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  1. That's a lovely result, Moritz. Thanks for sharing your progress, tribulations and the outcome on this particular subject and I'm looking forward to seeing your efforts with the rest of the quartet! cheers, Andrew.
  2. Hi Craig, There's also the Oldmodels sheet offered for this scheme - more information available on this page (which covers many aircraft types and schemes worn since 1985; it's just how the website is laid out - you'll have to scroll down a little to get to sheet OMD0017 RNZAF T/A-4K Skyhawk Euro1 - 1/72). The proprietor has placed an important message on his homepage about postage for mail leaving NZ that might be worth considering. Andrew.
  3. Nice recovery on the canopy, Moritz and I hope that painting it is just as successful. The Angolan MiG looks fantastic and I'm sure the others will be just as good. Please keep us updated.
  4. I'd like to offer some belated thanks to everyone for their contributions, in particular to Todd for starting an interesting discussion and Jim for his excellent drawings. I am not a fan of Hasegawa's Pave Tack pod as offered in the F-111 kit, so I attempted my own improvements a few years ago while building an F-111C (yet to be finished). My approach seems broadly similar to what Jim describes and the photos below show my progress. Most of what you see was achieved by altering the kit parts, but I used pieces from AMT's offering of their F-111F for the pod turret. Here
  5. Thanks Gabor, I'm very grateful for your update on this new version of Eduard's MiG-21, with your insights, excellent photographs and now the bonus of the Pure Plastic build. Please keep it up! Andrew.
  6. I was lucky enough to have bought a Hasegawa Starfighter that contained the Dutch antenna parts; if memory serves it might have been this boxing - SP114 'Mount Olympos'. It took me a while to realise what the bits were for, and once I had worked it out, I wondered about a KLu boxing... pity they didn't. Interesting discussion and thanks for your insights, Mizar.
  7. Hi Zac, The issues may be negligible, or I may be too fussy, but to my eyes the proportions of the numerals on the Printscale offering are sadly not quite right.... Compare those shown in the image on Scalemates with those presented by Zotz (admittedly in a larger scale) in their sheet 32-071 for F-4J Phantom II MiG Killers, as revealed in a review on Large Scale Planes. I feel that the Zotz rendering is much more accurate. Of course, the Printscale sheet would still be very useful for other markings, so I don't wish to write it off. You've done well to score an Academy
  8. Printscale offer markings for that aircraft on their sheet 72-266, although I'm not totally convinced by their rendition of the BuNo./modexes... Andrew.
  9. Hi Jim, I’ve found a picture of 4385 in this experimental scheme in Chuck Stewart’s Superbase 4 title on Decimomannu, with the caption saying that the photo was taken in September 1985. Unfortunately there’s only one picture, but it does show the left side of the jet. It’s very hard to tell, but to me, both pylons are painted in the ‘middle’ grey of RAL7023; the lighter grey seems a bit too light. In this photograph, the fuel tank on the left hand side is in the original colours of dark grey and white. Juergen, your profiles are very impressive and your information on t
  10. Oh, I like. I like very much. Thanks again for sharing these images; it's greatly appreciated. cheers, Andrew.
  11. Hello Gabor, My thanks also for your time and effort to give us such a comprehensive look inside the box; I'm even more keen to get my own hands on one now. cheers, Andrew.
  12. Hi Pete, That's looking very nice and I'm keen to see how your painting progresses - hope it goes well for you. I notice in the first photo that you have the fuselage from Academy's F-4J out on the desk... is this underway as well? cheers, Andrew.
  13. Great options and thanks for reminding me that training and test units are just as valid! Now that I think about it, a VX-9 F-14D just became a distinct possibility.
  14. Thanks to you both for your information/confirmation. I can see that I'm going to really struggle to narrow the contenders down; the other units you mention above (VFA-31 and VFA-11) are also very appealing, primarily because they've been around for so long. Decisions, decisions...
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