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  1. Hello guys, after a very quiet period, due to work and some private stuff, we are back, with some new releases pending! This is the first, for those lovely 1/144 Eduard Spitfires kits! Cheers, Niels http://www.flevodecals.net P.S. If i posted this in the wrong section, please move to the right one.
  2. It looks very basic, but, I'm wondering, why all this work, as Revell will release a injection moulded BAe Hawk this year? Cheers Niels
  3. Hey I do have a 1/32 Apache here, My price is 17,50 Euro I Live in the Netherlands. Cheers Niels
  4. http://www.victorymodels.com/sf6/searchres...?Manufacturer=2 Still available on page 2..... Niels
  5. So Guys, This evening was modeling again! So here it is, my completed F-84G Thunderjet Conclusions : The kit is excellent, but hey, it's Tamiya, what else did ya expect :( The decals have some troubles with this kit, It might be only this one, but some would break very easily.... It was not something I expected from Tamiya Decals. The Vingtor decals, well, If talked about that before, I'm not really happy with those. The colours don't cover that well, and also the red isn't quite right if you ask me. The Tail decals was a bit tricky also but the rest was easy to work with
  6. Things are going really fast now, This afternoon I've added a little Panel-line wash, With some Paul McCartney on the background, and the whole plane was given a final coat of Klear. The situation now looks like this : The final things I have to do are adding various small things, removing the tape from the canopy (and place the canopy open). Also the Anti glare panel and the spine will receive a gull coat. Also the gunbay will be opened and this gun-piece will be added : I have to rework some small things on the Gun, because the camera sees all little mistakes :lol: Depending
  7. Hey pete, I've got a slow delay here, but, there are so many people who haven't seen this project before, and, only the decalproces has to come! then we're even! So, here are the decalpictures too! So now everybody is up to date again! :lol: I wasn't too happy about the decals, They are very thin and don't cover that well. That is certainly to be seen on the tail. where I had to put red over white, normaly no problem at all, but see this : There is also a decaloption to put white over red, to get a bigger white area, but I think that when I had chosen for that option I would end
  8. No Reactions at all :blink: Well, I'll do my own, with another update of this nice little airplane! This monring I've painted the wheel-bays, and added the landing gear + doors. The whole thing was put in a clear gloss coat and now it's waiting for the decals, something for this afternoon! Cheers Niels
  9. I have trouble building 1/144! so I can only say you did a hell of a good job with these fine little aircraft! Regards Niels Flevo Aviation Hobby
  10. I haven't followed this building proces, but in 1 word.... GREAT! wat a super looking aircraft! I'm looking forward to see the final result! What a job that rigging! Cheers Niels Flevo Aviation Hobby
  11. You're doing a nice job on such a old kit! And indeed, sometimes is better to handpaint the canopy instead of masking! Cheers Niels Flevo Aviation Hobby
  12. I Might have to spares for ya, but, I think the shipping costs from Europe to the USA alone would be to much (19,95 euro) + the price for the kits. Regards Niels
  13. Have I told you guys that I build very quick? No? Well, I do! I started to use Aqua colours instead of emenals this year, and one of the positive things about these aqua's is that they are almost dry when they leave the airbrush. Here is the Thunderjet again, the gunbay cover is put in place temporary, because I want to place it open. Spine and anti glare panel are handpainted with Revell 46 and are masked of. And then it was time for Revell 90 Silver. Like I said before this paint dries very quick. Next are the landing gears and a coat of clear gloss for the decals. To be continued!
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