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  1. Thanks for the kind words guys. I'm glad it turned out well myself, 'Spook' was bit tricky to place at first. Normal Hasegawa decals thingy.
  2. 1/72 F-15J Eagle 306th SQ 6th AW based in Komatsu AB with their 30th Anniversary markings in 2011 Thanks for looking
  3. I think I will call it DONE! With the forums down previously and diversion of attention to other builds, it was almost complete by mid November somehow. Anyway, here's a shot of it and more in the completed build section.
  4. Lovely indeed. One of the markings that's on my 'Build list'. Well done there
  5. Immaculate build there. One of my favourite schemes.
  6. Glad it turn out well for you Rob. I got 2 Iwata pieces and that's the best investment I ever did.
  7. Thommo has it covered as that was the exact issue I have regularly after a period of usage. I keep forgetting not to use paper towels/tissues to clean the cup, so those tiny fibres will end of their way to the tip of the needle. Do what he did and you should be spraying well after this.
  8. Finally it's GONE!! Thanks again Steve.
  9. Thank you so much for running up the forums again Steve. It was such a lonesome lull period and I call it 'Building without inspiration'. Back to the usual business now
  10. Looks great Phantom .. I got the same kit but I have fears of making a mess out of it.
  11. Looks a bit tedious on this Revell kit but you seem to be doing a good job on it Kurt.
  12. Thanks Martin .. Kurt. Well, I had some good modelling time since the last post and turning out faster than I expected somehow. Main fuselage in place and primed. Didn't wait much of curing time and started painting the standard eagle colors using Mr.Hobby H308 and for the darker tone, I had used H306 and blend in with H307 as I found it little variation if just using H307 as per the instructions. Airbrushed 'Future' one layer and I got the main decals of this build on. Here's how it looks for now, Next would be the tons of stencil which seems to be standard offering in these Hasegawa boxing. Will update soon on the next phase.
  13. Hello everybody, If we're to read directly from the topic, we would thought it would have been a F-4 Phantom. Well..it's not, this is a F-15J Eagle from the JASDF 306th SQ 6th AW based in Komatsu AB with their 30th Anniversary markings in 2011 Found in the stash from all the available JASDF anniversary markings, something interesting which would have like combines two different type of aircrafts into one. Well, here are some shots of it. Standard start from the box. I'm not going get into too detailed about the avionic bay behind the seat as I plan to build this with the canopy closed.
  14. Checking with this: Hasegawa 1/72 F-15J Eagle '306 SQ 30th Anniversary'
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