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  1. Kingoalie

    Christmas Raffle Anyone??

    It's been awhile, but every year I've participated was enjoyable. Looking forward to it!
  2. Kingoalie

    Best uses for peg board in the hobby room?

    Yeah, I'm discovering that all of the baskets are far too big to put Vallejo-size bottles in, of which I have many that I'd like to put within reach versus a drawer.
  3. Kingoalie

    Review: HFB-320 ECM Hansa Jet in 1:72 by Sova-M

    Thanks for posting these pictures. I've had my eye on this and now I need to get one before they're gone! It'll be interesting to compare it to my Airmodel vac form kit.
  4. Hi everyone, I just relocated my model desk and I now have a large peg board above it. I know I can hang tools on it but was really curious how you all use peg boards in the hobby room. I'd love to hear how you all have incorporated peg boards to organize or make your model building area more useful/enjoyable. In addition, anyone have any good ideas to mount paint racks on it? Thanks in advance!
  5. Kingoalie

    CD144015 - 1/144 B-36 Peacemaker

    Just picked up a GRB-36! I'd like to model an RB-36 with it. Looking forward to your decals!
  6. Interested in the ERJ and possibly the Revell F-15E. Which boxing of the Strike Eagle is it, the one with the tiger scheme or the Lakenheath markings?
  7. Prices lowered. Open to offers or trades for the following: -1/144 Zvezda 737-800 -1/144 Daco 737-400 -1/144 Zvezda Il-76 -1/144 Zvezda A-50 -1/144 Amodel/Eastern Express kits -1/72 Sword RF-84F -1/72 Revell of Germany Eurofighter (kit #03952 or 03900) -open to other 1/144 and 1/72 (post WWII). John
  8. Hey Everyone, I've got the following kits for sale. Shipping will be at cost from Ohio; buyer pays shipping. PayPal only, no e-checks please. -1/32 Czech Model/Squadron T-33A, $45 (open box, fuselage off sprues otherwise untouched) -1/32 Revell of Germany Piper PA-18 Super Cub, $24 (box a little rough, a few parts off sprues but unstarted) -1/48 Revell A-10, $10 (newest boxing, sealed) Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions. John
  9. Are you still looking for these decals? I think I have them in my stash, and I’m willing to part with them as I’m planning to build a German AF version.
  10. Kingoalie

    CD144017 - 1/144 RAF C-130J

    Looking forward to this Kursad! And thanks for including additional registrations for the line birds. The Minicraft C-130 kits are greatly lacking aftermarket decals in my opinion. For an aircraft that serves globally, there are very few options for anything that doesn't say USAF.
  11. I'm in with the 1/144 Revell F-106. If I find myself with more time, I'll work on a C-17 too.
  12. Kingoalie

    USAF F-84G in camo scheme

    I can't say for certain but it reminds me of how Denmark painted their F-84G, which I believe was dark sea grey and dark green over PRU blue.
  13. Kingoalie

    CD144014 - 1/144 C-124 Globemaster

    Awesome! I'll add this to my growing list of 144th decals I need yo get from you. Any I sight into the markings you'll put on this sheet? I'm assuming you'll cover both C-124A and C-124C?