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  1. hey i sprayed some model master acryl flat on my harrier and dont like its finish so can i airbrush some model master flat laquer over it to dull it down some more? josh
  2. THANX FOR THE HELP GUYS im stuck with model master flat for now no store around heres sales polyscale or tamiya just mode master im going to stir the hell out of it and then thin about 60/40 thinner to paint and if that dont work ill reverse i will make this work!! lol josh
  3. hey ive airbrushed 4 coats for model master acryl flat coat and the damn thing wont go dead flat like i want it stays at a shiny sheem, im trying to finish my harrier, and it just stays glossy my gloss coat was future any ideas or tips? josh
  4. yup ill second that got my stuff he even showed me how it worked ;) lol great guy ;) josh
  5. good guy pleasure to do buisness with highly reccomended to everyone josh :lol:
  6. hey yea im doin better going back to school tommorow hophly ill be ok i worked on a model tonight to!!! ;) thanx buddy josh
  7. this is my method, i use it for highly polished aclads and regular shades i take the bare plastic, and rub it down with fine grade steel wool, and airbrush model master acryl clear gloss it makes the surface as smooth as glass i let it dry overnight and airbrush the alclad over top it, looks perfectly smooth and very shiny josh
  8. ok ill start saving for omni 4000 thanx alot buddy im looking to get an almost pencil line with little or no overspray hophly this airbrush will solve my problem thanx josh
  9. im thinking i may get either the omni 4000 or the omni 5000 whats the difference besides the cup on top? thanx for the help josh
  10. you guys think something like this might work for ultra fine lines? http://www.hobby-airbrushes.com/index.html...html〈=en-us josh
  11. thanx alot iwata it is your a great help josh
  12. hey thanx for the info i went searching around for the iwata eclips but i found about 5 different versions which do i need? josh
  13. hey ive been readin some airbrushes will not spray enamels that well i own a badger 150 but cant get it to do fine lines i thought of buying a sotar or iwata to get super fine lines will i have any problems using enamels? josh
  14. for enamels, go to wal-mart and buy some laquer thinner for acrylics, get some 91% isopotrol alcohol works perfect for me everytime josh
  15. wouldnt it be great if we had a new tool 1/72 come out? say from hasegawa or tamiya one that can be OEF and OIF standard out of box with out aftermarket decals, extensive conversions, etc etc?? josh
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