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  1. "Fill 'er up. With Ethyl" "Where?" Believe it or not 1941 started out as a serious movie.
  2. Four more IQ points and he could be a chair!
  3. There is one exceedingly short sequence taken inside the hangar where you can see the BD-5J is mounted on a pole as it "flies" through. I'm assuming they didn't want anyone inside filming the real one in case something could "go wrong". I don't know who did the flying for that sequence but I think it was Bobby Bishop's airplane. Coincidentally, my 299 Models BD-5J kit was coming out about that time and the movie certainly helped with sales. I think I sold 500 kits in Japan alone.
  4. How about the opening scene from Always, with the PBY flying straight at the 2 fishermen? And then there's The B-36 take off scene in Strategic Air Command where the camera plane is next to the B-36. I believe Paul Mantz was flying the B-25 camera ship. I built that PBY from Always
  5. When I talked to Bert at the IPMS convention in Loveland this past summer he was very excited for this new format.Looks like a winner.
  6. Same airplane(I think). Photo taken from right rear quarter. Hopefully I can find it.
  7. Terrific website. I've built quite a number of these but there are many photos I've never seen before. Here are a few of mine I've seen a photo of one of the Japanese Corsairs. It would appear that they probably never flew it as it is not with Hinomarus and it's in a damaged state. I'll try to find the picture and scan it.
  8. braincells37

    1/48 B-29

    I know it's pointless, but I just have to add my 2 quatloos worth (at least to the hijacked portion of the thread). "This kit's original fuselage metal mould was warped, bent and twisted by heat-treating the metal halves clamped together from the very first pressing" How does anyone warp 2 large chunks of steel weighing hundreds of pounds? Obviously you don't have a clue about the injection molding process. Molds the size of the B-29 mold just don't warp. If they were warped they couldn't be used on an injection molding machine without damaging it and I'm sure the good folks at Monogram back in the day weren't going to damage one of their very expensive injection molding machines because a mold was "warped". Impossible. Now back to our regularly scheduled program. To B-17 Guy: about 30 years ago I produced a set of INJECTION MOLDED Hamilton Standard props for the Monogram B-29 kit under the name 299 Models. Somewhat crude by today's standards, but definitely useable. I occasionally see a set of them on eBay...
  9. We have lots of modelers here!! Three IPMS Chapters in the vicinity (IPMS Tacoma, IPMS Seattle, & Puget Sound Auto Modelers). And even though you'll be in Lacey, a worthwhile trip up I-5 about 30 miles and you'll find Skyway Model Shop in South Seattle. And there are others... PLUS: all the museums in the region - some of which fly their airplanes a lot! Hope to meet you soon! Terry
  10. Any particular aircraft/unit you are looking for?
  11. No - I get annoyed as well. The one video clip that bothers me the most is the film of the Arizona blowing up is flopped. I've seen it shown correctly only a few times over the decades. And of course, the Dauntlesses, which is explained elsewhere in this thread.
  12. Woo effin' Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'bout damn bloody time. Looking forward to it. Now I can properly dispose of my vintage Aurora kit.
  13. Serve up the rum matey or we'll keelhaul ye! Arrr!!
  14. The tours will be primarily through the cargo bay area and you'll be able to view the flight deck from the windows of the aft bulkhead. Views of the mid deck will be through the aft bulkhead hatch or the side view hatch. They haven't finalized plans for mid deck/flight deck tours but they will be limited in scope due to size and the fact that those on the tour would have to be able to access the mid deck through the side hatch - not a particularly easy feat for some. They are in the process of covering all the controls with plex so it'll be hands off. They'll be installing 1 or 2 seats on each deck so tours will have to be practically 1 on 1.
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