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  1. Wow, magnificent work (cockpit too)!
  2. Beautiful Ishmael! Indeed an old kit that needs a lot of work.
  3. Impressive work Ismael! I remember the Revell kit in some aspects was a real pain. I built about six of them and f.i. have never achieved to remove the tail rotor blades of the sprue without each time breaking one or more.... The rotor hub always looked too small to me, but your work looks amazing! Keep up the good work!
  4. I second that! I have quite a collection of books related to helicopter flying, and this definitely is one of the best! Not only an insight in the golden era (and place!) of helicopter flying, but the man also knows how to write. Nice find, looks interesting! Although I have also never had a Facebook account, things like this tend to waver my convictions...
  5. That is some impressive scratch building!! Gertjan
  6. Wow Zac, great! I wonder what would make a childhood happier: growing up in a beautiful country like NZ, or being around helicopters all day?!? At that age all I could do to watch stuff fly was throwing my oatmeal through the room!
  7. Whoa was it that long ago… I can still vividly remember these first tv reports. Indeed, this 206L would be a fitting subject, LD!!!
  8. So right Jeff! lol, thanks for the support Zac! Nice one! Possibilities are countless.
  9. Errr.. sorry for the thread drift, but... for what Aircrane Jeff? I don't see that many Revell Skycranes anymore, or am I missing plans for a re-release? TIA!
  10. Same here! I will not make the same mistake again thinking that the kit will stay in the shops for years to come..!
  11. Now that would be terrific news!! I would love to see a (preferably 1:48) kit of the 206L or 407. Thanks for the heads up Zac!
  12. Nice find Sabre Freak! The book is interesting too John. Never knew that the H-43 was used as a civil helo! Although the kit was not on my list, this changes things.
  13. Not that it's of help to you now, but no: it was in a 1/72 kit.
  14. And the Italeri kit I built some time ago, had two included...
  15. They're scehduled in the Italeri catalogue for a re release but have been in the 'coming soon- category' for some years now...
  16. Perfect build Hajo! I have build several DreamModel Dauphins, but none of them looks this good! Gertjan
  17. Magnificent build!! I am not so much a modeller of military stuff, but your build (followed every step of it) makes me doubt my conviction!
  18. Nice one!!! Agree with Ray: the 1/48 Italeri/ Esci?
  19. Great build Hajo! Funny about the tail sitting: I have built several DreamModel 365's and have never needed any extra weight in the front?!?
  20. But..ok...the only game in town of a kit I have wished for about thirty years, so I bought one. Man that will be some work..! My first instinct after opening the bag, was to toss the contents straight into the bin, but.. well, it's the only game in town, so... These modelers of vacform stuff are a special breed!
  21. Ah great, welcome back Anthony! Can't wait to see the build continue! Tricky question: have you got the H145 build planned already? Gertjan
  22. Guess you're right: Italeri would be the only mainstream manufacturer that could kit this in some Italian military livery. Man, I could use tons of them: countless possibilities for offshore and EMS liveries. I am not too positive though: mainstream kit makers seem to be in a 'helicopter kits are poor sellers- mode' and chicken out of these subjects more and more... On BritModeller I read that Whirly Bits from UK had actually thought about an AW139 release but was still too afraid that Italeri or Revell would release one eventually.
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