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  1. Excellent work, look forward to the final reveal!
  2. Front gear bay lacking a lot of detail, at least the two cans should be inside. Using some spare fuel tanks to form and shape into it.
  3. You’re right, if I see the reference pictures they’re never that visual outside, just from specific angles. With decals, they would be visual prominently.
  4. Cockpit can have the red lines around the windows, there are decals for it. But I’m a little afraid they might ruin the looks. what do you think, try to out the red lines on? Should they be on?
  5. Main gear doors weathered and cleaned after panel line wash:
  6. And ready for painting: - replaced the big light - added a new smaller light - wiring added - holes drilled
  7. Working on the front landing gear. The original from Italeri is poor in details, lacking the holes in the piece behind the wheels, only 1 lamp and wrong positioned, no wiring etc. Let’s improve it.
  8. Wheel bays backside in their colour, ready for a gloss coat and washing and weathering:
  9. And ready for a gloss coat to do the panel line wash on:
  10. Ridges become visual again, but Arcturus cost of the black layer. I think a light layer of sprayed black and black wash will do to tone down again.
  11. Started the first round of weathering, by filling the ridges with a mix of white tan brown and grey Vallejo acrylic, diluted with water. Hope the excess comes off easily 😅
  12. Appreciated your reply, you were close! 😊
  13. Found it already in this great picture reference file: Small pitots, 2 on each engine bay
  14. The Blackbird seemed to have a small antenna below the engine bay, on each side, and just after the cones. Anybody having details like size, shape and position? See here:
  15. Detailing the Sled: - fuel dump - inflight refuel entry more to follow
  16. Gloss coat to seal decals top of fuselage of the Sled
  17. Job done for the decals! Both top and below fuselage have the decals on, and in the Micro Sol to be tight to the body. Only remaining will be the red lines around the canopy windows. All other decals of the Afterburner set will be put on pictures, and to be sold for anyone interested. Next step to follow is a gloss coat to seal them all, and then the further weathering will start.
  18. Thanks Andy, but a lot of things need to be done after this!
  19. I thought the A-6 was out of service… This looks she’s back in, so realistic!
  20. Indeed the fun part has started, after decaling the fine tuning with lots of small details and more weathering.
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