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  1. Two Bobs do 48-243, BAe A-4Ns flying in Germany. http://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/d5_01.html
  2. Pretty hard to find these days, as is the cobra one, and with that you have to re-profile the nose yourself. Muroc models do a nice set which is available.
  3. Yes there was the maintrack and C&H conversions in 1.48, both challenging in there own way, and a War Eagle? Vac form. I have both the C&H and Maintrack conversions. Decals are very hard to find also in 1.48 if you dont want to use the ones in conversions. My Maintrack one has stalled for a while now as I dropped it and it fell apart! Yes that front part is sold resin!! I decided to get the Fisher conversion as I managed to get the kit for a complete steal, otherwise, kit + conversion + decals starts to get very expensive. Not to leave any scales out
  4. This is the size I have; I have a note which lists the photo credit to Vought, not sure might be a USN picture? Julien
  5. Thx Steve, does not look like anyone has started one yet. As for being the first
  6. Has anyone started / finished one? Just got mine and its top quality, just dont want to stuff it up. JUlien
  7. Long shot looking for an Azimut 1/35 AMX-30D Armoured recovery version of the AMX-30. Jullien
  8. Sorry to hear this, I had a few conversations with Chris and he seemed a genuine guy, product was always first class as well. Julien
  9. Cheers for re-posting those Pics. I must admit it was easier in 1/72 than it will be in 1/48. Julien
  10. Cobra company do an F-8 Conversion, although designed for the Monogram kit there is no reason it wont fit the Hasegawa kit. The nose is wrong in this conversion. Though if you fill the nose on the F-8E it can be sanded back to an earlier one. Superheat had a good picture of the nose profiles overlayed on here a while back which were a good reference of how to do this. Julien
  11. My sheets arrived in the UK safe and sound. Markings look great, now just which firebomber to make? The Su-30 sheet is great too. Julien
  12. I and my wallet can confirm Roy has been over in the UK selling his excellent product.
  13. Valmet in Finland built 62 under licence. The Israelis made them as well. Looking at some of the pics in your link it could be one of them as they were the last in service.
  14. They are trying to sell these to the UK but I seriously doubt that will happen. Unless there is a great deal of extra with these if/when the UK decide to get back into the MPA business it will more than likely be with the P-8. UK crews currently work on the P-8 to maintain competency. I am sure boeing will do us a deal. At current exchange rates the P-8 works out cheaper as well. Plus like has been mentioned it will be a lot easier to support the P-8. Julien
  15. Any plans for any C model decals?
  16. Sometimes really hot water (as hot as you can handle) and a paper kitchen towel to press it down. Other times I have used future, put the decal down in a pool of the stuff, more on top then wick the extra away. When it dries it will suck the decals down. Had this work very well on old thick decals.
  17. I would not bet on Eduard not doing PE for the kit. Even more so if the KH stuff does not fit!
  18. Thanks for the heads up on the build issues. I dont like the way any of the decals are for placing over the airbrakes. None of them is cut so you have to do this and it wont be that easy. Lots of other manufactures have done this in other scales, cant understand why they did not do this. At least one guy I know has had a short shot part around the nose wheel bay/landing light area so check your kits for this one. Julien
  19. Be warned there are also some bad copies of the paragon stuff out there on ebay.
  20. The Zvezda kit is good, it was re-boxed by Revell. Not seen the other two so cant comment on which is best. Julien
  21. Misstype from me the green listed is 34102! This image I found on a flightsim site;
  22. One of the options KH give you is for one with a green (FS 36495) fuselage, there are no unit details given on the instructions. Is this a real scheme? I can only seem to find photos of a computer sim model in these colours? Cheers, Julien
  23. Just ordered my kit so interested in these decals.
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