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  1. Do NOT post ANY messages or responses of a political nature regarding the Russian-Ukranian war. Doing so again will get you banished. This forum is about model airplanes...not politics.
  2. I called Steve but got his answering service. Hopefully he'll get my message...
  3. Moderation is here.....I warned everyone not to get political but some could not resist. Those political posts have been removed and the posters have been issued warnings.
  4. Because many of you can't seem to leave the politics out of it this thread has been locked.
  5. Just to let you all know, there are varying degrees of Moderators/Admins. There are only two Admin, who have access to everything (that I know of)...Steve and Neo. Then there are 5 or 6 Super Moderators who can do ALMOST everything except make changes to the forum like Neo just did with the reCaptcha thing. Then there are Moderators who were put in place specifically for Group Builds to handle them. As a Super Mod I don't have the ability to make changes to the forum so I'm very happy that Neo did that with our (Super Mods) blessings! And as for me, well I handle the 15.3 thousand member Face
  6. Steve is ok BUT, ARC isn't bringing in any financial gains and due to some other problems he is now forced to work three jobs and over 110 hours a week. So he has no time at the present to maintain the daily postings on the ARC main page. I would help him but unfortunately I don't know the first thing about doing web sites. I maintain the Facebook presence for him but that's all I can do...
  7. I know it works on the FB group...I've pretty much eradicated all SPAM there...
  8. Not sure you can ask membership questions on this forum like on FB... Can you?
  9. For you guys who don't want all the crap that goes along with FB just make your own account and don't accept any friend requests. Just use it to join the specific groups that pertain to your own particular interests
  10. Hey relax... Steve is working 110 hours a week and has been for months now. He's doing the best he can. He'll be back once he gets out of the hole.
  11. Yes Virginia there is an ARC Facebook page. I run it. Steve has pretty much handed it over to me to take care of it. I spend a lot of time making sure it's run properly with no SPAM. People who want to join have to answer a series of three questions to be admitted. It is a Private Group. It is excellent for photos. And easy to track your own if you simply create an album of your own photos. Each form of media has it's own advantages and disadvantages like you all have enumerated. Personal choice I guess. If anyone has any questions about ARC's Facebook presence feel free to ask here and I w
  12. Actually guys, I used Yanwen a while ago when I was tracking a package from China.
  13. As title says, Revell B-1B in 1/48 scale. Parts in the bags. Comes with Fox One decal sheet and the Barracuda Studios resin Late Exhausts, the ones with no turkey feathers. Sell for $150.00 plus $25 for shipping (it's a big box!!) Paypal is good. [IMG]https://images52.fotki.com/v1639/photos/5/17075/16325527/B1BDecals-vi.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  14. That Red Fox stuff is very nice! But expensive. Ya get what ya pay for though!
  15. Photos of the Quintas set in the GWH Mig-29 I'm working on....
  16. Come on guys...let's have a thousand replies to this thread wishing our founder a very Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday old friend!!!!
  17. Why did you report the posts?

    1. pollie


      ? Don't know what you mean.

  18. They're not! The replies of a political nature were removed. As will any others that pop up. Report them if you see them.
  19. For some reason it won't let me move it out of here.. donc375 please report your question in the regular Jet Modeling forum, not the Archived forum.
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