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  1. Anyone have a copy they could email me? I seem to have misplaced mine. Thanks Jason(@)thewestagency.net
  2. what blocks would the Quinta F-16 cockpit decals work for? Thanks
  3. Some of their newer stuff fits with minimal work. The kit ACES seat is oversized and not as detailed as aftermarket seats. If you put say the Quickboost seat in, it's much smaller. Like 5mm shorter.
  4. Has anyone tried fitting an Aires resin cockpit made for Hasegawa into the Great Wall F-15c kit? I just can't get past the kits ejection seat and just replacing the seat with a resin seat doesn't work because of the size difference. Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know what Type number the Finnish I-16 boxing of the ICM kit by Hasegawa is? I wanted to order some PE for it but wasn't sure which set would be appropriate . Eduard sells sets for the Type 10, Type 24 and Type 29
  6. Does anyone have a junked/partially started 32md P-47 Razorback for sale? I accidentally broke my canopy Thanks
  7. Has anyone tried fitting the Aires P-47 wheel wells on a Trumpeter 32nd P-47? Wasn't sure how different the dimensions between the Hasegawa and Trumpeter P-47 kits. Thanks.
  8. I am looking to buy or trade for the 32nd Hobbyboss P-61 kit and/or any aftermarket (Avionix sets, Eduard PE, etc). I am in the US and can pay via paypal. I also have a lot of 48th, 32nd kits of all eras, plus lots of 35th armor. I am located in Pennsylvania. Thanks Jason Jason(at)thewestagency.net
  9. I might still have mine. I'll check later tonight and let you know
  10. I am going to use the A-8 cockpit but use the Eduard IP panel. That should solve the problem, at least to the point where I am satisfied. Thanks for all the input
  11. Are there many differences between the Fw 190A-8 cockpit and the Fw 190F-8 ? I have the Hasegawa 32nd F-8 kit and was wondering if I could use the Eagle parts A-8 pit for it. Thanks.
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