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  1. Not a kidney, an eyeball, bone marrow transplant or a lung? How can you be so sure now?
  2. So shion is of French extraction?
  3. If the boy inherits my character, then I guess he's lost before being born. He shall be the one arguing endlessly about the forthcoming AMK 1/48 Tomcat iterations on the very same thread on this forum after I pass away (pun intended). There. And bear in mind Zach was as modest as he might not to have mentioned that his kid took after him!
  4. Actually, when I proposed the wife naming the if girl Styrene, she gave me an odd look (half puzzled, half annoyed), but I told her it was this sort of a rare Irene. Oh, but it's as though the kid were just hers already... For the boy I'd want a name with a bit more of punch, like Mek, or Turpentine. Ah, but the wife won't play along. Torch, Lacquer, etc. Whatever the name, if girl, and she takes after the wife, then I'll have to get my 12-gauge shotgun with Brenneke ammo out before she even turns 5!
  5. Oh, niart17, fella... those are clearly embryonic wings, from a just hatched bird. Don't you just see how stubby its beak is? Still blinded by the tape on its windshield.
  6. Of course I did read it, Nino, but I thought I had also made it clear to you that I don't drink. Not even the wife can drink now that she's pregnant, so we might as well send you that half a bottle of Chivas Regal 12-year-old Scotch whiskey? More seriously now, I'm an organ and (very rare blood type) donor, so I've got to take responsibility for my system and those who will inherit my blood and organs in the afterlife.
  7. Bahahahahahaha...!!! That's NOT what your post read before you edited it, once again. It said how you brew your own 75-year-old brandy, and how much you expected that we could enjoy it together somewhere. How are you such a tramp, Nino?
  8. Mark, that tape is so good that I'm always restocking it after every new single roll is opened. I'd be terribly scared that it suddenly went discontinued. Sysxii, one another tool that I'd recommend you when repanelling is the MIssion Models micro-chisel; awesome weapon for getting rid of those raised panel lines which are very near of raised rivets (like in the old Monogram 1/48 F4F kit, for instance). It's got three different interchangeable blades: 2mm, 1mm (flats) and one 1mm round that is simply magnifique for scouring round cannon blasting crevices and the likes. Th
  9. Scott, if this is one Waldemar Sawerwien, I know the fella. He's legit. But yes, incredible lots of Cutting Edge sets in 1/48 for the whole range of Testors/Italeri U-2 kits and the Hasegawa F-8 as well that he's had. Lots, month after month. I don't quite fathom where/how he got them. Only issue I had with him is a cockpit set for the U-2C coming short of a block containing the left/right rudder pedal and another redundant piece.
  10. Thanks, dnl42, bud! The names mama fancies are Astrid and Gunnar. Not bad, I think. There's the rub. I was thinking about that as well; perhaps I've only got five to six months' modelling time ahead of me, tops, until the need to be all devoted to taking care of the wife and next the baby. Steve! Hear that you like the French Polynesia as well for your holidays in the sun? Yes, I was thinking of naming the boy Victor or even Vulcan, after the V-bombers. That'd be something, huh? If girl, Electra would be nice (well, if girl, hope she's the spitt
  11. Well, not only has the Kinetic Kfir C2 kit the correct cockpit tub/windshield/bang seat/IP coaming width, but it's got the correct Coke bottle fuselage shape as well so characteristic of the Mirage family. Both kits need of an aftermarket exhaust tho. If you buy the Wingman Models 1/48 Kfir C2 kit, you'll get both the Kinetic plastic + detailed resin bits for it (a lot of resin stuff and assorted decal options as well).
  12. Bred during our two-week stay at Bora-Bora. Still uncertain of what the gender is going to be, I've begun thinking of different female/male names for the offspring. This is our first born one. I thought of several possibilities. If female: Styrene, Resin, Sawdust, Tape, Wingspan, Sanding, Cellophane, Tab, Epoxi, Syringe, Putty, Pledge, Scissor, Vacu-form, Surfacer, Isopropil, Placard, Stick, Tamigawa, Finish and Layer. If male: Alloy, Photoetch, Cyanoacrylate, Counterweight, Decal, Ejector, Hasegawa, Aftermarket, Kit, Rivet, Brass, Novus, Sprue, Hypersonic, Warthog, Mek, Under
  13. ^^^ That, right there. I concur. I didn't want to post my input because so many people will accuse me of being against AMK, but now that mate shion has posted this comparison picture, let me tell you that the difference in width in relation to the cockpit tubs between the Kinetic and AMK Kfir C2 kits not only makes the bang seat too wide but also the IP coaming and windshield. This difference in width is very noticeable when looking at the AMK kit head-on; it just looks odd in this area, and that's not to mention the ill-shaped Coke bottle contour in the fuselage of the first molded kits.
  14. and My rescribing unbeatable duo. They've taken my modelling skills into the next level. Best than anything else I tried before. Not at all; might go check your semantics. You meant to type sharp instead of shape. That's not spelling but a typo.
  15. Tony, every mistake I pointed out but the nose is fixable in the Revell 1/48 Tonka kit. Best you could do about the nose is to purchase the Italeri Tonka sprue which contains both forward fuselage halves and the nose cone in order to kitbash them. Other than that, as with the wrong shape of the ECS intake, the shape issues in the Revell Tonka kit are all fixable.
  16. Oh, so sorry, dude; just thought it was more of a typing mistake... But each to their own.
  17. A shape blade, huh? That'll do, for sure... okay.
  18. My thoughts exactly, Mark. How I miss those placards, bezels and instrument dials. Still have some stored somewhere in the stash. So I guess Bobby Waldron from Genessis Models hasn't got a thing to do with that company?
  19. Oh, and what comes round to prove this heresy of yours is to have just edited your choice of low-life grog for this Prava Srpska Rakija "Serbian Brandy"
  20. Nino, I don't drink; the wife does, and she just said that comparing low-life bourbon to fine 12-year old Scotch is like comparing your Dacia car manufacturing to Citröen or Peugeot, hence, in view of such an heresy, she will finish off this new bottle she just replenished for you. Sorry bro; sometimes is wise to keep your tongue idle tan to bring on the fury of a drinking woman.
  21. Jeffrey! Hi, This is excellent news to me, as I wouldn't expect Revell, judging by their background, to turn out a 1/48 Sled kit nearly as decent as I've seen yours is going to be. Looking forward to the releasement of the Hypersonic/GasPatch Models 1/48 SR-71 kit like I'm waiting for the future release of no other kit in the same scale. Cheers,
  22. No doubt Nino is a nice fella; he just lacks in the patience/faith department. Had he been cool on the "where's the beef, WHERE'S THE BEEF...!!" THE BEEF...!!!now he could even talk freely to Ran, and maybe Ran would freely feed him back, but now too much's been said to ever make it feel like yesterday did. That's his karma, and possibly the reason why my wife finished off his bottle of Chivas Regal whiskey - what goes round comes round in the end. Beef is now swooned and Nino will have to wait for news on the kit just like everybody else. That should teach him a very good lesson in
  23. Besides, Tan Model haven't even started on the CAD development of their promised kit - they just have it listed as a future release, but when it's only a question mark. My only hope as well, Mark. What I've seen so far regarding Jeffrey's proposed kit is really impressive. The noses alone look spot on. I'm looking forward for this releasement.
  24. Revell and 1/48; I wouldn't hold my breath. For that matter, you'd better wait for Hypersonic Models' and/or the Turkish manufacturer, uhm... TanModel?
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