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  1. OK, I airbrushed the wells with a lightened zinc chromate, then weathered them with a wash and light drybrushing. I also sprayed the area around them in white to make painting the lower wing easier down the line. With the wing halves buttoned up, they look like this... Also, the wings as molded in the kit are basically straight "planks". So, I induced some warp into them to more represent the characteristic "droop" seen on fueled and loaded BUFFs...
  2. Thanks Don... I appreciate that... But truthfully, I probably have some kind of problem where I just seem to like to make things harder for myself..! 🙄
  3. Thanks Dutch...! I'm actually working on closing up the wings today and will post some pics of the finished wells later today or tomorrow.... And yes Hajo... I plan on doing something to correct the windshield, but I just dont know what yet..! 🤔
  4. That makes sense Kursad... I get it... maybe someday though...! Thanks for the quick response too..!
  5. A little more work on the wings... The outrigger wheel wells on the kit are OK for this small scale, but pretty simple and "boxed in," which they aren't on the real airplane. I sanded the kit detail flat, and sanded the lower wing much thinner from the inside, to give a more scale effect of the skin thickness. Then I constructed the details in the wells using strip and sheet plastic, and a little thin wire... I'll paint them zinc chromate and glue the wings together soon...
  6. Kursad... Any chance we could see your great 1:72 Su-30 Flanker decal shrunk down to 1/144..? Perfect for Trumpeter's littlest Flanker...
  7. I have these aftermarket items to sell... I haven't assigned prices, but let me know what interests you and I'll work you up a good price. Postage is additional, but most of these items can be sent by the cheaper, first class rate in the US.  Contact me at tacoma25(at)verizon(dot)net Eduard SS287 Italeri EH-101 Merlin Photoetch 1/72 Eduard 49001 1/48 US WWII Color Seatbelts Eduard 72005 Airfix Bae Hawk Photoetch 1/72 Eduard 72265 Kawasaki T-4 Photoetch 1/72 Eduard 72005 Bae Hawk Photoetch 1/72 Eduard CX267 Hobbyboss Rafale B Mask 1/72 Eduard CX026 Revell Hurricane II Mask 1/72 Eduard CX290 Hobbyboss 1/72 Hawker Seahawk Mask x2 Eduard CX265 Kfir (Hasegawa) Mask 1/72 Eduard CX237 BAC Lightning 1/72 Mask (Trumpeter) Eduard EX208 Vampire/Venom 1/48 Mask (Classic Airframes) Eduard FE383 Tamiya F-16C Cockpit Photoetch 1/48  Eduard 49420 Tamyia F-16C Landing Gear/Wheel Wells 1/48 TopGun 1/72 PZL Kania Conversion (Hobbyboss Mi-2) Brassin 64808 F-16C ACES Seat 1/48  Wolfpack 48023 1/48 F-16 Parabrake Housing Wolfpack 72030 1/72 F-18D ATARS Conversion (Academy) Wolfpack 48008 1/48 LAU-117 Maverick Launch Rails Wolfpack 48148 1/48 MB Mk. 16 seats (Academy T-50) Wolfpack 48202 1/48 F404 Engine Nozzle (Academy T-50) Airwaves 72005 1/72 Sea Harrier FRS.1 Etch (ESCI/Italeri) Airwaves 7227 1/72 MB Mk.4 seats (pair) Cutting Edge 48297 1/48 A-4 Skyhawk Detailed Resin Instrument Panel Cutting Edge 48334 1/48 A-4M/N/KU Resin Cockpit Aires 4342 1/48 Harrier GR.7/9 Cockpit (Hasegawa) x2 Aires 7213 1/72 BAC Lightning Correct Exhaust Nozzles Aires 7206 1/72 BAC Lightning Cockpit Aires 4815 1/48 Skyhawk Airbrakes (Hasegawa) Aires 2004 1/32 ACES Ejection Seat Aires 4419 1/48 MB MK.12 Seat Aires 7070 1/72 F-84 Cockpit/Gun Bay (Tamiya) Pavla 72133 1/72 Sea Vixen Nose (Cyberhobby) x2 Pavla 72072 1/72 MB.4 Seat (Sea Vixen Pilot) Pavla 72073 1/72 MB.4 Seat (Sea Vixen Nav) Pavla 72069 1/72 MB.2F Seat x2 Pavla 72068 1/72 MB.2FV Seat Pavla 72133 1/72 Jet Provost T.3 Cockpit (Airfix) Quickboost 72216 1/72 TA-7C Parabrake Housing (Hobbyboss) Quickboost 48178 1/48 A-4N Skyhawk 30mm Cannon Quickboost 72425 Mosquito Radiators 1/72 True Details 72714 NATO 5 PT. Seat belts & Rudder Pedals 1/72 True Details 72451 KC-135 Galley Interior Resin Set 1/72 True Details 72033 Mosquito Wheels 1/72  Armory 7277 Mi-17 Hip Main Rotor Vibration Damper  MPM 72012 Meteor F.4 Photoetch 1/72 (No airbrakes)
