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  1. Really? Looked very popular from where I was
  2. I cant see it does any harm and agree it might get lost otherwise, In addition Tom who contributed a lot to this discussion is no longer with us so its good to keep it in view. Julien
  3. Having just received a USPS Priority mail I was able to track this fully through the USPS system. JUlien
  4. The Irene set is excellent, ordered them the other day. Quick postage out to the UK as well.
  5. In case anyone cant get on Britamodeller today We'll be shutting down the forum and moving servers at Midnight BST on the 28/29th April (2019 in case you need it hyper-accurate), so be aware that the site may disappear for a short while, which we estimate will be offline between 6 and 24 hours depending on how quickly the DNS changes propagate. Julien
  6. Yes we are glad the hosting company was able to do this.
  7. It did not fix itself our hosts had to contact the relevant ISPs
  8. Good to know as the figures are very nice, as are the ones in the Little Bird Kits. Julien
  9. Do you have any pics/info about how the seats attach for the gunners? Thx Julien
  10. Dont remove all those rivets from the back end, its covered in them back there and they are quite big in reality. Looking good tho Julien
  11. We have been onto Support today and they're now escalating this to the next level, who I'm guessing are the IP unblocking ninja assassins (or something like that). Either way, we're progressing toward a solution, so if you're still having trouble and don't have a VPN to use to get around the block, it shouldn't be too long til you're able to access the site again. We would also like to say thanks to thoe folks that have helped with the tracert tests, and to the Mods here for allowing us to help our users out :) Julien
  12. If you could report it to your ISP it might help as well. Our hosts tech support are also on it. Julien
  13. SWBELL/AT&T members of Britmodeller. If you're unable to visit the site in the last week or two, it seems that our server's IP has been blocked, and we're attempting to find a way to resolve it. If you're tech-savvy enough to help out with a tracing of the route to see where it's blocked, you can do the following: From Windows, Open up a Command window/DOS Prompt (type cmd <ENTER> from your start menu's Run item) and type the following: tracert britmodeller.com Mac and Linux users should open a Terminal window and type the following:
  14. Gents from the replies we have had this looks like an issue with people you use AT&T or Bellsouth as their ISP. We are looking into it, but if you contact your ISP as well it might help. Julien
  15. Gents anyone who is having problems can you message me on here; Please include your BM user name, IP address and ISP, we are trying to get to the bottom of this and I dont want to fill Steve's forums with BM stuff. Thx Julien
  16. I cant speak for other reviewers, however I have the kit for review on another site , and we were told by KH the kit does not come with the figures; and yes they can be purchased direct. Given how much I just paid for two figures from Black Ops Models I dont think that is a bad price for 7 figures tho. Julien
  17. They do. I dont think any you can buy have the figures, thats my understanding.
  18. Britmodeller did not blacklist ISPs, it was the other way around, we had problems with various US ISPs in the past though none currently we are aware of. In addition due to a couple of factors the planned server upgrade is still scheduled. We have had messages from a couple of people who cant connect and are looking into it. This does seem to be a problem with ISPs conntecting to the site as the vast majority of users have no problems. Until the techey people report back its in their hands. Julien
  19. Thx, I will have a look. I want these to be the same era as the figures in the other kit. Not sure what era that is I think its the 90s? Julien
  20. Hi, Does anyone make crew figures for these? I have one of the Kitty Hawk kits with figures, and one without. I would like to do both with figure so need the front crew members for the second kit. Thx Julien
  21. Sad to hear of Tom's passing he was a great help to me on a couple of Crusader projects in the past and it was always good to correspond with him Julien
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