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  1. jwest21

    F-104 wheel bay question

    Thank you, John
  2. jwest21

    F-104 wheel bay question

    Thanks. I was thinking about opening everything up, though, so would the G bay work?
  3. jwest21

    F-104 wheel bay question

    I was thinking about a resin wheel bay for the Italeri 32nd F-104C, but Aires only makes the F-104G/S wheel bays. Can I use it and just use the kit doors or is there more differences between the C and G/S wheelbays other than the doors?
  4. jwest21

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    Well, Canton has a semi-pro football team named the Hurricanes and Hurricanes played a big part in the Battle of Britain...32nd scale Hawker Hurricane?
  5. jwest21

    Hobbyboss su-34 sprue shot

    Who makes that? Red Star?
  6. The plastic is the same between the two- they just added some resin, a pilot figures and changed the decals.
  7. I bought the Chinese version and it has resin wheels and resin nozzles.
  8. jwest21

    A-1E Skyraider in 1/32 built up

    Looking forward to mine coming- they must have a lot of orders, I ordered mine the day after Christmas and still not shipping
  9. Does anyone have Zotz's B-25s at War part one they'd want to part with? Looking for the markings for Sag Harbor Express. Whole sheet or just Sag Harbor's markings are fine. I can paypal or trade decals (I have a lots of 48th and 32nd decals). Thanks Jason Jason(at)thewestagency.net
  10. I am in the US and would like to trade or purchase a complete/unstarted Trumpeter A-4E kit. I have lots of 48th, 32nd AC as well as 35th armor, all time periods. Just let me know what interests you and I can get a list. Thanks Jason jason@thewestagency.net
  11. Looks like I need a City and postal code.
  12. jwest21

    Recent Issues with Dragoncare?

    thanks guys...I feel a little better about it now.
  13. jwest21

    Recent Issues with Dragoncare?

    That's reassuring. I just have one small attachment point on a seat that was broken off and not in the baggie.
  14. Has anyone had any recent issues with Dragoncare? I submitted a claim a couple weeks ago. It took them a couple days to respond, but when they did they asked for me to submit the usual proof of insurance, which I did on 2/4. They haven't responded since then. I tried messaging them twice and emailing them again, but no response. I've always had good experiences from them before, so I am not sure what is going on. Just seeing if anyone else has had similar experiences.