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  1. I have the following kits available... All are complete, unstarted, and in original boxes unless noted otherwise... Postage is additional from Arizona... Let me know if anything interests you... thanks...  Please email me at: tacoma25(at)verizon(dot)net 1/48 Kits AMK L-29 Delfin (w/ Eduard Bid Ed 49102 and Quickboost Scoops 48617 ) $55.00 Freedom Models F-20B Tigershark $45.00 1/72 Kits Airfix Jet Provost T.3 $7.00 Meng F-106A Delta Dart $32.00 Eduard Mig-15 Dual Combo $27.00 Eduard Mig-15UTI (weekend Ed.) $12.00 Hasegawa Eurofighter Typhoon. $24.00 Special Hobby Balliol T.2. $14.00 Hasegawa Harrier GR.5 $13.00 Hasegawa Lancaster "Post War" $50.00 Hasegawa Lancaster ASR Mk.III $50.00 Revell AG Piaseki H-21 $17.00 Spec Hobby Fairey Firefly Mk. IV/V $15.00 Spec Hobby Folland Gnat F.1 $12.00 Spec Hobby Fouga Zephyr $13.00 Tamiya Spitfire Vb $10.00 1/144th Kits Dragon A-6E Intruder $20.00 Airfix 727-100 $15.00 Airfix Trident $15.00 Revell EA-18G Growler (bagged) $7.50 Revell 707 Astrojet $15.00 Airfix 707 BOAC $15.00
  2. I've have the following decals For sale.... All are complete and in brand new condition unless noted. All are $10.00 unless noted otherwise. Postage is from Arizona... Let me know if any interest you... thanks....  Please email me at tacoma25(at)verizon(dot)net 1/32 DECALS MAW DECALS 32-003 F-18D Green Knights TWOBOBS  32-033 F-16C CALIF ANG Griffins $5.00 32-037 FA-18C VFA-131 Feline Hornets $5.00  SUPERSCALE 32-130 FA-18 Hornet VFA-136 $5.00 1/48 DECALS CONDOR DECALS 48032 Argentine Navy A-4Q Skyhawks $18.00 EAGLESTRIKE 48024 A-4 Skyhawks Pt. 2 $15.00 48266 F-16C South Dakota 175th $15.00 48033 A-4C/L Skyhawks $15.00 48195 RAF Sabres Pt.1 $15.00 48216 RAF Sabres Pt.3 $15.00 48217 RAF Sabres Pt.4 $15.00 48072 F-16C US Falcons Overseas Pt.1 $15.00 48076 P-40K,N Warhawks $15.00 HAWKEYE MODELS AUSTRALIA AAF09 MB-326 76 Squadron $5.00 AAF017 RAAF/ARMY S-70 Blackhawk  AML 48006 USSR Hurricanes $6.00 CUTTING EDGE 48002 MiG-29 Fulcrum A (India, Poland, Iran) $15.00 AEROMASTER 48092 Stalins P-39 Cobras $15.00 48642 Russian Yaks 3,7,9 $15.00 48540 Sea Harrier FRS.1 (missing a few stencils) $15.00 48200 Shturmoviks Pt. 2 $15.00 48797 Iwo Jima Mustangs Pt. 4 $15.00 TWOBOBS 48035 AH-1 Whiskeys in the Mix $18.00 48018 Katrina F-15/F-18 $5.00 48030 F-18A VFA-97 $5.00 48222 VMA-513 Harriers $10.00 48139 F-16 Vermont Green Mtn. Boys $12.00 48076 F-16C Lone Star Gunfighters F-16s $18.00 48014 F-5E Tiger II VFC-13 Desert Cats $21.00 48046 Hill AFB F-16C $13.00 48109 F-15A Missouri ANG 48??? Tiger Meet of the Americas Colorado F-16C $16.00 SUPERSCALE 48870 F-4B Phantom VF-32 CAG 481076 F-16C S. Carolina, Texas 481036 F-16 Oregon, S. Dakota 48357 F-16A New Jersey, CA, Vermont 48186 CAW-6 A-7 and F-14 48946 AV-8B N/A Harriers 48473 F-18A Hornets 48806 F-102A 460th FIS 48645 F4D Skyrays 48849 B-25D Mitchells 48968 A-4Ms VMA-311 48213 RAN A-4G Skyhawks 48969 A-4M Skyhawks 48735 A-4B/C Skyahwks 48728 A-4C Skyhawks 48800 A-4B Skyhawks 48161 1970s USAF F-4C/E Phantoms  48003 TA-4F Skyhawks $16.00  48071 TA-4F/J Skyhawks $16.00 48991 F-16C