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  1. Has Academy released and new phantoms since the C and D model? I see lots of reboxes with new decals but no new molds. Are they still doing the RF-4B or E? Gary
  2. I just realized that I responded to a post from 2018. It just popped up on my screen as a new message.
  3. I can confirm that during my tour of duty with HMX-1 at Quantico there was only one VH-53D at any given time. I have to look to see if there was more than one Buno because as airframe rotated back for depot level maintenance other airframes were brought on line. There were other CH-53Ds Painted in the gloss gloss green but not white topped,that were used for VIP support missions but not for White House support. There were also UH-3Ds painted in that same gloss green. The green was a mixture of Army green and Marine Corps Green as a compromise from the era when both services provided White Hous
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