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  1. Thank you for doing these! It kinda ruins my New Year's resolution of not buying anything hobby-related in 2017, but I've been wishing for such a sheet for too long...
  2. Suited up for aerobatics: shirt, tie, etc. Splendid!
  3. Here you go Duty Flickr step by step: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=283082&view=findpost&p=2696924 Should be no more than two minutes of your time :) Cheers,
  4. Ok, at least in one French shop it is currently available. Great! http://www.bassin-maquette.fr/index.php?id_product=8043&controller=producthttp://www.bassin-maquette.fr/index.php?id_product=8043&controller=product http://www.ebay.com/itm/BOEING-707-DECO-AIR-FRANCE-BOAC-HELLER-1-72-PLASTIC-KIT-/112073059474?hash=item1a18132c92
  5. I think it looks cute! :D That's a What-If treatment I see myself applying to the Italeri F-35 in my stash. Thanks for sharing and let's see the end result when done
  6. niki4703

    F-111 AIM-9

    Now, that I have never seen before! Thanks for sharing Niki
  7. I wonder how it will turn out considering THIS...
  8. Many thanks, B.! I've had a look for Yellowhammer & F-14 in 1/72 but had no luck. I'll keep on looking. And it would be nice to see that clip
  9. Thank you for being able to mind-read! :D
  10. Hey guys, Did anyone produce decals in 1/72 for that very last Tomcat (112) flying off a deck? Just looked at Hannants and Aviationmegastore lists but came up empty handed... Thanks, Niki
  11. Looks written a bit differently than those red items. Still means "China" as our fellow colleague here said, but... .
  12. Many thanks! The sheet looks quite nice and handy for older FACh subjects. I have a couple of AFV F-5s on my to do list and would have welcomed an aftermarket sheet catering for the upgraded Chilean Tigers. Right, back to the Shooting Star, shall we? :) Cheers, Niki
  13. Nice going, Raymond! I'll be watching this unfold as I like South American jets. Cheers, Niki *** A bit off topic: do these Jugueteria Alemana guys produce decal sheets and if so, do they do one for the Chilean F-5s (1/48 primarily)?
  14. Well, the expression on that pilot's face certainly looks promising :)
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