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  1. Hi Jim, I’ve found a picture of 4385 in this experimental scheme in Chuck Stewart’s Superbase 4 title on Decimomannu, with the caption saying that the photo was taken in September 1985. Unfortunately there’s only one picture, but it does show the left side of the jet. It’s very hard to tell, but to me, both pylons are painted in the ‘middle’ grey of RAL7023; the lighter grey seems a bit too light. In this photograph, the fuel tank on the left hand side is in the original colours of dark grey and white. Juergen, your profiles are very impressive and your information on the scheme is greatly appreciated. Thanks very much! cheers, Andrew.
  2. Oh, I like. I like very much. Thanks again for sharing these images; it's greatly appreciated. cheers, Andrew.
  3. Hello Gabor, My thanks also for your time and effort to give us such a comprehensive look inside the box; I'm even more keen to get my own hands on one now. cheers, Andrew.
  4. Hi Pete, That's looking very nice and I'm keen to see how your painting progresses - hope it goes well for you. I notice in the first photo that you have the fuselage from Academy's F-4J out on the desk... is this underway as well? cheers, Andrew.
  5. Great options and thanks for reminding me that training and test units are just as valid! Now that I think about it, a VX-9 F-14D just became a distinct possibility.
  6. Thanks to you both for your information/confirmation. I can see that I'm going to really struggle to narrow the contenders down; the other units you mention above (VFA-31 and VFA-11) are also very appealing, primarily because they've been around for so long. Decisions, decisions...
  7. Yeah, and that would be a kind characterisation.... ummm, I'm also easily confused; I thought that RVAH-13 wouldn't be a good choice? For one of my builds, I'm leaning towards a VFA-14 F-18E - if I understand correctly that unit has a very long lineage and is still in service.
  8. Thanks Rex. As a matter of fact, I do like bats.... and might even have decal options for that unit. Trust me to be distracted by my own negative example.
  9. I'm still coming to grips with the concept behind the GB, but thanks to your Wikipedia links and the GoNavy site referred by Rex, I think I've got the gist. I won't run through every possible build option that's occurred to me over the last few days, but can I run one example past you to check that I'm interpreting the rules correctly...? A potential build is a 1/72 RA-5C in the markings of RVAH-11 Checkertails. The GoNavy page for this unit's deployments tells me that it existed first as VC-8 (est. 3 Dec '51), then VAH-11 (from 1 Nov 55), becoming RVAH-11 in July 1966 and finally disbanding in 1975. So, this project would appear to be okay. However, if I wanted to build a Vigilante in the markings of RVAH-13, a unit that wasn't established (as VAH-13) until 3 January 1961, then that's not within the bounds? Hope I've got this correct - as I said, the idea is a really good one and I will support it with (hopefully) two builds, illustrating both the breadth and depth of Navair heritage. Andrew.
  10. Hi, Very interesting theme for a Group Build and I look forward to participating (I belatedly voted yesterday). I'm not sure yet what I'll contribute, but the temptation is to complete one project from each of the active and inactive lists... cheers, Andrew.
  11. Thanks very much for doing this sheet; ordered and looking forward to finishing a Tamiya F-16C (with some modification) as a South Dakota jet. Andrew.
  12. Very impressive painting - great way to show your resumption of this build. cheers, Andrew.
  13. Hi Kursad, Sorry for the bother, but earlier in this thread you mentioned that this sheet would also be printed in 1/72 scale - any news on that front? regards, Andrew.
  14. Pardon the lateness of my post, but I'd like to join this Group Build, as the Skyhawk is such a lovely aircraft and a firm favourite of mine. My plan is to hopefully complete two kits, utilising the newish Airfix A-4B and some Freightdog A-4C conversions to yield an A-4C and an A-4SU (the Singaporean A-4S in upgraded guise). I'm not sure yet what scheme I'll finish the A-4C in, but it will probably be in USN markings (as opposed to Argentine Air Force). The markings for the A-4SU will be supplied by Miliverse decals. cheers, Andrew.
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