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  1. Thanks everyone! One last shot of Spirit of St. Louis next to the 1/72nd scale shuttle stack I finished in December 2010. Another Spirit of St. Louis shot
  2. It's been a while since I've been here....I've been busy with other things and Cheetah gave me a friendly nudge. I've built a lot of Space Shuttles and other real space kits over the last few years. But today I finished a non-space kit, the first one in a while. I figured I'd do a quick build of the Testors 1/72 Spirit of St. Louis I had in my stash, since I saw the real thing last month at the National Air and Space Museum, and today was the 85th anniversary of Lindbergh's landing in Paris after his nonstop flight. Spirit of St. Louis Here's another pic: Closeup of Spirit of St. Louis
  3. Please delete post. I realized this needs to go to the in progress section.
  4. I use Tamiya gloss black (TS-14) plus Alclad polished aluminum for shiny areas. Unfortunately I can't get it in my local hobby shops now so I make do with another gloss black. Or else I'll use Tamiya gray primer then spray Alclad over it, it just depends on the shade I want.
  5. A quick update - I finally, FINALLY got restarted on that thing. I know I'll have to get a move on to finish before the end of the GB. Last night I glued the payload bay doors on and OMS pods, also did plenty of sanding. Pictures to follow tonight. Justin
  6. Thanks Dragan. The Mig actually has Iranian AF markings, not Yugoslav...I finished it in late 2006. Here's a pic of it next to an F-15:
  7. For the longest time (at least six months, maybe more) I hadn't finished a model. Oh, I'd started on some projects but never could see things through. I always stopped somewhere. But I made a New Year's resolution to BUILD AND FINISH a model a month. And I was two days away from "blowing it". So I started a 1/144 fighter kit I'd had floating around in my voluminous (!) stash. The R-G F-15C USAF Tiger Meet bird. It was a quick and dirty job. No spray or airbrush at all. Built straight out of the box and brush painted, with Testors square bottle stuff no less. I didn't even bother to
  8. I look forward to more info about this kit. It's about time a new shuttle kit came out, IF that's what it is. Justin
  9. The Hill AFB airshow was cancelled as the T-birds couldn't show up. :-( BUMMER. At least the airshows in Rexburg ID and Wendover are still on. And I'll look into going to an airshow in AZ if the T-birds or Blues show up (Yuma?) Justin
  10. Well everyone, just a quick update. I've been really slacking on my building the last few weeks and months. But this weekend I'll get started again. I've got the orbiter halves assembled and I'm starting to get a little "itch" for building again. We'll see if I can get this built. I need to finish SOMETHING. Justin
  11. Thanks everyone! As far as the BMF goes I'd been thinking Alclad over gloss black myself. I've generally had decent luck with Alclad but I've never sprayed it on something this big before, and I've had a few problems with cracking and other blemishes from time to time. If I get too squirrelly on this I could go for Tamiya AS-12 or something like that, maybe with a few Alclad polished aluminum patches. But I'll see. Justin
  12. And I'm OFF! I got started last night with gluing the body flap and the landing gear bays on the 747. The Revell 70's era 747/shuttle boxing has the best box art I've seen.
  13. Sweet job Jay on those shuttles, particularly the one with the "dalmatian tank". Here's the 1/144th scale STS-114 stack (Airfix): The 1/288 Shuttle Columbia: The 1/100 Shuttle Challenger: 1/144 Revell ISS modified to Phase 2: I've done plenty of others but this'll be a good sampler.
  14. I'm IN. And I've decided what I'm going to build. I'll only commit to one kit for now, when I finish this I may enter others. But this kit is one I've wanted to build for a while. And it'll be a most appropriate kit for this occasion, as 2007 is the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle ALT flight tests. That's when the shuttle Enterprise was flown off the back of an ex-American Airlines 747. And that's what I'll build it as! The Revell 1/144 747 in its ALT configuration with Enterprise. (And it's the 1970's boxing too!) As for other real space projects, well I'll see when I get bac
  15. Well...sorry to say...the Zero's not going on the shelf. I just don't have the desire to work on it any more, its wing problems were just too much. And I had a setback on the fuselage half when I got some glue on it and it crazed the plastic, I sanded and it looks rough. Oh well. The GB's about done anyway and I've done 2 kits, I'll marshal my energies for the Real space build. Justin
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