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  1. I don't how we should go about it, but if PayPal can give a 17% discount on postage when Service and Goods is used to complete a transaction, there is some merit in TRYING to get A.R.C. members a "corporate" discount. I have no idea what the volume is, but I imagine there is quite a bit of traffic generated by our membership. It never hurts to ask. Dennis
  2. Whiskey, I don't WANT to either. But habu2 does have a point. If people like you and me and hundreds of others cannot get our models sold because U$P$ prices are killing the deals, then the only three choices are 1) keep the stash, 2) give the stash away, 3) find a place to sell them off line. I suppose we could offer to pay 1/2 the postage. U$P$ wins, we lose and there is nothing we can do about it. It would be nice if the A.R.C. could step in and negotiate a lower rate with U$P$ because of the amount postal business we collectively generate. Dennis
  3. I believe habu2 is probably correct in setting up a table at a meet. My hesitation in doing that, is I would have to do cash only transactions because I do not have a cell phone and have zero interest in acquiring one. My wife does, but I doubt seriously she would want to go to a model airplane buy and sell meet. But, when push comes to shove (and we are heading in that direction) I will most likely bite the bullet and follow habu2's suggestion. I left Houston for a reason and I really, really do not want to go back. Dennis
  4. 15 FEB 20 11:48 am 1/48 B-29 from Dayton TX to PA $41.55 Two weeks ago, same model, from Dayton TX to North Tonawanda NY $71.25 deal killed. The U$P$ has killed 8 deals for me in a little over 40 days. I have over 60 models at reduced prices that I cannot sell because of the U$P$. Dennis
  5. 1/48 F4U-5N Corsair, Box Factory Sealed Monogram #85-5980 $15.00 + U$P$ 1/48 Corsair F4U-4, Box Sealed Revell 85-5248 $10.00 + U$P$ 1/48 P-38J Lightning, Box Factory Sealed Revell #85-5479 $7.00 + U$P$ 1/48 P-40B Tiger Shark, Box Factory Sealed Revell #85-5209 $7.00 + U$P$ 1/48 P-51D Mustang, Box Factory Sealed Revell #85-5241 $6.00 + U$P$ 1/48 P-61A Black Widow, Box Factory Sealed Revell #85-7546 $8.00 + U$P$ 1/48 R.A.F. Hawker Hurricane, Parts Bag Sealed Monogram #85-0090 $5.00 + U$P$ 1/72 R.A.F. P-51B Mustange III R.A.F. Box Sealed, Revell RG-04167, $5.00 + U$P$ Thank you for looking. PM me if you see something you want. I accept PayPal.Me Dennis
  6. Just completed a group sale with Mike in PA. Flawless transaction. Great ARC buyer. Dennis
  7. I sent 2 Squadron Walk Around books to Canada. It was 50% cheaper to send tow separate envelopes than it was for both books in one envelope. Go figure. I have spoke to a person who is well versed with the U$P$ and was told that the Federal Government made them fund future retirement liabilities from their revenue stream. These retirement plans are left over from when the government operated the postal service. Instead of providing continued funding for the plan in place, the U$P$ had to take on the "bloated" plans and pay for it from new revenue. The email took over and people stopped writing letters and sending cards. U$P$ got caught in the downturn and had to make the shortfall some where, so parcel post is where the cash cow now resides. I, like many others, am disgusted with this turn of events. Dennis
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