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  1. You can say that again. A guy I knew over here in the UK who was retired Supply had some bad form of cancer, turned out he used to unload drums of defoliant as part of his job in Vietnam. Julien
  2. The Airfix one will not be a reduction of the 1.48th but a completely new tool aircraft. Julien
  3. I dont have this one, but have a couple of the Aerocalcas sheets if they are of any help? Julien
  4. A little harsh? Just a heads up that more will hopefuly be forthcoming soon? I have seen far more pointless posts on modeling forums! Julien
  5. Yep! As much as I love the Gannet attractive? If you are looking for some pics can I suggest here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234910632-fairey-gannet/ & http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/73252-fairey-gannet-aew3/ Julien
  6. Thanks Tony. I have also looked in all my refs, there seem to be numerous art works out there but no photos to back this up? Julien
  7. Does any one know of a photo showing the Little Rita art work and the shark mouth as shown on the decals Airfix supplied for the kit they boxed with the MiG-15? The Airfix kit is hard winged but the only pic I can find of 941 (when it had the different checks on the tail) shows 941 with a slatted wing. Thanks Julien
  8. I have to say as a bit of an outsider I do agree with you there. Some say no honour but he did was removed from his position for speaking out about such things as corruption and was held in high esteem by a lot in his country till he died. I would think more people in his country know his name, than other countries do the leaders who were defeated by him. Julien
  9. The Iranian Sabres in the photo also wore UN titles, these were the Black UN letters on a white background, bigger than and just to the rear of the IIAF letters. Not a good pic frm the aircraft point of view but you can just make out the ONU titles starting in the background. There was an exhibit this year in June at The Phillipenes AF Museum on Congo ops. Pity I dont know anyone local. Julien
  10. I must say watching this from the UK it makes even less sense than our domestic polatics (something I never thought I would say!). I can manybe see closing a museum but an open air attraction such as a WWII memorial or even the Lincoln Memorial I cant see the sense iin that at all. Is there a strange wirring sound at the Lincoln memorial, ie him spinning in his grave! I also dont see the sense in closing memorials in europe to the fallen. These guys did what they did to make our countries what they are today and deserve better. I could see no situation where the Commonwealth War Graves commi
  11. Guys maybe a little unkind there. I understood the first post. While it may have been a little hard going it was not that difficult. Give the guy a break English may or maynot be the guys first language. Catfan good luck. Julien
  12. To be honest I think thr Amodel one is better. I have had both. In 1.48 stay away from the RHVP set, its overpriced for what you get and needs a lot of work. Both the 1.48 and 1.72 RHVP give you a complete fuselage but its like a banana! I have the C&H set and there not all that great either. If you can still find the maintrac or War Eagle vac they are better. Julien
  13. You are not wrong. I also think the kit needs no additions. I built one ages ago and just managed to get another, along with two F-102's. Both are excellent kits. Julien
  14. Thanks to Steve and Neo, must have been a hell of a job! Julien
  15. WOW what happened to things you see on airplanes anymore? Some thing you dont see which is a loss in my opinion is being able to visit the cockpit. When I was a kid I went in every cockpit of every airliner I flew on. Spent nearly an hour in a DC-10 cockpit on a flight to Hong Kong with the pilot and engineer showing me how everything worked. Its a shame kids will not get the chance to do this anymore. Julien ps if the NSA, CIA, FBI, MI5 etc want to read my email it will bore them to death! go ahead guys.
  16. For those who like these lanterns tell that to the 12 fire fighters injured tackling a 100,000 tonne rubbish fire in the UK caused by one of these landing at the recycling depot. They know it was a lantern as they have it on video landing on top of the pile. 3 of these guys are still in hospital. Julien
  17. To stop underbleed when using any tape run a very fine coat of the colour under the mask down the edge with a brush, then if there is a bleed its the same colour. Julien
  18. I found these pics while looking at the RAF website for something else and thought I would share them as I think they are cool. Phantoms over RAF fylingdales. Loaded for Bear Clean eh! Julien
  19. This is a matchbox phantom I built a while ago, and yes it is actually the Matchbox kit! Hasegawa RF-4B ebay kit which came with no cockpit! hence the painted cockpit. Julien
  20. All the F-8 Pics I have looked at, i have never seen the 1 + 2 load out before. Excellent finds guys. Julien
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