  8. One of my favorite things about modeling, is doing research. I just wasn't satisfied with any photos of the NC-135B that I could find in print or on the net. Some modelers kindly sent me photos of the aircraft I had not seen before (and I am appreciative), but none showed the fairing from above. I contacted the USAF museum, asking if they could provide a photo or other document that showed the "roof" of the airplane. Unfortunately, they had no such information, but suggested I contact the Air Force Material Command History Office at Wright-Patterson AFB. They could only "dig up" one photo of the elusive airplane, early in its career, and its very grainy, but it does show much more of the top of the plane than I have yet seen. The fairing, as best I can tell, turns out to be basically a "teardrop" shape, only a few inches thick, with the wide part of the drop forward. Its directly above the cargo door. (See the photo below.) The unit history of the 4450th Test Wing, which operated the aircraft, could not be located by the AFMC history office, even after a wider search of the USAF. But, I think I can safely proceed with my build, and produce a reasonably accurate model. And to those of us who wonder about what "this or that" really looked like on the airplane they're modeling, I'd just say "dig!" The research is kind of fun, especially when you find what you were looking for..! (Of course, the risk is, it can also be pretty frustrating when you don't!) Quote Like Share
  9. Kursad... Is this sheet going to have any aircraft in the "shamu" paint scheme..?
  10. I have the following kits available... All are complete, unstarted, and in original boxes unless noted otherwise... Postage is additional from Arizona... Let me know if anything interests you... thanks...  Please email me at: tacoma25(at)verizon(dot)net 1/48 Kits AMK L-29 Delfin (w/ Eduard Bid Ed 49102 and Quickboost Scoops 48617 ) $55.00 Freedom Models F-20B Tigershark $45.00 1/72 Kits Airfix Jet Provost T.3 (no box, bags sealed, no decals) $5.00 Meng F-106A Delta Dart $32.00 Eduard Mig-15 Dual Combo $27.00 Eduard Mig-15UTI (weekend Ed.) $12.00 ERTL EC-135C Looking Glass $40.00 Hasegawa Eurofighter Typhoon. $24.00 Special Hobby Balliol T.2. $15.00 Hasegawa Harrier GR.5 $13.00 Hasegawa Lancaster "Post War" $50.00 Hasegawa Lancaster ASR Mk.III $50.00 Revell AG Piaseki H-21 $17.00 Spec Hobby Fairey Firefly Mk. IV/V $17.00 Spec Hobby Folland Gnat F.1 $12.00 Spec Hobby Fouga Zephyr $13.00 Tamiya Spitfire Vb $13.00 1/144th Kits Dragon A-6E Intruder $25.00 Airfix 727-100 $15.00 Airfix Trident $15.00 Revell EA-18G Growler (bagged) $7.50 Revell 707 Astrojet $15.00 Airfix 707 BOAC $15.00
  11. If so, I highly recommend the RAF Museum in Hendon... It's a short "tube" ride from London proper, then a short stroll from the station. The museum is free, and Hannants hobby shop is about two blocks up the road from there. Allow most of a full day... there's a lot to see..!
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