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  1. Store link Check it out if you are interested...
  2. +1
  3. Aha fin base fillet...ok so 17M3 is an option Thanks
  4. Simply awesome!!!!!
  5. ....but why M3/M4? There are no M3 parts on sprue photos... Edit: or there are? P
  6. Please PM me if you have these two sheets or one of them, I own them both but need some help with it. Thanks P
  7. So in modeling terms we are talking only panel lines? Ande few bumps..? Happy new year too all ARC members too!
  8. If there is justice in this world,it would be Mirage F1 series 1/48...
  9. 114 comes with decals for Khrushchev first visit to USA. Price is 250eur each,int shipping 35 eur. Cheers P
  10. Thanks a lot for the photo!!!! If you could send the sideways photo it would be great. I am afraid nose is squished, from photos. If it is only too blunt it can be taken care of,panellines too... edit: I cant find anybody else online who got the kit already, please you HAVE to shed some more light on the nose :-))))))) And that box needs construction permit! Cheers P
  11. Open the box and photograph the nose ! :-)