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  1. Are you in need of the longer sponsons?
  2. 14737 (C-130J) has the longer sponsons as well.
  3. Nice! I'd love to model the old Luftwaffe Challenger with the blue stripe along the window in either 1/144th or 1/72nd. The "newer" scheme with the thin blue cheat line along the bottom of the fuselage is included in the Revell 1/144th kit and the BPK 1/72nd kit.
  4. If anyone feels like doing a little scratch building, the South Korean Coast Guard has a couple attractive schemes for their Challenger. The Czech Republic also flies the Challenger.
  5. Recieved my decals today! Beautiful as always. Well done!
  6. There's also a Sniper pod! A first for this scale.
  7. Good Evening, Does anyone have the 1/72nd FRROM Northrop Delta 1c kit and not plan to use the TWA decals? It is Scheme B: X12292 TWA – Trans World Airline August to November 1933. I have the "Delta over Spain" boxing and am leaning more towards the TWA markings than the Spanish markings. I'd be happy to trade markings. Thanks, John
  8. They are slightly, that's true, but how they dorked up the shape of the cowling boggles my mind when they already produced a nice rendition. Still, I am happy to have a newer tool KC-135R, and with the windscreen from Daco's 737 along with some scratch built engine covers, I think it'll look nice when finished.
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