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  1. As of yesterday, 18 Nov 14, all but one of the OH-58Ds have left Rucker. The last one is slated to be moved over to the Army Aviation Museum to be put on display. KiowaFixer/Now an Apache Fixer
  2. 2020 is a kind estimate. They will probably all be out of U.S. Army service a few years before that. KiowaFixer
  3. As yet I have not seen this pilot again. With the aircraft being phased out, all to often lately the last time I talk to some of our crew actually does end up being the last time I talk to them. Couple of weeks after last seeing them, I will find out they retired or moved on to their next aircraft's school. Just didn't want you to think I had forgot about this. I'm just as curious as you are as to how the guns were fed on that side. KiowaFixer
  4. I just talked to one of our instructors that was there. He said the ammo boxes for the right side were inside the aircraft when they were configured dual .50 cal. I didn't want to press him for any more info as he was preflighting one of our Kiowas at the time and was a bit busy doing that. KiowaFixer
  5. My decals arrived earlier this week, Thank You for the shipment. I may have to go buy 2 or 3 more B-58 kits, too many great schemes to chose from on this decal set. KiowaFixer
  6. Bravo Sir, Very Well Done. Make sure you add a bunch of sand and grass clippings under the foot pedals when you close this area up with the chin bubbles. It is amazing the kind of things I have found in this area over the years. KiowaFixer
  7. This one was thrown into the mix not long ago, was all excited till I saw the Italeri on the box. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-60782-F-14A-Tomcat-1-72-scale-kit-/330925184349?pt=Model_Kit_US&hash=item4d0cad955d KiowaFixer
  8. When you need gas, you need gas. Sorry, couldn't resist, but I am curious about the back story as well. Commercial shoot maybe? KiowaFixer
  9. Great Photos! Thank You for sharing them. Interesting that the F-35 doesn't have the typical Navy/Marine Corps red edges on the landing gear doors. KiowaFixer
  10. I've got one you can have, if you don't mind some paint on a few parts. Let me know if you would like to pick it up at Hanchey, I work 1630-0100 most days, or I can PM you directions to my house, or I can deliver it to you somewhere in the area. KiowaFixer
  11. Ok then, vote cast. Unfortunately July may be the timeframe our aircraft start vanishing, so it may be even worse for OT then. KiowaFixer
  12. Does voting yes require participation? Would love to see this happen, but OT at work lately has been killing me and I might not be able to pull off a build right now. KiowaFixer
  13. Glad I could help out. For those interested in the movie "Top Gun," a former C.O. of mine, Dave "Bio" Baranek, wrote a book about his experiences in the real "Topgun" and his assistance to the production crew of the movie "Top Gun." He flew in one of the "MiG-28s" and his name can be seen in the end credits. The name of his book is "Topgun Days" and is a pretty good read for both aspects of the real "Topgun" and the movie "Top Gun." KiowaFixer
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