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  1. Looking good in 1/32! good luck with your build
  2. Wow Eric!...did you mask and paint all of the underside art!!!!? Its looking amazing
  3. fascinating...keep posting pics on the whole process Fiddler
  4. outstanding!...love the paint chipping
  5. great work on those intakes!..i wanna see more pictures too
  6. Really amazing Eric i am looking forward to getting to the stage your at with the build as yours looks wonderful!!
  7. Great work Eric!!!! i am still struggling with photoshop and how to make a mask for my model... Exceptional work though mate.. :) with you all the way, dan
  8. nice idea with the pre-shading! i really want to how it turns out now :)
  9. they look nice! i wish i had done something about this area on mine now ;(
  10. cheers robert, Yeah its one of the main reasons i chose it, plus also the fact that it has the air control valve...and the price. with that said, i dont know if i would ever use the largest color cup as i would'nt consider using this brush for large covererage jobs. in fact when i do decide on which 'top end' brush to buy i may well consider one with a fixed color cup.
  11. thanks mark i find the hardest bit is keeping the AB the same distance from the model whilst at the same time holding the model in the other (woobbly) hand lol!
  12. nice work so far and good to see someone else working on a revell 1/32 kit, i shall be following closely
  13. cheers Jack, the new airbrush i have is this one... http://www.everythingairbrush.com/acatalog/info_AB_186.html for the price, so far it has been amazing to use. i was previously using a badger 200 single action and had always wanted to upgrade to a double. i have found that using the new double action is a lot more tiring to use (lots more trigger action) so i am going to use my experiences with this one so when i start looking at some of the top end brushes i will know which one to throw my money at.
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