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  1. Hi Jorgen, The Swedish AF crests should face forward on both sides. The photos I have seen of F15 Lansens, the crest faces forward on both sides. However, there may have been exceptions to the rule - not surprising. So you may very well be right. Cheers Martinsson
  2. Jorgen, The goat should look forward on both sides of the a/c. Cheers Martinsson
  3. Hi Laurent, Unfortunately, I could not bring my modelling to the US. I just got back to Sweden and I am finishing up the last bits and pieces on the MiG-21. I will post photos when it is done. Thanks for asking. Martinsson
  4. I should have mentioned the air brakes because they do require the most surgery of all the improvements. They did fall out as soon as hydraulic pressure dissipated. It is still a great kit!
  5. Just to remind y'all about how much better the Eduard MiG-21 is compared to Academy's, check out the thread below. The mods I did with y'alls help does not make a perfect MiG-21MF but it brings it pretty close to Eduard's kit. The Eduard kit still has better details despite of all my work. So even if the Eduard kit is not perfect, it is eons better than what we had. All the discussion of Eduard imperfections does not make it a lesser kit but is really useful for those who wants improve the last details on it. In my opinion, the Eduard MiG-21 is truly great out of the box. http://s362974870
  6. The parts mostly fit together very well. However, it is a short series kit made by Sword I believe and it does require extra work compared to a new Eduard, Hasegawa or Tamiya kit. Most parts suffer from a little flash but it is easily cleaned up. The scribing on Sword kits is in my opinion less delicate compared to Special Hobby short series kits and it does show on the Lansen too. However, the panel lines still looks the part under a coat of paint. The kits seems to exhibit most prominent panel lines but there is room for improvement. Many of the vents are either missing or can use s
  7. The Tarangus A32 Lansen in 1/48 has hit the shelves. I am posting a short review of my initial impressions of the kit right out of the box. The kit comes in a sturdy box with beautiful box art. Sprues, decals and clear parts are well protected. All parts are ejection moulded except the two ejection seats that come in resin. No photo etch is included. I have not checked the accuracy of the kit in any depth yet but it seems the capture the beautiful lines of the Lansen very well. The pictures below depicts the different kit parts.
  8. Great work Honza, as always! Beautiful paint job! Cheers Martinsson
  9. Dmitri, My version is the first that Neomega released. I was not aware that they updated the kit in between releases. Hopefully yours have been corrected. The problem is quite evident in my verison of the kit so you should be able to spot it easily if it is not corrected. Cheers Martinsson
  10. Very nice job on the cockpit Dimitri. I don't know how far you want to take your build in terms of accuracy but the Neomega J29 has shape issues around the upper nose. I don't have access to my kit right now, but if I remember correctly, the windscreen is at the minimum too wide and there might be other shape problems as well. The problems are serious enough to through off the shape of the a/c to a disturbing degree. I am sorry that I cannot be more specific but I am sure you will find photos to compare with. It is a very nice kit otherwise. Cheers Martinsson
  11. Hi Cliff C, Yes you are of course right. However, the turtledeck should be easy to cast and besides, it comes with some (most?) resin cockpit sets. It is also fairly easy to scratch build. The major concern would be the canopy. Perhaps Falcon's 1/48 scale Clear Wax Set No.52: USAF has to be the provider of said canopy. Considering the considerably lower cost of the Revell kit in comparison to the Hasegawa kit, these sets should not bring the total project cost to prohibitive levels. Cheers Martinsson
  12. Great attention to detail and very nice craftmanship in details and conversion! Also a nice and clean paint job. I wonder, perhaps TwoMikes can cast the Hasegawa F-15C front fuselage piece in resin and make it unnecessary to sacrifice a Hasegawa kit in order to convert the Revell F-15E to a C-model. It seems the fuselage insertion is easy to cast and fairly easy to install. And Cliff C, people can use your excellent in-progress work as an instruction. Cheers Martinsson
  13. Hello, I am gathering information for a Special Hobby Lockheed Junior Electra L12 build. Jim Schubert did a review of the kit back in 2001 and he mentioned that Gulf Oil Company had one in metal, blue and orange. The Gulf Hawk springs to mind and I think I want to paint my L12 in those colors. The problem is that I cannot find any information on the Internet or in the books I have about this a/c. Mr Schubert suggests the following readings as references: 1. Lockheed Aircraft Since 1913: Rene J. Francillon, Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, 1987, ISBN: 0-87021-897-2 2. Wings or Airpower mag
  14. Paolo, you did great! It looks like a new Hasegawa kit and not a conversion. Very well built, especially considering the metal color coat. I will absolutely keep in touch. I´ve had my plate full for a while but I am slowly returning! Your collection of F-104s and J35s is fantastic and inspirational. I am quite envious! :) Have you decided on what´s next? Cheers Martin
  15. Hi Paolo, Great work as usual! I think you have captured the raw and greyish metal look of Saab´s aircraft. It is maybe a bit bright just around the canopy. The crown markings are a bit too bright, I wish Eli would release a decal set consisting of Swedish Air Force insignias and numbers, because his decals have much more accurate color than Hasegawa or TwoBobs. O´l 89 is a favourite! Impressive work! Martin
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