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  1. thank you for your help and I will defiantly be trying these out ❤️
  2. Hey everyone im curious to how you guys and gals go about designing up your camo for planes on 1/48. Do you use free hand/ stencils etc? I am currently brushing but have a airbrush on order but want to finish my current p40 with brush. Either way I can use the same ideas with airbrushing for camo once I have that going well. Any sites / tips or tricks would be appreciated.
  3. Hey guys im new to the forums and I am relative new to building scale models. I have been searching for weeks to try n find templates online I can print for different camo designs to make it a little easier till I can make my own camo markings look better. I was curious if anyone had any links to some sites that have different camo designs for 1/48 scale models thanks
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