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  1. Thanks, I already saw one from OzMod, just need to see how the tail comes out after heating and attempting to correct. the standard canopy fits really well luckily so I continue with that one. I even have two, so I think it try to use the 2nd to make an open canopy too.
  2. Again some progress made with preparation of filling sanding and some parts already airbrushing. also prepared the canopy in future and taped and covered it. prepared the engines inside and ready to be sprayed outside.
  3. Been working on your advice, although not with metal etched but very thin plastic:
  4. Thanks, they look great indeed!
  5. Hi all, Working on this kit is a challenge, fit is not really well but with some aftermarket pieces and good sanding a lot can be achieved. Just a challenge on the tail: as you can see on the picture, it bends to left towards the top. anyone any helpful advice how to correct this? Carefully heating and bending to the right until itโ€™s straight?
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