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  1. Thanks to Craig and Gabor for their contributions and updates in this thread; it looks as though another very impressive Fine Molds kit is close to release. After watching the video, I'm also very curious about reference made (around the 3:06 minute mark) to the F-104... Ummmm, it might just be my wishful thinking, but is it too much to hope that a Starfighter is next cab off the rank? Can anyone translate what's actually said (the auto-translate fails to render the conversation at that point very well) ?
  2. Thanks for mentioning that, Gabor! I did wonder if there was some tint to the plastic when I first saw your photo, but you've successfully reassured me! I think I'd like to see some of your January sun at the moment; mine's a bit ouchy burny at the moment! cheers, Andrew.
  3. hi Gabor, Great pictures to illustrate what the Quitna set offers by way of upgrade to the FM kit (and possibly Hasegawa, if Quinta aren't releasing a more specific set) - thanks as ever for sharing with us.
  4. Good question Roy - I've often wondered about this as well. I went hunting online and found something that will hopefully help - even though it's not strictly for Navy/Marines Phantoms, here's a link to a copy of the F-4E Technical Order that shows (on pages 195-196) the placement of MERs on centreline and outboard wing pylons. As you'll see, there are forward and aft suspension positions for the MERs, but from the photos in this Flickr album (by redlinemodels), I'd say that the forward mounting was more common for Marines jets. Andrew.
  5. And don't the exhausts look fantastic! I'm very keen to see these... Thanks Gabor.
  6. All understood and kudos to Fine Molds for acknowledging the difference and tooling accordingly. Unfortunately, the execution hasn't matched the intent and for my F-4EJ (so not the Kai) I know that I would be very happy if part P8 (short nose sprue) made its way into the box! When I build the Kai boxing, I might just reach for the box of Hasegawa spares and find a Kai fincap; I wouldn't have minded Fine Molds taking this approach to catering for different versions.
  7. I was pleased to see that as well - I'm disappointed by the fit and would love to see Fine Molds revise the sprues of the long-nose boxings to incorporate a single piece tail.
  8. and we salute your efforts to bring about these realities! thank you!
  9. Thanks Gabor and Gene for keeping us updated! My imagination's getting the better of me now, but I sincerely hope that Fine Molds release a thin-wing Phantom. Alternatively, our friends at Tamiya are welcome to take this on...
  10. Thanks very much Jan for posting the kit schemes - I like the '-D' and line '-F' options!
  11. Hi Jan, Where did you see the decal options? I can't find any specific reference to the schemes provided in this or the Desert Storm boxings. As Luigi mentioned, Caracal have offered sheets for -A, -E and EF-111s in the recent past, so with any luck they'll do a sheet for F-111Ds as well.
  12. Please forgive my odd sense of humour, but when I read that I thought, 'Wow, he's got the one that cuts square holes. Cool!'
  13. Thanks Gabor; I really like your 'have a look' posts - almost as much as your in-progress threads! Thanks in particular for the excellent images that accompany your impressions - so clear and such good illustrations of the point you're making.
  14. That's a lovely result, Moritz. Thanks for sharing your progress, tribulations and the outcome on this particular subject and I'm looking forward to seeing your efforts with the rest of the quartet! cheers, Andrew.
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