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  1. Great news! After 27,I hope they will do 30 series and 34
  2. After couple of years in this discussion I finnaly decided not to buy it.
  3. Hm...yes they did that. Now you reminded me of the whole thing. EDUARD is full mainstream company now , and they chose subjects appropriately - guess MiG-21 was not that important on their road to wwii glory P EDIT: Mr. Shultz from Eduard once told me making 1/48 Mi-24 kit is his dream. I guess that dream won't make money like wwii subjects done to death by other manufacturers. Eat that bunny carrot now...
  4. Could you check diameter of exhausts/fuse holes for them...i wonder if Reskit for Academy would fit HB. Thanks!
  5. You are right but as noted below HB D/E kit comes with pave tack so I thought about doing F from it. Can i squeeze ACAD exhaust into HB kit, anyone has both kits? Thx
  6. I dont see F exhaust for HB kit on ResKit site. Strange.
  7. Great news Raymond. And....if you get them to do Su-15 we will all owe you a drink 😁
  8. Is there any aftermarket available for Tomcat glove vanes in 48? I am considering making them as extended on early F-14 1/48 I am starting.... Cheers P
  9. Will you be surprised if I tell you bottom of wings was aircraft grey? Edit. Why? I have no idea... Cheers P
  10. We are ON !!!!!! Hope it starts to sell this year. I was cautious and sold only one Kinetic 33😁
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