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  1. Correct, in transit from Russia since 3 November
  2. Some progress done on the cockpit front panel, not finished yet but so far so good
  3. Thanks i see too, but not active until 20 October I read
  4. Hi all, I am building the Academy 1/48 F-111F and the intakes are not what they need to be (too short, too less detail). Anyone who has the DMold 1/48 Triple Plow II intakes and open to sell to me?
  5. Started to work on the cockpit, with reference to Verlinden Lock On No5 detail pictures and many more from internet. Also sprayed and washed the photo etched side panels. Not finished yet, but it starts to look like it.
  6. Recently purchased some ResKit F-111F exhaust nozzles, as they give far more detail than the original kit pieces.
  7. Great piece of work so far, and very nice colour scheme!
  8. I live in the east of Holland close to the German border, and quite frequently a pair of Varks passed from south to the north of Holland on patrol, and returned to the UK via the North Sea. Impressive machines which can show their teeth.
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