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  1. G'day all. Just starting up again in modelling after a lot of years and I'm a little confused about the different symbols in the Revell instructions. The file attached shows 2 different symbols on my instructions. 2 of them look "flat" and 2 of them have what I call a gradient through them. I'm maybe mistakedly assuming that the gradient means a gloss finish but I'm really not sure. If anyone can help me please I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Bri2k.....very helpful!
  3. G'day. I've been out of modelling for a long time but saw an Airbus A350 1/144 the other day and thought....why not! The kit comes with clear plastic windows in a strip but I was thinking ahead on how I'll mask those for painting. I then thought about leaving out the plastic window strips and using something like Krystal Klear to create the windows after painting. I also saw today a technique where all the windows were filled with grey putty and sanded smooth. This gave the windows a nice dark look after the decals were applied. I'm in a dilemma and don't kn
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