Minnesota, Michigan 48986 A-4B, A-4L Skyhawks MISC 1/48 FCM 48044 A-4 Skyhawk Argentina, Singapore, Brazil $12.00 CAM 48041 Heineman’s Hot Rods A-4s (VA-64, VC-2) $20.00 CrossDelta 005 F-16A/B Taiwan $12.00 Eagle Editions 4830 AVG Tomahawks 1st Sqn $16.00 Model Alliance 48102 BAE Harrier GR.7 $18.00 Leading Edge 4864 CT-115 Hawk (Canada) $16.00 1/72 DECALS MICROSCALE/SUPERSCALE 72385 F-4C/F-4E SEA Camo Phantoms 72529 AD-6 Skyraiders 72401 A-4F Skyhawk, A-1J Skyraiders 72078 A-4C/A-4E Skyhawks 72887 P-47D Razorback 72355 AV-8A Harriers 72381 USSR P-40/LaGG-3/ Yak-7 72418 P-51B/C Mustangs 72861 RA-5C Vigilantes 72853 USN/USAF Skyraiders 72677 FA-18 Hornets 72116 A-7D Corsairs SEA Camo 72863 P-40N Warhawks 72547 B-17s 72546 F-16A/N Falcons 72526 F-16 Falcons USAF 72723 Ki-84 Hayates 72407 ANG F-102/F-101B/F-86D 72332 A-7A/B Corsairs 72348 A-7B Corsairs 72493 F-8U/AD-6/A-6A CAW-14 72084 Modern Full Color US Stars and Bars 72409 T-33s Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Dom. Rep. 72091 F-106 Delta Dart 72436 A-4G Skyhawks Australian Navy $13.00 LEADING EDGE 7246 F-18B USN Test Pilot School $19.00 7239 CF-18B AETE (Canada) $25.00 XTRADECAL 72062 Post War Lancasters Pt. 2 72025 B-24H Liberators 72089 EE Lightning F2A, F6 72142 Yanks With Roundels FAA Helldiver, Hellcat, Avenger, Corsair EAGLE STRIKE 72072 Freedom Hornets Pt. 1 $15.00 72080 F-16 Chilean Air Force $15.00 72010 Spitfires Pt. 1 $15.00 72075 Mosquito Best Sellers Pt. 1 $15.00  AEROMASTER 72060 FW-190 Pt. 6 $15.00 72074 Russian Insignia WWII $15.00  TWOBOBS  72015 VFA-94 Shrikes 72045 F/A-18F VF-11/VF-106 72037 F/A-18E VFA-137 72018 F-15 102nd FW 72012 F-18C VFA-87 72016 F/A-18C VFA-22 72019 F-16C Colo ANG Tiger Meet $15.00 72079 Press to Test Gripens $5.00 72077 Ohio Buckeye F-16s (1/72 and 1/32) $5.00 72006 F-16C Nellis USAF Fighter Weapons School 72017 F-16C 389th FS Gunfighters Mt. Home 72042 F-117A Kosovo Bandits $20.00 72072 F-16C Arctic Bandits $20.00 72081 F-15E/S Operation Anconda/Khamis Mushait MISC 1/72  Aztec 72-052 Sky Guardians II Mig-21s/F-7s $13.00 Cutting Edge 72055 Russian B-25D/J Mitchells $17.00 Cutting Edge 72004 Israeli F-4/RF-4 Phantoms $22.00 Draw Decal USFS AH-1 Cobra $5.00 Sky Decals 72-10 Isaeli E-2C Hawkeyes $15.00 Repliscale 721054 P-51 Yoxford Boys #1 Repliscale 721058 P-51 Yoxford Boys #5 Repliscale 721059 P-51 Yoxford Boys #6 Astra 7209 F-16C 555th Triple Nickel Starfighter Decals 72116 Curtiss P-6E $4.00 ModelDecal #37 Phantom FGR2,F-111E, Mirage, Magister, Sabre $6.00 ProModeller American Eagle Sqdn Spitfire Vb $6.00 Promodeller FW190A-8 $6.00 Model Alliance 72196 Sea Vixen, Buccaneer, Seahawk, Scimitar, Gazelle $16.00 1/144 DECALS Xtradecal 44007 RAF Update 2013-2015
  3. I don't do SyFy stuff, but somehow have a sealed Revell 1/72 Starfury Mk.1 kit. I don't want to mess with eBay, where they seem to start for about $60... So, I'm offering it up at $50.00 plus postage from AZ... Let me know if you'd be interested. Email me at tacoma25(at)verizon(dot)net... Thanks
