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  1. And then there was depth… mission accomplished! The paper inside the engine bays is colouring nice into black with the primer on, just some spots to pin slightly the paint through.
  2. Finished the grills by filling the gaps with putty and wet sanding. Will clean the bird again and give a soft layer of black primer to see if all is smooth now.
  3. Thanks guys. Now spending time on making the grills as smooth as possible with the skin of the bird, before giving her a round of primer and start the real paint job.
  4. And final step for the exhausts: the burner cans. After a dark wash to fill up the gaps, and a matte coating, I’ve glued them both in place. WAYYYYYY different then it used to be! 🤩
  5. Awesome appearance! Would be a very nice livery for Dutch Airforce on their F-35s
  6. First and 2nd section of each engine exit weathered and glued in place. Third piece work to be done on weathering with metal and copper colours, and burnt iron. It should be the finishing touch of the rest end. Getting there 😄
  7. Working on the interior of the exhausts, thanks to some great suggestions on YouTube: https://youtu.be/cM0nHtFBfJI?si=1Mfxv-Ym7yuFdf41 The burner cans have a soft white fading, after first a matte black primer which was scribed off the metal etched parts partly. I want to recreate the worn look of the cans themselves, and finish them later with soft layers of metal and copper mixed.
  8. A simple solution to solve the see-through behind the grills, but still keep the depth behind the grill: a piece of paper rolled to a pipe and inserted in the engine bay. If I spray the front part in black, or perhaps dark grey, then it will give the right effect.
  9. Marvellous on details, well done!
  10. Thanks Andy for offering, but I think I’ll try to fill them an easy way: a piece of paper folded to a long pipe, spray it dark and insert it inside to prevent the see-through. In the end, the exhausts of the Italeri kit are closed anyway.
  11. And bottom right engine bay done with grills too. Next step to clean and smooth the edges before a next primer.
  12. Thanks Andy, it works so far, let’s see what the end result will be. for sure I need to fill up inside the two engine bays otherwise it’s a see-through.
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