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  1. hi i search details on the interior of stranraer supermarine, can you help me? i seen wonderful stranraer 2005 ipms gb james philofr2001@yahoo.fr
  2. hi i wish to build also the stranraer can you help me? it s hard to find good photos on the interior no? james philofr2001@yahoo.fr
  3. who can help me on the fw56? i search all details principaly the interior (for building the kit) + beautiful camouflage after 1940 thanks philofr2001@yahoo.fr james
  4. hi have some details for the interior on seafox i build ww2 aircraft with details and i m french please contact me on philofr2001@yahoo.fr salut jean marie
  5. me again i have good doc on the aircraft but not enough for the interior of seafox i would like to know you jean marie from the france
  6. hi have some photos or doc on the interior because i have yellow book but nothing on the interior i must to build the same kit i build the vengeance from novo im french please contact me on philofr2001@yahoo.fr salut jean marie
  7. hi i build also ww2 warbirds in 1/72 scale with details if you want to have a friend on the france contact me please on philofr2001@yahoo.fr in the future i must to build matchbox kit now i build vengeance from novo salut jean marie
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