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  1. PM if interested,price is 400usd +shipping
  2. LINK For any additional info, pm me... Cheers!
  3. It is preorder post,they did the same for su-35...
  4. I must say I didn't understand this AMK move,from consumers position .... Although I support them 100%. P
  5. Agree. Almost dead center 9,999/10
  6. This forum became seriously side tracked....pitty
  7. It all started as a A-4 Skyhawk groupbuild project but it took much longer... It took me 6 months just for BRassin weapons, and it took 20 months total for all 7 kits
  8. Ah yes those are early Tumanski R-29 versions. There is also Su-22 with Lyulka Al-21,both singleseater and UM3K. Edit. So I guess no fat rear end in this box