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  1. 達模院方丈 has build it. source:Weibo@Macross辉 https://weibo.com/Spatiotime?from=feed&loc=nickname&is_all=1
  2. These Chinese war museums used to treat exhibits very rudely. Many machines were damaged, tampered with by outsiders, and even thrown into the garbage can. So their reference value is very limited. The mosquito was thrown outside until it rotted and discarded. Many aircraft are “repaired” in this way: randomly find several workers, throw them a roll of aluminum, and then time for free creation.
  3. Forgive my trembling hands and poor photography. Apologies again to Huawei. On the positive side, the instrument panel is completely flat and we don't need to do any extra work to install the aftermarket PE or 3Dprint decal.
  4. I just bought one. No rivets, rough surface and frosted canopy, really simple gear bay, the ejection seat is overstated. However, they made tire inscriptions. It's so weird, isn't it?
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