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  1. OK, one last price drop... $40.00 includes postage to a US address... Check, m/o, cash or PPal friends/family... Email if interested... tacoma25(at)verizon(dot)net... Airfix 1/144 727-100 (‘60s-‘70s era kits) x 2 Airfix 1/72 Jet Provost (Newest release) Tamiya 1/72 Spitfire Vb x 2
  2. Yeah Dutch... its not too difficult... just take your time and be prepared for it to take some time! A good, sandable primer will help a lot. I use Rustoleum 2X UltraCover in a rattle can. It dries fast too. So, its putty, sand, prime, sand.... repeat... many times! The closer you get to the end, the finer the sandpaper you'll want to use... That dome on my kit took about a week, probably doing a couple sessions a day once the first of the Bondo dried...
  3. Thanks Jonah.... here's a photo from earlier in the build... I just made a rough framework out of strip styrene, then filled it all in with epoxy wood filler (Kwikwood) and Bondo. Then it was just a matter of sanding and priming, followed by many more sessions of Bondo, and more sanding and priming! Eventually I had the shape I was after.... I did the same with the EC-135 ARIA nose I have on another conversion I've got in the works (its on here somewhere also). I've got a "standard" KC-135A going also... I haven't seen an "Open Skies" jet done yet... sounds like a great idea.... there are so many possibilities with the KC-135s..!
  4. I've got some magnifiers that I clip on my reading glasses, but I'm going to try keep my 1/144 stuff to bigger multi-engine planes.... 🤓
  5. I'm still using enamels.... always have... the white is Model Master Gloss Insignia White, and the the grey is Xtracolor ADC Grey, lightened with MM white (not sure if its good to mix brands, but it seemed to work fine)...
  6. Eye doc says my distance vision is still "phenomenal," but up close, not so much...! The little 1/144 tactical jets are just too blurry now! So, let me know if any of these interest you. All are complete and unstarted. Most can ship at the cheaper first class rate in the US... Email me at tacoma25(at)verizon(dot)net Trade ideas: 1/72 Tamiya P-47D Thunderbolt 1/72 Sword F3F Demon ------------------------------------------------------------------ Dragon A-6E Intruder $20.00 Mach 1 Hawker Hunter FR.10 (2 kit combo) $19.00 Revell Typhoon T.3 $7.00 Revell Hawker Hunter FGA. 9. $12.00 Revell EA-18G Growler (bagged) $8.00 Trumpeter SU-30MKK Flanker $13.00 Platz A-4E Skyhawk (2kit combo) $20.00
  7. I have a Tamiya 1/72 Spitfire Vb in sealed bags, along with s set of True Details wheels and ProModeller decal sheet for American and Eagle Squadron MkVb Spitfires (rare sheet)... I'd like to trade the package for one of these 1/72 kits... Tamiya P-47 Thunderbolt Sword TF-9J Cougar Sword F3F Demon Revell F-101B Voodoo US only due to postage please.... if you're interested please email me at tacoma25(at)verizon(dot)net
  8. Thanks Don... and great little video.... its amazing how many of the -135s have been upgraded, re-built, re-purposed and re-designated over the decades... and they just keep on going! Great airplane...
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