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  1. Platz do a 1/144 C-1. Also there is a 1/72 available if you have deep pockets! http://www.coopersmodels.com/catalog/item/5762418/5633624.htm Julien
  2. As the F-86 is an obsession of mine some standard USAF markings would be good as there don't seem to be many of them available these days in 1/72. Julien
  3. I agree looking out for someone was a good call. Julien
  4. Yeah even trying to claim for internal mail in the UK is bad, took me 6 weeks last time to get my money back! I see you Hawaii thing but kind of understand how they charge that as US. If I send a parcel to Belfast in Northern Ireland it costs the same as UK internal even though its over the Irish Sea. If you send to Southern Ireland you pay the same as anywhere in Europe even though it maybe less distance to there. As you said its all very complicated dealing with different countries. Costs from the UK to USA have gone up, but no where near it seems as much as US to UK. I used to buy a lot
  5. Chris, that was not meant as criticism, I kind of understand why you dont offer those services. A pity you never found someone to carry the stuff as I am sure there would be a market. Also in the last couple of years USPS has hiked postal costs to a stupid level from what they were. Julien
  6. Cant argue with you. Just so hard to obtain in the uk! Julien
  7. Decals look good and I will get a set. Hopefully like you say we can re-profile the cover and move it back a bit. Think maybe a G is on the cards as well and they made a mistake. I am a little surprised we did not get the third seat and sensor station for the back. Julien
  8. Thanks for that, good for the front but not so much the back. Interesting that jump seat on the left is provided in the new Kitty Hawk kit but not mentioned on the instructions. Julien
  9. Hi, Does anyone have any pics, or links to pics for the rear of the SH-2F showing the sensor operators sation and seat, also the layout of the rear in general? Thanks Julien
  10. Any chance you will be doing the marking for the top for the walkways as they are not in the kit. Julien
  11. Hannants have some; http://www.hannants.co.uk/search/index.php?product_category_id=&product_division_id=&manufacturer_id=361961&code=&product_type_id=&scale_id=&keyword_search=&setPerPage=25&currency_id= There is rumour they have more but there is some dispute over ownership/rights and they cant sell them. Julien
  12. Some ANG subjects from the cold war would be good, especially some of the F-86 and Target tug schemes. Not into "special" schemes as such more line birds. Julien
  13. If you use the "gift" option then you are not covered by paypal if something goes wrong. I will use this but only with people I know or have traded with before. I also agree with you its rude to ask for the fees to be paid, did not know it was against paypal rules. I have seen some modelling sites make this against site rules. I will admit to adding on the odd £ or $ to cover fees as I know how much they are from selling. Julien
  14. HPH do this in 1:48 http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234949874-t-50-pak-fa-148-hph-models/ Julien
  15. Have you tried Scalemates? They have a pretty good search engine which pulls together kit release timelines with new boxings, re-issues etc, linking kit reiviews, walkarounds, the whole works. http://www.scalemates.com/ Julien
  16. Nice pics. You would hope it might go to a museum, though its a big exhibit to house. Julien
  17. Derek, I have this sheet, am using two options and already given one away. Are you after a particular option? Julien
  18. This week is getting costly. The USAF Helo here in the UK and the Navy one in the US now this. RIP Guys. Julien
  19. What is believed to be a USAF Pavehawk from RAF Lakenheath has crashed on the North Norfolk coast. Sky News are saying the four crew have been killed. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-25646978 RIP Guys. Julien
  20. Suspect this is a USAF Airfield tractor now not a USN tractor, still looking for details though. Julien
  21. Wolfpack did VMCJ-2 decals on one of their sheets which were nice. Julien
  22. Hi, Does anyone know who made this? model number etc? the real thing not a kit. Thanks, Julien
  23. You need more than one coat I find with lifecolor, also can make the colours darker, but reverts back when you add a matt coat after. Julien
  24. I must admit I liked his earlier stuff but the later books I did not like so much. Julien
  25. There have now been two crashes in the Aussie fires. Not a good week is it! http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/pilot-dies-fighting-australian-wildfires-20665698 Julien
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