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  1. VADM, As I type this to you my good friend I too yesterday had to let my go due to cancer that had gone unnoticed for sometime, which she took a completely 180 on us while I was at work this weekend. She was my modeling buddy got her almost 12 yrs ago always sat with me when I was at the bench. I just know when she looked at me yesterday at the vets office with my wife and daughter she heard my voice and looked at me and blinked at me saying she was ready. Holding onto my daughter from yanking the IV and meds out of the Vets hands was the hardest thing I had to do but she Halig
  2. Duane, Star Hobby 564 Whitehall Road Annapolis, MD 21409 Bay 50 Shopping Center (410) 349-4290 Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday: 10am-6pm Sundays & Holidays: 12pm-4pm (call first to confirm) Let me know when you go I would love to tag along I work at JBAB as a fireman. Stanton
  3. Your best bet is if you are building a D out of the box easily grab a Black Box Bombcat resin set which has all the BOL rails, Lantrin plyon and pod, PTID screen, bomb racks, and resin phoenix pallets with the BRU-32's, and GPS dome. Also that resin set comes with the LTS "Laser Targeting System" joystick that goes on the left console of the RIO area about half way down. You can also grab the Wolfpack set which I do not know if it has the PTID, GPS, or other items. I would go for the Wolfpack or Blackbox SJU-17's if you are not using the kits seats. Also
  4. Get Fights On Decals FOD48002 which is part 2 of the sheets.....You can check with Sprue Brothers, or Hannants for the sheet....if I do believe you can hit up Mike on the boards for the sheet since I do believe he is selling. My screen shot will not work due to being to big of a file Stanton
  5. I might have the set....I will let you know tomorrow when I get home from work. Stanton
  6. Furball is going to be releasing the VF-41 High Viz jet hopefully at the end of the month along with some PE tail stiffners other Navy subjects.
  7. I am looking if anyone has a junked 1/72 Hasegawa F-14A Tomcat Kit or just the shrouds Part Number M3 & M4, would like to keep with in the CONUS. I will pay for shipping or if there is a part you maybe looking for let me know. Stanton
  8. Dave...Top Notch!!!!...made payment...next thing I knew the kit was on my door stop...especially quick on tracking info!!! Excellent comms!!! Stanton
  9. I have a MH-60K kit open box with a Olimp MH-60S conversion in the box Payment via Paypal.....Stanton.Fodness@gmail.com Price $65.00.....Shipping Included....If purchased before 14:00hrs EST it will be shipped today. Shipping Included in price only CONUS Communication email.....Stanton.Fodness@gmail.com 1:48 Olimp MH-60S Knight Hawk Conversion Set (ITA kit) 1:48 Italeri MH-60K Blackhawk SOA #2666
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