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  1. Must be the photos cuz I see no misalignment whatsoever holding it in my hands. This canopy is just about perfect.
  2. What "Axial misalignment" are you referring to? This canopy is excellent!
  3. Dave is correct. There are two seam lines running the full length of the canopy...one on each side.
  4. Why do I have to continually come in here end tell you guys to knock off the stupid crap!? You want to talk about the kit go ahead. But what is all this baloney about the continent and beyond your understanding etc etc. Just please knock off the stupid crap. Keep to the business at hand.
  5. And everyone should remember...AMK didn't just send us those kits out of the blue. That only came after quite a few messages back and forth between Sio and I where I was asking HIM to send us those 10 kits to build....so we could do this test build here in the USA alongside the talented Malaysian builders! Many thanks to Sio for granting this request!
  6. Just to get you guys more info...you know there are TWO bladders right?
  7. You gotta be kidding me...
  8. Zactoman asked for these... Please excuse my fingerprints on the glass!
  9. A quick 40 second video showing the canopy placement via locating tabs onto the fuselage. SOrry but Fotki doesn't give me the code to share on forums for the videos.... https://public.fotki.com/tsumner/scale-modeling/jet-airplane-models/amk-f-14d/dsc-0002.html
  10. A few more..... These seats look damn good for not being resin!
  11. Gee I don't know about the pivot point being too low. It looks pretty low here on this shot from The Squadron Walkaround....
  12. Ok this is my photo. I think it's the area some of you guys have been discussing? Please remember, these parts are only taped together...and kind of loosely... I don't know if this angle is sufficient...
  13. And the comments by all the builders so far is how amazingly well the parts fit. Some almost a snap fit.
  14. Test fitting wings...just testing...
  15. All these photos I just posted are not by me...they are by some of the other builders. Everyone is working at their own pace and on whatever area of the kit they chose....
  16. Some beginning stages of the engines...
  17. Some test fitting of the front gear well...
  18. Okay..some cockpit stuff...
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