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  1. Nice find Sabre Freak! The book is interesting too John. Never knew that the H-43 was used as a civil helo! Although the kit was not on my list, this changes things.
  2. Not that it's of help to you now, but no: it was in a 1/72 kit.
  3. And the Italeri kit I built some time ago, had two included...
  4. They're scehduled in the Italeri catalogue for a re release but have been in the 'coming soon- category' for some years now...
  5. Perfect build Hajo! I have build several DreamModel Dauphins, but none of them looks this good! Gertjan
  6. Magnificent build!! I am not so much a modeller of military stuff, but your build (followed every step of it) makes me doubt my conviction!
  7. Nice one!!! Agree with Ray: the 1/48 Italeri/ Esci?
  8. Great build Hajo! Funny about the tail sitting: I have built several DreamModel 365's and have never needed any extra weight in the front?!?
  9. But..ok...the only game in town of a kit I have wished for about thirty years, so I bought one. Man that will be some work..! My first instinct after opening the bag, was to toss the contents straight into the bin, but.. well, it's the only game in town, so... These modelers of vacform stuff are a special breed!
  10. Ah great, welcome back Anthony! Can't wait to see the build continue! Tricky question: have you got the H145 build planned already? Gertjan
  11. Guess you're right: Italeri would be the only mainstream manufacturer that could kit this in some Italian military livery. Man, I could use tons of them: countless possibilities for offshore and EMS liveries. I am not too positive though: mainstream kit makers seem to be in a 'helicopter kits are poor sellers- mode' and chicken out of these subjects more and more... On BritModeller I read that Whirly Bits from UK had actually thought about an AW139 release but was still too afraid that Italeri or Revell would release one eventually.
  12. I understand 11bee, but you would definitely enjoy the countless possibilities for civil liveries, now wouldn't you?!?
  13. Your story sounds very familiar Anthony! I started modelling in the '80's and modelling life was easier then: less choice! If the local modelling shop didn't have it: no worries and buy something else. Besides the Revell, Monogram and later Italeri- kits I bought a lot of Heller 1/48 (-ish) helicopter kits and now regret not having bought even more of them… Those kits were and still are perfect to me: sparse but sufficient detail, not too many parts, not too expensive, and after having built some of them, I started detailing them; more parts in the rotor head, adding a panel line here and there, configuring the landing gear etc. About the Seasprite and the Dauphin: I guess Tank summed it up nicely in his reply. I built the KH Seasprite some time ago. It was a lot of work; I could stil remember the Matchbox 1/48 Seasprite which I finished in a fraction of the time the KH kit needs. I remember the KH Seasprite nose is constructed of four parts, which makes construction sadistic hell and unnecessary complicated imho. The interior lacks an operator station, which would clearly be missing if you model it with the sliding door in opened position. The Dauphin needs some surgery in the beginning of the build or else you won't be able to fit the cockpit in the fuselage halves: you need to cut off some of the rear cabin floor or else it won't fit between the rear landing gear wells. The kit builds up from the interior to the outside, which again imho unnecessary complicates things. Generally imho the KH- Dauphin suffers from too much panel detail. In real life, the Dauphin is a sleek, beautifully streamlined machine, and the separate door parts and fuselage panels on the KH kit make the model look more like a WWII- tank. It took me ages to sand out the overdone panel lines and get the fuselage flush again. After that, the KH- model looks more than ok and ofcourse definitely beats the Trumpeter 1/48 Dauphin. Gertjan
  14. Hi Anthony, I built the AH6, the Seasprite and the Dauphin, so none of the kits you have. I must say: overall dimensions look fine to me (mind you: the Italeri Huey looks good to me too, so…), but I found the parts build up and fit troublesome. In case of the AH6 (I made a civil 500 of it) I prefer the Dragon kit. As I stated in another post: these KH- kits imho could have done with less parts and a better fit. I think you hit the nail on the head: it's a hit or miss thing with KH kits: I like to build fast and don't care about hidden engine or cockpit details or seperate fuselage panels. Ofcourse lots of modellers are more into that and will have a ball with the KH kits I suppose. Gertjan
  15. (Although I'm not interested in a '53) Good post! Not too keen on the prospect on KH kits from what I have built from them so far. And: it puzzles me too why the most obscure types of armour or ancient prop planes are being released and model helicopters suddenly appear to be a business risk?
  16. Errr… that must be me..! I for one like to build fast instead of detailed, most of the time. If I want detail on a model, I am perfectly able (well...to my taste that is ) to add the details that I think are essential on a specific model. I built the KH Dauphin and found it overdone: engine detail and all the seperate fuselage panels are completely lost on me. To me, the kit could have done with halve of the number of parts... To me what is essential on any kit model, is the shape: there's not much a modeller can do to correct a basically wrong shape of a helicopter kit fuselage. I am no Huey connaisseur, but after having read the threads on the subject I understand that earlier UH1- kits by other manufacturers all had shape problems (esp. the nose). Are these solved on the KH kit? I see the rotor system has its flaws in the KH Huey... Important disclaimer that goes with my opinion as stated in the first lines above: I love to see you guys on the ARC forum build your stuff in your own way. Dave, perfect job on your KH Huey and the KH instruction sheets, keep up the good work!!! Sorry for the eventual thread drift, just my 2 cts.
  17. Whoa, thanks for posting! So there's still more to learn about helicopter prototypes after all. Indeed, ugly, and indeed: interesting landing gear configuration!
  18. Hi Dutch, That's an impressive list! I have been looking for Bobkit kits (and then the Bristow machine) but have never been able to find one. The Heller Super Puma kits have indeed different sponsons included, some of them both have the streamlined sponsons with the emergency flotation gear, and also the big sponsons included in one kit. Some only have the smaller sponsons. Quite a challenge. Too bad though that there still is no 225- kit. Best regards, Gertjan
  19. Nice find Dutch! I had always hoped an aftemarket company would show up with a conversion to turn the Heller 332 kits into a 225. Whirlybits did some nice conversions on the 'classic' 330 Pumas. For the LA rescue bird I guess that one of the regular Heller Super Puma kits would do? Rescue 5 is the 332L version, right? Good luck on the builds, keep us posted! Gertjan
  20. Can't wait!!!! I was affraid that it would be another modeling hoax, but the signs are getting better. For me by far the best helo modeling news in the last years!!!
  21. Sorry Chris, not really sure what you mean with bubble windows: the newer type of JetRanger/ 206- pilot and passenger windows that are not flat, but 'stick out a bit'? Or the type of window on the pilot door that is used for vertical reference during aerial crane work?
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