besides, if I were to buy it, then I am convinced that the first law of modeling will ensure that a canopy that is tailor-made for the Airfix kit will appear on the market within a few days. ;-) Cheers Rob
  14. Hi guys, I was looking for replacement canopies for my Airfix 1/72 Wildcats, but Google wasn't able to help me. Are there any available yet ? TIA R
  15. The issue is,... and I am afraid to say it here on this forum, that, well, I am actually an armor modeler. So, I am not sure if I will get the news. (I hope I don't get banned for this... :-( )
  16. As building a model in short time isn't one of my virtues either, and as I have quite a few on the bench right new, that might fit in with my schedule. Any way to get a warning when they are out ? Cheers R
  17. :-) Any idea how long I might need to continue crying ? (Patience has never been my most pronounced virtue...) Cheers Rob
  18. Hi guys, I am sure I am not the only one to love the many adversary schemes that the A-4 wore. I am therefor more than a little bit surprised that I can find so few decal sets for them (apart from the Superscale ones from 30 years ago). Am I looking in the wrong place ? TIA R
  19. Thanks ! On the other hand, this means some kit-bashing. :-) Cheers R
  20. Thanks Jay, while I await the WAPJ, would you be able to put a date on the introduction of the sharknose in the Navy ? TIA R
  21. Hi Jay, I was hoping to do this bird, which ought to be from that period, but looks to have big LEX and sharknose. http://www.makettinfo.hu/forum/image.php?img_url=upload%2F201101%2F53_q_f-5e_160795_vf126.jpg It seems that a number of VF-126 F-5Es had these features. Cheers Rob
  22. Hi Fred, I was hoping to do F-5E BuNo 160795 when it was BortNr 51 with VF126. It seems it has the sharknose and large LEX. http://www.makettinfo.hu/forum/image.php?img_url=upload%2F201101%2F53_q_f-5e_160795_vf126.jpg I was hoping to use the 1/72 Hobby Boss kit, but that has the early features. I have the late Italeri kit as well, but am not sure how much I like the raised panel lines. Any suggestions welcome. Cheers Rob
  23. Thanks Jay, I have the C&M book. Good value for money, but it won't tell me which nose, LERX, etc I need to put on my bird. I hope I can find the WAPJ before other readers on this forum snap them all up ;-) Cheers Rob
  24. Hi guys, What would currently be the best book to teach me the evolution of the F-5E (sensor bumps, nose, LERX, etc.) ? I need to make sure that my late 80s US Navy F-5E is basically correct. TIA Rob
  25. Thanks, Jennings. The thought that it took me 30 years of building aircraft to discover this... :-) Cheers R
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