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  1. Very very nice build, well done. Please wipe out the Russian markings and replace by Ukrainian 😉
  2. Made some colour difference in a few panels, installed the arrestor hook and installed the fuel tanks and the gear doors.
  3. Did some work on the landing gear (not a tail sitter!) and installed the refueling probe: this one needs some bending when warm, to form it on the correct height and direction. kit goes pretty straight forward, not too much amending so that it keeps the work of my brother. some nice metal etched details to add near end.
  4. Way better, tail on. First vertical copper stripes on a basis of gunmetal, and finished with some make-up blue powder
  5. Starts to get into the right direction for the exhaust tone variation:
  6. As if she flies next to you, very nice paint job!
  7. Congratulations and she deserves gold!
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