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  1. Thank you for doing these! It kinda ruins my New Year's resolution of not buying anything hobby-related in 2017, but I've been wishing for such a sheet for too long...
  2. Suited up for aerobatics: shirt, tie, etc. Splendid!
  3. Here you go Duty Flickr step by step: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=283082&view=findpost&p=2696924 Should be no more than two minutes of your time :) Cheers,
  4. Ok, at least in one French shop it is currently available. Great! http://www.bassin-maquette.fr/index.php?id_product=8043&controller=producthttp://www.bassin-maquette.fr/index.php?id_product=8043&controller=product http://www.ebay.com/itm/BOEING-707-DECO-AIR-FRANCE-BOAC-HELLER-1-72-PLASTIC-KIT-/112073059474?hash=item1a18132c92
  5. I think it looks cute! :D That's a What-If treatment I see myself applying to the Italeri F-35 in my stash. Thanks for sharing and let's see the end result when done
  6. niki4703

    F-111 AIM-9

    Now, that I have never seen before! Thanks for sharing Niki
  7. I wonder how it will turn out considering THIS...
  8. Many thanks, B.! I've had a look for Yellowhammer & F-14 in 1/72 but had no luck. I'll keep on looking. And it would be nice to see that clip
  9. Thank you for being able to mind-read! :D
  10. Hey guys, Did anyone produce decals in 1/72 for that very last Tomcat (112) flying off a deck? Just looked at Hannants and Aviationmegastore lists but came up empty handed... Thanks, Niki
  11. Looks written a bit differently than those red items. Still means "China" as our fellow colleague here said, but... .
  12. Many thanks! The sheet looks quite nice and handy for older FACh subjects. I have a couple of AFV F-5s on my to do list and would have welcomed an aftermarket sheet catering for the upgraded Chilean Tigers. Right, back to the Shooting Star, shall we? :) Cheers, Niki
  13. Nice going, Raymond! I'll be watching this unfold as I like South American jets. Cheers, Niki *** A bit off topic: do these Jugueteria Alemana guys produce decal sheets and if so, do they do one for the Chilean F-5s (1/48 primarily)?
  14. Well, the expression on that pilot's face certainly looks promising :)
  15. Great! Hope the way it goes will be incentive enough for you to scale it down to 72nd (the possibility of which you mentioned). Cheers, Niki
  16. Vielen Dank, J├╝rgen! I'll keep an eye out for the kit for at a first glance it seems to be quite scarce these days :) Cheers, Niki
  17. Thank you everyone for your input (I wouldn't have guessed about the grey on the underside of the wings ). And, yes, that 48th scale sheets looks lovely! I'd wait for it to shrink down :) An afterthought to my original inquiry: While I am aware of the refueling probe being available in an Italeri boxing of the F-104, the part doesn't look very tidy. Any chance there is an aftermarket piece available? Cheers, Niki
  18. Hi everyone, Please forgive if this has been asked before, but after quite a search on the www and a quick search on the forums here, I could not find my answer. Question is would there be any 1/72 decals available for a bird such as this: F-104C "60886" 436 TFS of 479 TFW with "Fannie" painted on the nose at DaNang 1965? I'd like to attempt a double build with an F-100D from the same time frame and the only thing missing now are decals for a silver Starfighter. Many thanks, Niki
  19. Great detailing and overall paint job. One of the nicest Harriers I've seen built Cheers, Niki
  20. Hey guys, Any chance there is some 1/72 source for those 425th TFTS markings? Cheers, Niki
  21. Oh, I am so getting me one of those patches! ...back to the Starlifter now, everyone
  22. Yeah, first ever saw that combo in a Hungarian Top Gun magazine eons ago
  23. *** And many thanks for that picture! I can clearly see me trying to build a 72nd scale replica loaded with those four R-60.
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