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  1. Open to offers or other 1/144th or 1/72nd than what I have listed.
  2. Nice! I'd love to model the old Luftwaffe Challenger with the blue stripe along the window in either 1/144th or 1/72nd. The "newer" scheme with the thin blue cheat line along the bottom of the fuselage is included in the Revell 1/144th kit and the BPK 1/72nd kit.
  3. If anyone feels like doing a little scratch building, the South Korean Coast Guard has a couple attractive schemes for their Challenger. The Czech Republic also flies the Challenger.
  4. Kingoalie

    CD144013 - 1/144 C-97 / KC-97

    Recieved my decals today! Beautiful as always. Well done!
  5. Yes Mike it is. I'll get you a quote today.
  6. Sold items removed, added the B-1.
  7. Kingoalie

    CD144003 - 1/144 B-1B Lancer

    There's also a Sniper pod! A first for this scale.
  8. Good Evening, Does anyone have the 1/72nd FRROM Northrop Delta 1c kit and not plan to use the TWA decals? It is Scheme B: X12292 TWA – Trans World Airline August to November 1933. I have the "Delta over Spain" boxing and am leaning more towards the TWA markings than the Spanish markings. I'd be happy to trade markings. Thanks, John
  9. Kingoalie

    CD144013 - 1/144 C-97 / KC-97

    Ordered mine!!
  10. Kingoalie

    Minicraft 1/144 CFM-56 Engines Available

    They are slightly, that's true, but how they dorked up the shape of the cowling boggles my mind when they already produced a nice rendition. Still, I am happy to have a newer tool KC-135R, and with the windscreen from Daco's 737 along with some scratch built engine covers, I think it'll look nice when finished.
  11. Kingoalie

    Minicraft 1/144 CFM-56 Engines Available

    Thanks for the link. I still don't understand why Minicraft didn't just include these versus tool new, worse ones for the KC-135R...
  12. Kingoalie

    CD144017 - 1/144 C-17 Globemaster III

    Did you ever get a C-17 kit? If not I can loan one of mine.