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  1. Hi all when I have my EA-6b Prowler VAQ-141 finished (see In-Progress part), the next one on the bench is the Academy F-111F Aardvark in 1/48. looking for the right decals of Afterburner, who can help me finding these decals for a reasonable price?
  2. Hi all, been some time since last update, but this Prowler is nearly finished! just have to work to have all pilots and crew fit in properly, adding some photo etch details to the cockpit and finally attaching the 2 canopies! should not take long anymore to have her in Display section!
  3. Hi all I have a 1/48 VF-211 F-14b Tomcat on the shelf from Hasegawa, but like to convert it to a VF-31 F-14D CAG-bird. anybody any tips for conversion kits and the right add-ons and decals?
  4. The last steps always take most of the time: fuel tanks are on, all decals on, lights on, and now working on ejection seats with the aftermarket set from Aires. lookin’ good!
  5. Nice One, got one in the shelf
  6. Added some antennas on each side of the wing, where the airbrakes are: 3 at each side. done with melting and stretching sprue, simple and effective method. these antennas are not on the Monogram kit.
  7. And took already place near the Corsair and the Tomcat
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