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  1. Well you could say the same for USA kits then...
  2. No corrected windshield make no sense in correction set,it is kits most glaring error. I planned to buy 3 sets but if w/s is off it kills it for me...
  3. I just realized my GWH MiG-29 lacks clear parts sprue...:-( Is there a contact or a source of GWH spare parts, I know their site is not maintained... Thx P
  4. Controversial separate stenciling sheet has B/J written....go figure P
  5. Hello I have new zealand,singapure and IDF box for sale https://www.scalemates.com/sr/kits/hasegawa-09441-a-4k-skyhawk-rnzaf--123421 https://www.scalemates.com/sr/kits/hasegawa-09735-a-4su-skyhawk-singapore-air-force--141158 https://www.scalemates.com/sr/kits/hasegawa-09575-a-4n-skyhawk--103422 I prefer to sell all kits together,if interested send me pm with reasonable offer ,i know these boxes are rare and go high on evilbay i hate. I accept payment via PP. Thx P
  6. I really hope you are right about this πŸ‘
  7. I can't believe they are still not going with Mirage F1 family...phew
  8. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
  9. I just recieved my second Sinofarm shot ie booster...no side effects,just some joint pain and felt sleepy yesterday. Here where I live we had few shipments of Sinofarm and anybody can get vaccinated,you have to show up at a vaccination station and thats it... You can choose online what type of vaccine you want but Sputnik V and Pfizer have not arrived in great quantities so you have to wait longer,and I wanted to get vacinated asap so went with Sinofarm. I get fly vaccine every year and I dont bother if I will get inserterd with chip :))))) P
  10. Yes I am passing Su-57 just like I did when Mi-24 came out...
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