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  1. And a Master Model pitot tube
  2. Recently purchased some ResKit F-111F exhaust nozzles, as they give far more detail than the original kit pieces.
  3. Great piece of work so far, and very nice colour scheme!
  4. I live in the east of Holland close to the German border, and quite frequently a pair of Varks passed from south to the north of Holland on patrol, and returned to the UK via the North Sea. Impressive machines which can show their teeth.
  5. And attaching the first photo etched parts to improve the cockpit:
  6. Started with constructing the kit’s standard landing gear. The description shows differences with the real thing, especially with the panels attached to it. Will correct that later on.
  7. Very nice progress!
  8. Hi all, after having finished my 1/48 Prowler VAQ-141, I will now start with this Aardvark in Libya Raider livery. this kit will be updated with Verlinden F-111F modification set, Microscale Decals and some more updates like new exhausts. pics to follow soon of the first start.
  9. Was able to win the bid on the Microscale decals via eBay!
  10. If you have plans to do a LN 1/48 sheet, please keep me posted. I have a sheet of Microscale in sight but if yours will be better I can have patience...
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