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  1. Works really well with Vallejo airbush cleaner as a thinner. The cleaner has a small amount of ethylene glycol in it and I find this acts to retard the paint. I tested some when I first started using it on this old matchbox 101 and I liked the results. Will use this where I can, thought the colour match looked very good. Julien
  2. A bit like Gulf War II then? I mean we found all those WMD's eh? If this had not happened would Sadam have had the bomb?
  3. Good on him for doing it and not trying to grab a load of glory for doing it. I heard the only problem he had was trying to find the wing sweep control :)
  4. Sounds bad, I hope they get him and no more Police get hurt or killed. Julien
  5. What a great visit. RF-8 pics would be good if you can get them. Julien
  6. Yes Lynx had given way to Apache in this role by then. Was / Is used in Afghanistan but not with TOW. Last British Use of TOW was Gulf War. Julien
  7. Just got these via Hannants in the UK. WOW they are really good decals, the problem I now have is deciding which scheme to make. Top class product. Julien
  8. Any one have one of these they would like to get rid of? Cheers, Julien
  9. Having just got my hands on this (thanks Chris!) I must say its a must for the kit. Thanks for 2 sets of vac windows as I am bound to stuff one up along the way! Also the I would recommend the interior set as this addresses some limitations with the kit as well. Julien
  10. MPM have been working on a 1.72 AH-1 G & Q/S versions, for a year now. Details here with sprue shots, looks like its nearly finished. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234939769-new-72nd-scale-ah-1-cobra-available-soon/ As for KH they do seem to be getting better and we are at least getting new product from them. Julien
  11. Looks like you get to see some nice views inside and out side of the cabin! Julien
  12. Anyone do these in 1/48 as I need one for a P-51 Julien
  13. I have both the F-15K and Platz F-1 you mention. Both are great kits, the Platz kit is really nice though. Nice to see the SG kit is out now as well. Julien
  14. The sheet was from Iliad Decals. It is oop at the moment but you can find it. Jennings is right the sheet uses those colour call outs. If making the aircraft in those colours then dont forget they were fitted with a Martin Baker MK.10 seat fitted with the early style head box. Julien
  15. Its a nice kit but not sure I want 2 of them. I find the double boxing thing a bit strange. Does it come with resin for both as only one set is shown in the pic? Might have to find a friend who want the other one. Julien
  16. Cheers Pete. Great pic also shows exactly where the yellow ends as well. Julien
  17. Not much to see unless you pay the $25 join up fee?
  18. Nice pics, interesting to see a Strikemaster there. Julien
  19. Nice to see it flying again. Julien
  20. Yep dont need to get exhausts read the post above wrong! Does anyone have a good pic showing the differences between early and late wheels. The eduard kit has two types of wheels in plastic as well as the brassin ones. Thanks Julien
  21. Thanks guys. Sadly shows Eduard did not do their research as it took all of 2 mins on google to find it was not the serial they said. Looking at the decals and instructions its identical to the airliners net picture that Pete linked to. Looks like I need another set of exhausts then! Cheers again. Julien
  22. I have Eduard's 1:48 Fighting Eagle. One of the decal options is 76-0053 53rd FS Bitburg with a yellow tiger tail. They say 1981/82 but ejection history lists 76-0053 as crashing in 1978 http://www.ejection-history.org.uk/Aircraft_by_Type/f-15.htm Only Tiger Tail photo I can find is this one of 84-0001 taken in 1988. http://www.aviationphotocompany.com/img/s10/v109/p1713491788-3.jpg Is this simply Eduard getting its research wrong? did any other Eagles have yellow tails like this? If it is 84-0001 would this have still have had the turkey feathers on the exhaust? Cheers, Julien
  23. Having your 102 decals I have money waiting for these. Julien
  24. If you got this from a retailer in the UK then speak to them as its their responsibility to sell you a kit with the correct parts in it. Julien
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