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  1. Kingoalie

    USAF F-84G in camo scheme

    I can't say for certain but it reminds me of how Denmark painted their F-84G, which I believe was dark sea grey and dark green over PRU blue.
  2. Kingoalie

    CD144014 - 1/144 C-124 Globemaster

    Awesome! I'll add this to my growing list of 144th decals I need yo get from you. Any I sight into the markings you'll put on this sheet? I'm assuming you'll cover both C-124A and C-124C?
  3. I've got two 1/32 kits for sale. Both are open but complete and unstarted. Price does not include shipping from Virginia. I'll ship worldwide. Buyer pays shipping, no holds and no trades at this time. PayPal only please. -1/32 Czech Models (Squadron) T-33 $45 -1/32 Revell of Germany Piper PA-18 $30 Thanks for looking, John
  4. Kingoalie

    CD144013 - 1/144 C-97 / KC-97

    Sounds like it's going to be another awesome and much needed sheet for the gem scale modelers! Thanks Kursad!
  5. Kingoalie

    CD144013 - 1/144 C-97 / KC-97

    Just in time for me to unpack from my move and start building again!!!
  6. Hi Steve, I don't have the Quattro Combo decals, but I do have the decals from the MiG-15 Profi-pack (minus Polish decals), MiG-15bis Profi-pack (minus East German), and the Czechoslovak Service dual combo kit. Would any of those interest you? John
  7. Kingoalie

    Aftermarket 1/144 B-36 decals?

    I thought Warbird Decals made a sheet but it looks like that was 1/72nd.
  8. Kingoalie

    CD144010 - 1/144 EC-121 Warning Star

    Nice! Looking forward to this one.
  9. Kingoalie

    1/144th MiG-21PFM

    Thanks gents. I’m certain Eduard and many smaller Czech companies maintain a good connection, but who knows. All of the Eduard micro MiGs have separately tooled spines, so it’s not like they would have needed to tool new fuselages. In any case, I love the JBr part and have another to build along with the MiG-21UM and multiple bid and M/MFs.
  10. Kingoalie

    1/144th MiG-21PFM

    Hey Everyone, It's been a while since I’ve posted anything. Here’s my first completion of 2018. A 1/144th Eduard MiG-21PFM of the Mongolian AF. I used a RetroWings resin cockpit and the PFM conversion from JBr Decals. Really easy and nice conversion, and I’ll build another since I’m not happy with how my paint finish turned out. First time posting an image since the whole PB issue...better pictures to come. John
  11. Hi Everyone, I've got the following 1/144th and 1/72nd aircraft and armor for sale. All kits are open but complete with any specifics noted. Prices do not include shipping from Virginia. PayPal only, no eChecks please. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for looking. John 1/144th Attack L-39C/ZO with RetroWings resin cockpit--$15 Zvezda Tu-154, open box, no parts bag but complete--$15 1/72nd Airfix Blenheim Mk.I, new tool--$14 Fujumi RF-86F, missing AIM-9s and AIM-9 pylons--$10 Gran Mi-1--$12 Hasegawa Ju-88A-4, Finnish AF--$22 Tamiya P-51D, kit number 49--$10 RoG T-90A--$12
  12. Kingoalie

    1/72 Bombardier Challenger 604

    Looks good. Good tip regarding the bulkhead location too.
  13. Kingoalie

    1/72 Bombardier Challenger 604

    Great story ALF. I've got the same kit and intend to build mine in Luftwaffe markings. One thing I noticed is that the attachment points inside the fuselage to hold the cabin floor are pretty much nonexistent. I'm hoping that the bulkheads will hold the floor in place at the right height. Keep up the progress on yours and I'll try to get mine on the bench again!
  14. Kingoalie

    CD144010 - 1/144 RAF C-130J

    Very cool!