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  1. Star Racers - Online Model Race For Kids is a new veteran-owned company that present a great Christmas gift for the competitive child. Star Racers kits can now be ordered at StarRacers.com and ordering closes on December 10, 2019. The race is scheduled for February 1-2, 2020. There are great trophies for 1st - 9th place finishers. If you have ever seen a pinewood derby or soap box derby race, it is the same concept but competitors won't have to travel to compete--they mail their star racer back to us in the included mailer and then watch the race online. The price--$49.95--is a what you se
  2. Need A Christmas Gift For A Competitive Child? Try Star Racers - Online Model Race For Kids at StarRacers.com Below is from our About Us page: Ordering and Racing A Star Racer is Easy And Fun Order a Star Racers model kit from our website. Shipping is free. Once received, design your Star Racer and fill out the included race-registration form. Race registration is also free. Mail your Star Racer and the registration form back to us in the included mailer. Then wait for race day, which will be after the holiday season. Video of race results will be
  3. Someone asked me about price. Our price is what you see is what you pay. There are no hidden additional fees. It includes taxes, race registration, and shipping (once when you order and again when we return the Star Racer after the race is completed). And it costs nothing to watch your Star Racer race online. Races will be posted to our site at StarRacers.com via our Youtube Channel. And for those that are awarded one of our 1st - 9th place trophies, those are also delivered free of charge. Hope that helps. Jeff
  4. Star Racers - Online Model Race For Kids has a basic model kit that is then raced online. It's a competition meant for kids that allows them to be creative with paint design and introduces them to basic physics principles via weight placement. I thought those in this forum might be interested. The site is StarRacers.com Below is from our "About Us" page: Below is an illustration of how it works.
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