  4. I don't do SyFy stuff, but somehow have a sealed Revell 1/72 Starfury Mk.1 kit. I don't want to mess with eBay, where they seem to start for about $60... So, I'm offering it up at $50.00 plus postage from AZ... Let me know if you'd be interested. Email me at tacoma25(at)verizon(dot)net... Thanks
  5. Hey Dutch... I used KwikWood, made by JB Weld, and available at Home Depot. It's a two part wood epoxy that comes as a roll. You just slice off what you want, and knead it into a blended wad of putty. I just packed it inside the fuselage halves, behind the area of the strake (look back at my first photo up top). Actually, I didn't break through the plastic, but I was glad to have the putty there just in case. It hardens pretty quick, and sands easily. It's paintable too. It works well for areas where you know youre going to cut or sand through also. For example, I removed the antenna fairings on the tail also. I just put some putty behind them, then sanded the fairing away. The putty just let me sand the area flat, ready for primer. Remember to use a good, sandable primer too. Let it dry thoroughly (I waited over night) between sanding sessions. And, you might have to go back and mend some dings or nicks with Bondo, green putty or whatever you use. My wing roots took at least a week to get things to where I was happy with them. Have fun... Work slow... And let me know how it goes...! 👍
  6. Thanks Dutch... You give me way too much credit though..! My work isn't accurate either, but I just wanted to give the idea that something was going on in those wheel wells..! And like most of us, I spend time detailing stuff that no one will ever see..!
  7. I thought the outrigger wheel wells turned out well enough that I would try tackling the main gear wells. The wells on the B-52 are cavernous, and even in this small scale, are pretty visible. The wells as provided in the kit are little more than a plain box, with some faint, fictitious detail on the "roof." So, using plastic card and strips, Milliput, solder, thin wire, Evergreen stock, masking tape, and some re-purposed photoetch, I've reached this point. Not necessarily accurate, but hopefully more interesting. After I prime and paint, some bits from the spares box will be added too...
  8. Hajo.... Nice job on your BUFF..! Don... Thanks very much..! Jonah... Probobly a SIOP scheme...
  9. How is this one coming along Kursad?
  10. Hi Don... I've been juggling four 1/144 projects lately... The EC-135 ARIA, my NC-135B, KC-135A, and lately my "strakeless" B-52G... And too many projects around the house! I'll get back to it soon...
  11. You're correct Stefan... My typo error. It should be "57-" And thanks Dutch... I've contacted them before, but don't have the link. (I sent an actual letter...! Remember those??!!)
  12. I'm looking for photos of B-52G 57-6498... specifically of the top of the wings. This aircraft was used in testing of the AGM-86 cruise missile, and for a while, carried orange stripes on the upper surfaces of the wings. The stripes were directly above the missile pylons, running fore and aft. I need to see how far aft. You can see stripes in the photos below... Any info greatly appreciated... thanks...
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