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  1. Thanks, yeah this has been so much fun so far. I just wish I had more time to work on it, but between the holidays and work and family my time has been rather limited. However I did manage to get a little more done this weekend. I got the interiors of the radiators and oil coolers painted, once they are cured I will add some weathering. I also got the super chargers painted. I will add these towards the end of the build once everything is painted up and weather them further. Also, the majority of the build is complete. After I finish up the radiators and oil coolers I will be able to start priming and painting! I can’t wait, one of my favorite parts. thanks for looking, Brett
  2. Very nicely done! Can’t wait to finish mine.
  3. Yeah, it wasn’t too bad to clean them up with some sanding, didn’t need any filler, funny enough though I didn’t have any issues with the nose section like you described. So, I’ll chalk it up to user error. Can’t wait to see your post. Brett
  4. Thank you! I was able to get a little more done tonight. First off, I got the rest of the wing components added, so now the main wing is done. And everything fit flawlessly. So far the only major seam issue I’ve found is between the upper and lower fuselage just in front of the cockpit. I tried to get this aligned properly, but I didn’t quite get it. It will require some sanding and smoothing. next I moved on to assembling the main landing gear bays and got one completed. These are amazing. They are built up in a logical way and the end result looks fantastic. I also got the supercharger pieces cleaned up and ready for paint. finally, I got the cockpit windows attached and masked using the included masks. I will be displaying this with the cockpit open, so I used the solid center section basically to cover the cockpit and not have to cover it with masking tape. It’s just tacked in place with a little white glue. The clear parts all fit flawlessly. (I feel like I’m repeating myself) thanks for looking! Brett
  5. Thanks! Here is my update, sorry it’s not much. Managed to get some aluminum paint laid down over the primer I did previously. I used Vallejo Duraluminum. I’ve really enjoyed the Vallejo metallic colors. They go down great straight out of the bottle and a bottle lasts quite a while. I also managed to get the top and bottom halves of the fuselage put together. I almost forgot the included nose weight and I’m glad I remembered before I put glue down. The fit was phenomenal and there will be very little clean up. Thanks for looking, Brett
  6. Quick update. I finished up the nose wheel well and will soon be closing up the forward fuselage. I also started priming the parts for the main wheel wells. I swear, half the part count of this kit goes into the wheel wells. But I’m good with that. I don’t normally paint on the spruce, but Tamiya makes it easy on this kit. The majority of these parts will be painted aluminum, so that will be the next step.
  7. I would love to see pictures, and thanks for the heads up about the nose, I will make sure to dry fit a few times.
  8. Thank you! I’d very much like to see what you are working on, or maybe any suggestions you have noticed in your build.
  9. Hey Everyone, somehow my original post has disappeared, so I am starting this new one. Working through the brand new Tamiya P-38. For the most part I will be building out of the box using the decals provided for White 147. There have been plenty of reviews of the kit by individuals far more knowledgeable than myself, so I will refer you to those for a comprehensive overview, I will just be offering my thoughts on a few aspects of the build as I work through it. My First thought, I LOVE the poster sized painting guide. It's super high quality and it will definitely be on my garage wall after the end of this build. As is traditional, I started with the cockpit. There are quite a few pieces for the cockpit. Each piece is well detailed where appropriate and very thin where it makes sense. Hugh props to Tamiya on the seat. Some if the thinnest plastic I've seen used, it rivals the best resin seats. the whole cockpit tub is so well engineered that it almost doesn't need glue to all fit together. Well done Tamiya. The only detailing I did here was to add some wires and cables where it looked to make sense based on my limited reference material. I primed all of the interior parts with Vallejo black primer and sprayed all of the parts with a coat of Vallejo interior green. The seat and the armored head rest were painted IJA green, also by Vallejo and the details were all picked out in various Vallejo brush paints. The parts were also given a wash of MR Color dark brown My one gripe so far with the kit is the Seat belt. It's a decal, and it really needs to not be. I tried applying the decal to some lead foil and cutting it out. I'm not sold on the results, but I think it looks marginally better than using the decal straight onto the seat. I may swap it out for a PE belt later on, but we'll see. The decal for the instrument panel turned out much better than I expected, I did have to trim it a little to get it to align properly with the instrument bezels, but after a coat of solvaset, it was perfect. Once all of the main components were painted I started to assemble it all together and add it to the upper fuselage. I also started assembling and painting the nose wheel well, as the cockpit sits on top of it and makes up part of the cockpit floor. Thats where I'm at now. So far the fit has been amazing, and the instructions are really laid out in a way that makes sense for construction. For example, you build up the majority of the components of the cockpit in steps 1 and 2, but parts like the seat, armor, and radio aren't added until nearly the end of the build, to keep them from being broken during handling if you don't add the canopy's early. Just Tamiya looking out for the builder. Although, it doesn't fit my work flow, it's nice to see that they were thinking about it. comments and critiques appreciated, thanks, -Brett
  10. This is great, especially considering how small it is. Well done so far.
  11. Thank you, I can’t take too much credit for the figure, the fantastic sculpt does a lot of the work for you.
  12. Hey thanks! I didn’t think I’d be able to do it, I’d never really tried to do much scratch building before. It was a learning experience.
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