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  1. Great news Raymond. And....if you get them to do Su-15 we will all owe you a drink 😁
  2. Petarvu

    Hobby Boss 1/48 A-10A nose issue?

    Its the Italeri kit,not HB P
  3. Petarvu

    F-14A glove vanes 1/48

    Is there any aftermarket available for Tomcat glove vanes in 48? I am considering making them as extended on early F-14 1/48 I am starting.... Cheers P
  4. Petarvu

    F-104 question

    Will you be surprised if I tell you bottom of wings was aircraft grey? Edit. Why? I have no idea... Cheers P
  5. Petarvu

    Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    We are ON !!!!!! Hope it starts to sell this year. I was cautious and sold only one Kinetic 33😁
  6. Wow any more photos?
  7. I think ICM and Xuntong are only hope for new Su-15 1/48 so +1
  8. Petarvu

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Plus GWH jumped the band wagon😎
  9. Petarvu

    Which 1/48 Kit for an Su-27?

    khm khm ......... GWH
  10. Petarvu

    A-7E VA-147 with LGBs in Nam

    Wow , Thanks for such detailed explanation!!!!! Cheers P
  11. Petarvu

    A-7E VA-147 with LGBs in Nam

    I am not aware of any aftermarket SUU-44...I could use LAU-10 and fabricate the cap , is it the same size? Thx
  12. Petarvu

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

  13. Petarvu

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I am giving up this thread,....Lost interest in AMK
  14. Petarvu

    A-7E VA-147 with LGBs in Nam

    Check this load out: Va-192 I know it is OT but I find the slant mk82 config very interestig. And what is that on far right station (6) unguded missile containers or some cluster bomb canisters ...
  15. Petarvu

    A-7E VA-147 with LGBs in Nam

    If Dambusters on Kittyhawk on 72 cuise (photo in earlier PGM Corsair topic posted above) did carry Pave Way I LGBs, can we assume sister squadron Corsairs from VA-192 Golden Dragons on same cruise did too? I wonder....