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  1. I've been playing around with technique and have a pretty good handle on the process. Where I could use some help is knowing what colors to used depending on what color you are weathing. What colors would be used on gloss see blue or or even a tri color scheme? figured there might be a guide out there somewhere but I'm having trouble finding it. Thanks in advance Casey
  2. Hey guys, I know its a bit of a long shot but i pulled out a old p-47 i had been working on years and made a lot of progress on. I just realized the cowl is missing. If any one has one they dont need i could really use it. thanks in advance Casey
  3. Today was first time in over two years I have worked on a model. In the last several years I've moved across country twice, quit a career, went back to school, built a house and started my dream job. This has left no time to work on models. I have a Tamiya 1/72 mustang this is almost complete its been in the works for 6+ years and i thought finishing it up would be a good start. Its a little beat up from being moved around so much but I'm not gong to touch it up. I figured its "scars" would remind of all i've done over the time i've had it. I put most the decals on today, the checkered nose band was a bear. My old decals kept shattering so a trip to the local hobby shop netted a new sheet that I could rob some from. I hope to have her done this week end but I just wanted to share how happy I was to be building again.
  4. i peel it off and stick it to tamiya masking tape and i can reuse over and over, when the tape gives up you can stick it to new tape. casey
  5. Tamyia makes a flat base that can be added to their acrylics or I haves uses rosonal(spelling?) lighter fluild to thin model masters enamal, makes the dead flat no gloss at all. Casey
  6. i used easy off oven cleaner. took about 30 seconds to bubble up and fall off worked great casey
  7. What is the difference between a A-4B and A-4C skyhawk? I have hasegawa “C†model can a "B" be built out of it? Thanks for the help. Casey
  8. yes, i used it on a tamiya mig 15 and it worked great. casey
  9. Holly crap thats awesome!!!!!!!!
  10. thats it i quite, i could never do that in a million years no way, not ever :) casey
  11. aerofile83

    Naval P-51

    along the same line I'm building a naval p-47. I'll be sure to post some pics when its done. casey
  12. i like the cheap 97 cent color place primer from wal-mart. sands great, dries quick. casey
  13. aerofile83

    Alclad II

    I always use acetone to clean my airbrush, works great even wih alclad. casey
  14. oh yeah i forgot to say i want to build it in 48th. cutting edge makes a decal set for it. i was hoping i could build it out of the a-3 cause the local hobby shop has a tamiya kit for $16. it doesn't have to 100% acurate for, i'm not building this kit for a contest or any thing just for myself cause i like the plane and its not you tipical 190
  15. aerofile83

    FW-190 A5 help

    I want to build the plane pictured below but i know nothing about german aircraft. I know its an a-5. I'd like to use a tamiya kit. but i guess they only make an a-3 and a-8. which kit would be the best to use? what changes would have to be made? thanks for the help casey
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