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  1. Cool, thanks. Someone else suggested maybe a first aid kit
  2. Not sure. There is another container that appears to be the map/document case but I suppose there could be two. Just not sure what color to paint it
  3. What is this item on the cockpit sidewall and what color should it be? Looks like it is cloth or canvas, maybe a life jacket/raft? Thanks
  4. Title says it all. I am in the US and can pay with PayPal pal or trade. I have a large selection of 48th aircraft and 35th armor. Thanks
  5. Anyone have a 32nd trumpeter Bf109E kit they don't want? Even partially started isnfine as I am using parts from it for another build. Can pay with PayPal or trade (lots of 48th aircraft and 35th armor)
  6. Does anyone have the decals from Hasegawa's 32nd Ju87D for the -5 with fuselage code CB as spares? I'm in the US and can pay via PayPal. These are the markings I was looking for. Thanks https://www.hyperscale.com/2019/galleries/ju87d532tu_1.htm
  7. Ok, thank you. I was trying to look online and couldn't notice
  8. I seem to have misplaced the sidewalls to my Aires 32nd Bf109F late cockpit set. Are the sidewalls the same as in their G series? I have an unused G-10 cockpit that I can use to replace the missing pieces. I didn't know if the cockpit differences between the late F and the G were just with the instrument panel or if there were more differences. Thanks.
  9. You wouldn't happen to have a 32nd Revell Bf109g-10 kit to trade, would you? I have one with a bunch of aftermarket....aries, quinta, eduard, etc
  10. Hi, I am looking to purchase a Revell Bf109G-10 kit, with or without aftermarket.. I am located in the US and can pay via paypal. My email is jason(at)thewestagency.net
  11. Did they evever make an F-16 specific set in 32nd or was that just 48th? I wasn't sure what pattern would be right
  12. Has anyone come up with a convincing way to replicate the carbon fiber detail on the exhaust petals of the Block 52 Viper? I'm working on one in 32nd. Thanks.
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