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  1. Hopefully I am doing this right... I have a few high end kits with the "BigEd" goodies. I would like them to go to a good home. I have a Trumpeter F-6F-3 (1/32) w/BigEd, Kinetic S2E (1/48) w/BigEd. I am a disabled veteran with bilateral Acoustic Neuroma (s). I will probably never get to them -let alone finish them. Anyone interested? Hopefully I posted this right! Of course I will include pics etc., But before I put a lot of effort into this, I wanted to check interest?!? Thanks all, take care of you and yours. -Tom 267-410-9164
  2. Hi everyone! Quick question/poll... How do you paint aircraft rims (wheels). I currently use Parafilm stretched over the rim. As we all know that isn't ideal. If using an airbrush, some 'under spray' seems inevitable. Obviously, commercial masks aren't always available. I really don't like using brush paint, since it 'gathers' on the rim's inlet holes/lug nuts etc. forcing multiple coats. Tamiya tape masks the best, but it's tedious masking the whole tire (not to mention a little pricey!!!) Hopefully I've described our plight, and perhaps someone has a different technique??? Thanks to everyone
  3. Thank you for your kind reply! I feared I'd upset many people... I have been a member since 2012; but had logged into ARC every day -even when I was in the military! Steve is such a selfless person. His passion for us is real; and genuine.So many kind people here on ARC... We are a unique club. Steve and

    his dedicated team create an exclusive club of master artists for the pla...

  4. Sorry everyone... My tablet here is a bit temperamental, I have "The picture" now! Sorry 'bout that!
  5. Sorry everyone... I just logged into forums. Really long-term ARCer here -but I am usually quiet and don't do too much forum stuff. However, I guess through God, I happened to log in today! Would someone be so kind... What's up with our leader and/or his family. I skimmed the post, but there are so many!! I see the logo and shirt... Beautiful! And I'm in. Looks like we're closing in on a pre-order? How do we donate/order? Thanks for your help fellows!
  6. When I was setting up Edge, in W10, I just typed in what I thought would take me to ARC. I allowed the auto fill etc... The thing is it took me to 2012 pages! It looked just like our new daily page. I didn't even notice for a while, and when I did, I dismissed it as Silly Week?!?! Anyway, if you go here...http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/new.htm... you'll see!!!
  7. Thanks for the advice! I'll explore that option too! I was thinking if all else fails... I'll buy another scooter M kit, and use each nose provided on each airplane. Maybe the resin nose is solid a preventing the tail-sitting issue! Thanks again!
  8. I am working on the Hasegawa Kit #09611 (The A-4M Last Skyhawk kit). I ruined part(s) S1 and S17 with too much nose weight glue; and deformed the 'cone beyond repair. I was hoping someone might have the nose cone halves in their spares box? Several of the "M" kits contain both noses (One with the IR lens and one without). I can't find the "R" parts tree with the alternate cone either! I am in a real pickle on this one, and I would be elated if someone could help! I would send $10.00 (plus $5 postage) to anyone who could help! p.s. In case someone can help: My name is Thomas Kellogg, 711 Wexfor
  9. Sorry about posting in the wrong spot Curt! This was my first post showing a model in progress. My first experience with PhotoBucket too. I thought the links would help with ARC server space. Thanks for the hot water tip-sounds like it would work great!
  10. Is there anyone who can give me some advice on building entirely with resin? Perhaps a 'trick or technique' you use on all resin projects? This is a link to my progress: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....howtopic=226366 I am poking along-slowly but surely, but it seems like every step I take, I notice a mistake in the kit, or something I did wrong (for example: I learned quickly that resin needs lots of work with regard to fit). I had to use metal pins in the fuselage to expand the wing roots to get them close to flush to the solid-molded wings. Can I use a heat gun to bend thi
  11. Stunning! I LOVE your fan blades! The whole A/C is gorgeous! Eye catching to say the least! IPMS winner?
  12. Wow Eric, those are really beautiful! You do very nice work! I don't like doing ordnance-so tedious! You could sell those puppies! Well done!
  13. My first resin kit. Resin kits are a totally different animal. I learned real quick to dry fit! Rinse, Repeat...! Please don't be too harsh... It's my first full resin attempt! (And my first experience with PhotoBucket) I hope I did it right? The cockpit... http://i1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc483/...omcamera025.jpg A Dash One and Dash Three comparison... http://i1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc483/...II/IMAG0135.jpg Lotsa Dry Fitting! http://i1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc483/...dgeSlats010.jpg The correct Tail Hook on a Dash One (look closely-the hook extends from the TOP of the rear
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