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  1. Thanks guys. I just got an inside tip that someone has a 3D printed one in the works.
  2. .Are there any options other than the SAC landing gear for Academy's 48th A-10C kit? I got one with the kits with mismolded plastic main gear. I saw Metallic Details makes a nice set for.the Hobbyboss kit- anyone try fitting that to the Academy kit? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the offer. I have the Quinta set, so the Aires set wouldn't work.
  4. I am looking to buy 3 parts from the Trumpeter 32nd F-117 kit- partF19 (rear cockpit wall) and parts F3 and F4 (ejection seat rails) from anyone who used the Aires cockpit set instead. Mine have disappeared and Trumpeter's customer service wasn't helpful. I can pay via PayPal and am located in the US. Thanks in advance!
  5. Would modifying either Eduards or Reskits ALQ-131 be possible
  6. Is this just PE or is there a resin part? Do you have to cut plastic? I can't tell if the bottom pic is showing the mask or some soet of resin insert
  7. Can I build a Gulf War F-111F using the Hobbyboss F-111E kit, Reskit's F cockpit, exhaust and wheels and the Blackdog wheel bay set? Is there anything that I would need like pylons? Also, would the Reskit F early or late cockpit be correct for the Gulf War? Thanks
  8. This was the procal sheet i mentioned https://www.modellingnews.gr/el/νέα-μοντελισμού/procal-decals-orestis-petroutsopoulos-f-16c-block-52-zeus-demo-teamhaf
  9. So would using say Kasl's Pw-220 nozzel and just painting it a metallic black suffice?
  10. I started a Tamiya F16C Block 52 build a while ago (kitbash between their Block 50 and Thunderbirds kits) but got hung up on the exhaust. Is there any Block 52 exhaust available in that scale? Even decals for the carbon fiber on the exhaust petals would work. Aires has a Block 50/52 nozzle, but I was under the impression there were differences between the GE and Pratt=Whitney exhausts. IPMS/USA Detail Review: Aires 1/32 F-16C Block 50/52 Exhaust Nozzle for the Tamiya kit (ipmsusa.org) Also, Procal has a decal set that seems to include the exhaust petals but I can't find a clear
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