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  1. AccMin, Platz or Italeri... email me at tacoma25(at)verizon(dot)net .... thanks...
  2. I’m ready..! I got my Hobby2000 F-4D from Hannants today... What can you say..? 1/72 Hasegawa Phantom, and it even includes canopy (inside and outside) and wheel masks..! I’ve got a brand new bottle of MM ADC Grey too...
  3. I have the following kits available... All are complete, unstarted, and in original boxes unless noted otherwise... Postage is additional from Arizona and I always send cheapest possible, unless requested otherwise for faster delivery... Let me know if anything interests you... thanks...  Please email me at: tacoma25(at)verizon(dot)net 1/48 Kits AMK L-29 Delfin (w/ Eduard Bid Ed 49102 and Quickboost Scoops 48617 ) $53.00 Skunkworks 48006 Modern USAF/NATO Weapons $15.00 1/72 Kits Special Hobby TT-1 P
  4. Here’s another 144th FW (Calif) bird... pretty plain jane... I believe the large Griffon logo was more common on theIr low-viz F-4s (F-16 type camouflage)... The “blue stripe” aircraft had the TAC shield on the port side of the fin... not sure about this one...
  5. My pleasure... and thanks... looking forward to it..!
  6. Since sheet 72023 is 1 copy away from selling out, how about another sheet of ADC Grey short nosed F-4s..? Hobby 2000 just released the Hasegawa F-4C/D recently... Here’s some suggestions... California ANG 194th TFS (Blue Tail Stripe) Air Defense Weapons Center Indiana ANG 113th TFS (Red/White/Blue tail fin) Kansas ANG 127th TFS (Red Jayhawks fin stripe) New York ANG 136th TFS (Rainbow rudder) New York ANG 136th TFS (Waterfall motif tail stripe) USAF Systems Command
  7. If you have one to part with please email me with your price or trade interests... thanks... tacoma25(at)verizon(dot)net
  8. Very nice... what kit? Post some more pics of it...!
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